Longer unlock server thoughts

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  1. Burdi Augur

    I am also in favor of a slower paced TLP, with 6 months unlocks.
    A mischief ruleset would be greatly appreciated, because it makes the experience easier.
    There are many people playing on weekends or only during a limited period of the year, and such a server would be attractive to them.
  2. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    One thing I don't get.

    WHY do you want slower unlocks? So everyone else can stagnate is an expansion so you can play 30 mins a day on 5 alts and get them slowly to max level? So you can find players to group with in level range? So more people are in the "older" zones for nostalgia's sake?
  3. Zinth Augur

    only way I could see a "longer unlock" server working would be with either a Kunark start or Trilogy start (Classic + Kunark + Velious) and then make it 6 months for the start... and 4 months for the other expansions...

    LoY and LDoN packaged together with PoP
    OoW and DoN packaged together
    DoD and PoR packaged together
    Will give time enough for each expansion without the level 65 and 70 stretch being too painful and for you to actually get to enjoy the gear you farmed before you replace it again like the 12/8 week servers which was just "super fast" especially when you need to grind a bajillion AA's, do your Shawl, Epics, other stuff at the various expansions
    All the later expansions are quite enjoyable too, it was just the "mini" ones like LOY/LDON that brought little to no content... GoD is a GREAT expansion and all those that played through it on TLP servers found out that the old "rumours" were wrong now the stuff was tuned/fixed and not as buggy as it were at launch.
  4. poppoppop New Member

    Longer unlock servers would attract people that play the game for fun not profit. Would be awesome but won’t happen. Status quo isn’t going to change. They know how much money a TLP brings and they aren’t going to rock that boat. I’d gladly play on a $50 a month server with no instances and cheaters actively banned. Never happen though.
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  5. Shalom Quillmane Bane

    Where there's people having fun, there's people making profit.
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  6. Yoda Journeyman

    Yes, Longer unlocks would be nice, a tleast 6 months. per expac.
  7. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    Why? Just curious.
  8. Spellweaver Journeyman

    Why not everyone doesnt want to do naggy vox in like 2 days
  9. ForumBoss Augur

  10. xxar Augur

    The main issue is the incentive , remove the incentive and the farmer's disappear . The concept of Krono is good , the ability to resell the Krono after the initial trade is the issue ... remove that and you solve the major issue.
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  11. Keella Journeyman

    Slower unlock TLP is is not going to work because a slower paced server would require a far-higher population of casual-minded players than a regular 8/12 week unlock TLP does in order to meet the same level of activity.

    If you want it slower than 8/12 you really should just play on a live server or Agnarr.

    The end-result of a slower unlock TLP is not going to be making a server more casual-friendly.
    You'll just have a deserted TLP because the audience for a slow unlock server is actually very small & with everyone who is on it being far more casual there will be less overlap of players being on at the same times. Everything will be harder to do, grouping, raiding and the economy will be largely non-existent. The majority of the usual TLP crowd simply won't play on it, or if they do only until the next, regular speed TLP opens.

    On a positive note, this might be the route to a low-Krono-use server, but purely by virtue of how empty it will be.

    Thinking that you can extend your own nostalgia trip by slowing everyone else down is a very poorly thought out idea that just won't happen even on a server designed to do that, it will be avoided by all but a handful of players.
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  12. Zinth Augur

    So if you want longer lockouts you should play on a server with NO lockouts (Live) or with a crippled server with an "old" economy that won't even go through the expansions? yeah BRILLIANT CHOICE... DOH...
  13. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    So you want to play an hour a day here and there, and to ensure the zones you go to are populated, you want everyone to be stuck in an expansion for 6 months so you snail-pace exp.

    Why not just exp at your own pace in a normal TLP instead of penalizing everyone else?

    The slower-unlock proponents don't think this through really - unless they expect everyone to play at whatever imaginary "slow pace" they level?
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  14. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    So, do Naggy/vox a year later, while those who want to do them in two days can do them?
    Unless you mean everyone else should log in and wait for your convenience or something down the line?
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  15. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    Well said - have bolded and underlined to highlight a point the slower unlock folks just don't seem to be able to grasp...
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  16. Zalphos Elder

    A server intended for casuals does not require a higher population. Higher populations have more competition and a faster pace and just ... mental overload, all of which repels casuals. I think "everything is harder to do" on the usual TLPs with all the overcrowding, farmers, bots, and short time limits.

    If you don't want to be slowed down, then you're in luck. The company has already given you the fast-paced server you wanted many times over. Now please let some of us slowpokes relax and take it easy for a change.
  17. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    Be careful what you wish for. A slower unlock server will still be plagued by bots, farmers.

    And will have such a lower population, after initial month of an expansion (if that), you guys will be in empty zones.

    I hope DPG gives you guys a 6 months or whatever longer unlocks server though. Just bookmark this thread for then.
  18. Spellweaver Journeyman

    Not being rude with all due respect if people want to do naggy/vox in 2 to 3 days let them i have been in a guild that has done it on last tlp but there are people that want to experience the game at a more leisurely pace. And i can't see a problem with that but to unlock in 3 or less months is a little fast imho and the ones that want faster they will do the content in a week or so then leave and come back but at least the rest of us can enjoy the game and not race to server first.
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  19. Zinth Augur

    every yeah "someone" is "penalized" when the TLP doesn't give them 100% what they wishes for... most of them have been fast/superfast unlocks so maybe it is time for a little slower one? you can always just play one of the other ones if you want faster unlocks ;-)
  20. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    True, just check my previous post. I hope they give you guys a long unlock server.