Longer unlock server thoughts

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  1. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    No NoooOooo Neverrrr I must destroy this idea before it depopulates my precious server with 9, count em 9 raidguilds!!!

    I hates it to pieces I do!

    Like whatcha afraid of that you must slay this concept with all that rhetoric going on?

    Some weird epeen thing that someone might like a slower pace for a change?
  2. McJumps TLP QoL Activist

    Please point to the place on the post where I supposedly attacked you and said you sucked? I said your unfortunate experience on TLP was not the typical experience of most people. It seems like live fits you much better with year long expansions. Nothing that I said, at least I thought, could be considered disparaging.

    And for the record, Ragefire was a dead server from the moment Phinigal was announced. Part of the reason there was only one guild left by HoT was because people left that server in favor of AoCs and shorter unlocks without voting on other servers. You really cannot compare Ragefire to any of the newer TLPs.

    To put it very simply Darkpaw has determined that people do not want longer unlocks, as evidenced by them over time making the earlier eras of EQ shorter and shorter on TLP. If nothing else you have to admit that wanting longer unlocks is not the majority opinion and therefore unlikely to happen.
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  3. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    Yup I also played on Phinny, then went back to Ragefire later for Underfoot specifically to gear up for HoT, Intending to ride out Level 85- Live game there. There were no splits, not on farm in era for sure.

    My bet is Mischief has the highest population of any TLP levels 95-120

    Looking forward to this.

    not every TLP has to be for the same set of players. There are many of them. TLPs spawn in pairs typically.

    Playing on Rathe, building a raid main to hit live there now and on TLP pick up Underfoot to live on Mischief and some casual family time on Agnarr.

    If a longer unlock TLP had an attractive ruleset, like bonus XP and randomized loot table, call it The Paludal server. unlock personas on it so everyone can play with that system level 1 125 it would keep interest.

    Just saying, there's plenty of room for people who aren't trying to keep up with Redguides and script guilds with autobot buffers in guild halls.

    a lot more room for honest players.
  4. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    and the Phinny rulest was so NOT majority opinion. As I recall the XP nerf was not announced, nor were the XP pots. My post about that back then long since pruned. That angered a lot of players at the time.

    The reduced lockouts and AoC were definitely the right way though.
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  5. Yoda Journeyman

    I just stay in the expansions zones that I enjoy until ready to move on. I play on Mischief and am still in SoF zones. Once I finally get bored I will move on to SoD.
  6. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    Longer unlocks are like "old days exp". Good to talk about, never to actually experience.

    If you like longer unlocks on a TLP, just do the penultimate expansion longer, many guilds do.
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  7. Spellweaver Journeyman

    Wish i knew what guilds do at launch i would have joined them.
  8. natedogg Journeyman

    Its not hard to find the "slower" guilds on a TLP. You may need to bounce around to a few guilds to find the right fit, but there is nothing wrong with that. You'll just want to make sure the guild "exists" outside of EQ. (i.e. they have a Discord server, decent DKP system, etc)
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  9. Wanax New Member

    Longer unlocks would be great. As it is now, take a vacation or 2 weeks of doing something else and you fall behind. Also I noticed if you don't crunch leveling or epic or shawl the first couple weeks along with everyone else, you end up "hey guys, can I get 3 groups for this mob you killed 5 times already last week?" ofc interest dries up quickly. Or you kill cazic 6 times and he only drops soul leech 2x for your 5 SK's epics.
  10. Indigo_Quarmite Augur

    When we got old and had kids and girlfriends and wives. (or boyfriends and husbands)

    Really cool some of you can still dedicate 14 hours a day to EQ but most of us can't.

    Everything faster is better at this point...faster exp and double loots to offset quicker releases is the way of the future. Pretty soon half this player base gonna be senile and 60 years old unable to do a CH rot.
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  11. Spellweaver Journeyman

    Don't know what you mean outside eq and as of now just waiting for the next tlp that starts at classic then i will look for the slowest guild that i can find.
  12. Spellweaver Journeyman

    True story i am near 60 already and have medical condition to deal with but i love eq what more can i say
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  13. Shalom Quillmane Bane

    Um well my only problem with this is even playing casually I've been able to get my Epic weapon in like a few days. If you plan properly and have friends things are easy now.
  14. Shalom Quillmane Bane

    Yeah I used to start every TLP with "I'm seeing this to the end" but then the population just falls off and no one wants to group because they're all using their box parties. It turns into logging in just for a raid and when its over no one stays on to grind AAs or what not. Duh you pay people to grind your AAs...

    So yeah I'm just looking forward to classic again and I'll bail. The only way to keep players is to get rid of boxing, get rid of krono farmers and botting. Look the fastest way to fix boxing is remove the /follow command and 90% of them would quit hahah.
  15. McJumps TLP QoL Activist

    Getting rid of boxing AND Krono? I can see that going over really well in a meeting.

    They are a BUSINESS, not a charitable organization. They want to make money. All those boxes on TLP make them money. You get that right?

    They are going to do whatever scenario they have decided will make them the most money while balancing that with keeping the player-base happy. They know the usual suspects, the TLP recyclers, are going to come back and play pretty much every TLP server and spend some money on bags and XP pots and cosmetics. And they don't have to get rid of boxing or Krono to entice them back. Just like most of the people who constantly complain about boxing and Krono are almost certainly going to roll a character on the new TLP when it comes out, regardless of having or not having boxing or Krono.

    They know they have people right where they want them. Fear of missing out is a real thing, and some people are violently ill with it. They are going to roll on a new TLP pretty much no matter what. And that's part of the reason why you are never going to completely get rid of boxing or Krono.
  16. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casualâ„¢

    I personally would prefer longer unlock times. The primary reason, I and most of my guild are all older, most still with family and job obligations. We've done the hardcore raid guild thing, and we did enjoy it. However, the reality is that longer unlock TLPs just won't do well. I've had this discussion on the official discord. The argument was very clearly made that there is historic precedent, and that "try it one more time" still won't make it succeed.

    But really unless the next server is so fantastic we can't pass it up, we're staying put on Oakwynd. We like it there, warts and all. So it's really a moot point.
  17. Irisa New Member

    the bolded part above

    This is the problem...

    90% of the boxers who play EQ quit, there will be no servers.

    Oakwynd is the first server I have ever rolled on since krono was introduced, my previous last server was Fippy. Quit playing around 2013 and came back and rolled on Oakwynd last May.

    Krono is a mixed bag, truth is people bought plat back in the day before the krono it was just high risk.
    adding krono just allows everyone to buy platinum, and it makes the economy expand much faster. and sure that hurt the player who does not or can not buy krono. That is a pretty small % of players and there is nothing anyone can do to help them.

    want to get rid of the PL'ers un-nerf enchanter color slant...You do not need a crew of them pre nerf....just one. if you do not need a crew of enchanters, you do not need to pay power levelers.
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  18. Shalom Quillmane Bane

    I didnt say get rid of Krono, krono farmers aka botting sorry for the misunderstanding
  19. Zinth Augur

    Phinny didn't die (first TLP with AOC's) we went all the way to LIVE... and it were a blast... and many have found out that GOD expansion actually is good/fun... yes LIVE it was bad, bugged and overtuned... not anymore... it is a great expansion... and ppl loved the 2.0 epics in OoW and so on... the lvl 70 stretch was rough but still the server went to live with hmm think it were 4 big raiding guilds
  20. coltongrundy Augur

    If you think attrition is bad on normal TLPs, wait till you see what happens when there are longer expansion unlocks
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