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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Finfan, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Finfan Augur

    I'm one of those players who has pretty much always played Melee/caster hybrids and soloed. I still solo but I am trying a Mage this time and using a Mercenary. I seem to be able to give my pet summoned items but I'm not sure how to properly use a Mercenary. Are there any guides available that describe their use? Right now I have a Drakkin Tank that occasionally actually attacks the target. The animation always shows it attacking but the battle spam does not so I assume there is some sort of moral check that goes on there. I am also curious about the name that appears under the target bar. Is that who currently has the mob's attention? So far I am at level 19 and it has been awesome. I can gain a level or two per session with pretty much non-stop combat. I'm guessing this not going to continue as I gain levels. Thanks all!
  2. Phiyre Augur

    I found the air pet w/ a cleric merc to be great as you lvl. Currently 103 and still use my air pet/cleric merc and have no issues.
    I think the only gear you can give to a merc is the gear specifically for a merc (lvl 100 min can be bought w/ gribbles HA currency)(105 you can buy stuff in the bazaar for them). Pretty sure you can't give em summoned items though.
    Here is a link to some mercenary info.
  3. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    The in-game guide to Mercenaries is pretty much the best guide out there.

    You can expect the same pace of leveling and relative safety until around level 65-70. At that point mercs become much weaker vs. the content and you'll need to change your strategy.

    Merc gear is available at the upper levels. Not sure what's available at the lower levels.
  4. Finfan Augur

    So now I am noticing a new weirdness. In my battle spam window all I see are my pet's attacks. No merc attacks, no target attacks. My mercenary is taking and holding aggro unless I get too nuke happy but nothing shows up the window. Have I accidentally done something weird with my settings. All melee messages are supposed to go to this window but I'm not seeing them. Thanks for the previous replies, btw.
  5. Scorrpio Augur

    You might want to check your chat filters. The merc battle spam may be getting filtered.
    If you want merc to hold aggro, it is a good idea to set merc group role to main tank in group window.

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