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  1. uberkingkong Augur

    Its called Mangler.

    But for a longer server to work.
    People play EQ with they don't anything else but EQ, so once you beat everything it gets boring fast. They beat everything fast too.

    So, the way to slow them is like your 10 levels behind or longer lockouts, exp is a lot slower, forcing to people to more different quests to unlock exp rates.

    It becomes like a job.
    Seems like every year people try turning TLPs into jobs.

    Game needs more fun factor.

    If anything it needs classic classic EQ. coin weight, corpse runs, having to manually loot, not no quick and easy loot system. Open worlds bosses, no AOC start.

    AOC makes the game faster too, because just create your instance to get the thing, none of this having to share, wait your turn, be competitive.

    So, the game went from classic to a faster paced EQ so longer lockouts would make people bored real quick.

    When they did epics, they did considering people have to wait their turn, be competitive, etc.
    Not everyone goes to AOC and all done, epic all done, quicker than jimmy johns.
  2. Juskov Lorekeeper

    They tried slower xp on Cornaiv, it worked for some, but in the end, I wouldn't say it was super successful. Mangler was a pretty good sweet spot, I'd say the L70 stretch and Mischief coming out were the biggest attrition creators, not the xp rate. And still Mangler did very well. There comes a point on TLPs though when attrition and guild mergers just start running out of compatible options. Once you have a real basic problem like what night you can raid and who is left raiding at that time...things start deteriorating fast.
  3. uberkingkong Augur

    It needs a vibe check.
    A poll before something happens. How are you feeling, are you excited for the unlock coming, hows it going.

    Vaniki server, was doing good truebox rules, then it opened and helped a bit, but boxing its like a short term bandaid, people starting leaving, bad long term.
    Then challenges, some guilds missed out, and since they didn't get it, they feel defeated and leave.

    So vibe check server. Not just waterfall.
    Longer unlock. Period.

    Thats waterfall method.

    2024 is all about AGILE
    how you doing, you excited. next sprint, next unlock. how you doing, excited, roadblocks? any comments? looking forward to truebox ending?

    EQ is waterfall been waterfall. They need to go AGILE.
    Some pictures to help show.
    EQ has been waterfall.

    Vaniki, rules are set in stone, no changing anything.
    Wait till its all over
    Now you review

    Thats waterfall, just like every other TLP.

    Review review review, unlock time, lets review, hows things, hows life, hows the server, thats AGILE. Talk again next unlock time. Not 3 years from when its all over.


    Same concepts in TLP, simple simple, simple. Its not just for whatever its known for, same concept in TLP will make drastic changes.

    Simple Simple Simple

    They pretty much allow TLPs to go broke, its waterfall. Well the excitement is over, its coming to and end, pretty much dead. Dead. But it has 1 year left to go, so keep on dragging the dead, and not do anything about. Review when 1 year comes. Waterfall.
  4. Weathervane Journeyman

    Agile leadership model? This isn’t a startup burning vencap, bro. I seriously feel like I’m feeding a troll or some who is high and using ChatGPT. You’re talking about a “vibe check” and asking people if they’re ready for the next expansion? Once upon a time DPG *did* ask. There were polls for unlocks and it was miserable and servers died when votes failed. Longer unlocks will not solve the OP’s problem, unfortunately.

    I completely understand that we aren’t as young as we were when Kunark launched and some people don’t have the free time to find a group and grind xp and hope to maybe loot a ring. I don’t want to be dismissive, but as some of the other posters have mentioned, Live or P99 would likely fit your lifestyle and time constraints better than a TLP. Even with longer unlocks a TLP by definition has deadlines where things will change and you’re at risk of being left behind. A static environment where you can consume at your own pace would likely be more comfortable.
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  5. natedogg Journeyman

    I haven't read all 8 pages of this (so this may have already been mentioned and laughed at), but longer unlocks may work initially, if the launch opened at say PoP.

    Launch the server, with POP open, and leave it there for 6-9 months. Then start opening up expansions with the normal 3 month cadence.
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  6. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    I am so tired of people making AGILE sound like sunshine and puppies - these zealots either never worked in an agile environment in a truly complex system, or worked on agile methodology for something simplistic (websites/portal), or well just googling it.

    I am not surprised UKK is enamored by it of course ( poll to find out how are you feeling, how is it going...on par for UKK of course)!
  7. Shalom Quillmane Bane

    Agile was designed by prissy neckbeard hipsters and its the exact reason the video game industry is failing.

    Old School Game Developer

    Agile Game Developer
    Oh, look at that! Its 11am already, time for my coffee break! I'll just mark this bug as FIXED, check in that code...Alright, here I come Triple-Venti-Soy-No-Foam-Mocha-Latte!!
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  8. Mashef Augur

    Which also meant the game was designed around the players needing to do massive amounts of coke to grind levels.

    Those days are over my friends...speed it up.
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  9. uberkingkong Augur

    What did you do yesterday, what you plan on doing today and do you have blockers?

    Vaniki server is a good example.
    How is the unlock period so far, anything you plan on doing before the next unlock, are you excited unlock, any blockers?

    Got whooped by CBQ, would like to beat everything before next unlock, CBQ is a blocker to me, would like to have them nerfed or something for a week and then give opportunity then unlock the next phase.

    Oooh ok, let me see what I can do.

    Oooh yes we see that it was a mistake. Nothing can be done until the server ends. Will reevaluate after the server finishes all of its phases.

    Basically developer could do something to boost the longevity of a server, prevent people from leaving from disappointment, but they just stuck in the wait till its all done, then look at data. Slow not very good method.

    Something could have been exciting at that time, not exciting anymore. They look at it after its all done. This looks like something people were excited about lets work on that.... It's not exciting anymore too late, too slow, too much waterfall.

    It's just like PvP, "we did a server showup thing" yeah back in whatever 2018 or so. When it was unpopular maybe, nowdays its popular, and you sticking to your old data outdated data. Bad test design and what not testcase for data.

    Thats EQ's problem. It seems to use outdated data a lot.
    AP? FFXIV thing or something, maybe if it was done years earlier it would be interesting.
    EQ is so much bad data.

    EQ2 how they should go about it.
    EQNext, wasn't fun. Other games making that kind of game really fun, really enjoying 10 figure numbers, 10+ million.

    EQ3 in 2029? If thats the special project. Thats way too long.
    Do what Palworld does, Early Access, 3 years and allow early access.

    EQNext did that with EQLandmark. EQ decided it was not fun, not the people.

    How did EQ conclude EQNext wasn't fun?
    Bad data?

    Data comes from waterfall, AGILE.
    It's basically reviewing data, waterfall you review data and its likely to be outdated by time you review it.
    AGILE, reviewing data while its fresh, gathering data while its fresh.
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  10. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    Stick a fork in this thread and call it done, folks.

    UKKs incoherent ramblings on stuff he doesn't know has nailed down the coffin for this thread.

    Onward to the next threads!
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  11. Panikker Elder

    for all slow release of expansions go to quarm ...its really slow and people are happy.