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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Killians, May 21, 2020.

  1. Killians New Member

    I've been playing this game since I was in highschool. 1999. I've always loved this game. As an aging player I've always liked the first 3 expansions the most. Luclin is ok.

    I would have loved to have seen a 6-8 month wait per expansion, including original. Most of us have families and other such things going on these days, would be nice to enjoy the game again and not feel rushed through every expansion. Granted I would play a lot, but truly gearing everyone up, let them all get a taste of the whole expansion. Many miss PoSky, which is an awesome raiding zone.

    Just my opinion.
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  2. Ishbu Augur

    Im going to guess you havent played on the previous TLPs much?

    Nobody who wants to raid, for example, PoSky will miss it on the 3 month timers. The zone still gets raided through Kunark by many guilds and any previous TLP player can tell you, nobody is looking for Sky raids at a point.

    But more to your post, you are describing p99, which exists and is thriving.
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  3. Pleasantvalley Journeyman

    Ishbu P99 is run by corrupt individuals that do a lot of unethical things online to the nice community there. It would be better to shut it down and bring them all under one umbrella. It would also improve the companies revenue, stock prices, and jobs. There is no substantial reason to leave wild west emulated servers running in any fashion or form from a business standpoint.

    The longer expansions run the longer people stay subbed overall. 3 months is a bit fast, 8 months a bit long, the best would be 4-6 months. I'm surprised we don't take community polls. See if you can make it for active subscribers only perhaps.
  4. Ishbu Augur

    Pleasntvalley, please cancel your health insurance since its run by a corrupt set of profiteers!

    Get out of here

    If you want to play the first few expansions for years, its available with a thriving population.

    Anyone who has played these TLPs knows that 3 months is plenty of time for how official servers work. Its actually too much time.
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  5. Sokanist Journeyman

    while I would love to have longer unlock times, I think that it would kill the tlp server as I think most people will not have the patient for it, resulting in many people leaving the server when they have reached max level and look down several months to next exspansion.

    I wish it wasn't soo, but I think it is soo... :eek:
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  6. MaestroM Augur

    You'll find more people who actually play this game asking for 2 month lockouts than you will 6 month lockouts.

    6 months has been done on RF/LJ. People didn't like it. That's why they don't do it anymore.
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  7. Pleasantvalley Journeyman

    People don't do those servers anymore because they've been dead for ages and were largely test runs. That's an interesting correlation.
  8. Febb Augur

    The 6 month model on TLP's already failed for a majority of the players. What you need is to do is to play on a high experience server and not worry about what expansion a server is in.
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  9. Chuuk Augur

    The problem is that the game is so well known by most TLP players...this is TLP iteration #4, #5, or more for much of the TLP population. Classic thru Velious expansions just don't have enough content to support 6-month unlocks.

    I definitely feel for you though - having a wife and kids myself, my play time is significantly more limited than about 90% of the people I group with from time to time. That's why I like the idea of the "rested EXP" thing that WoW does - to throw us non-neckbeards a bone!
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  10. Zansobar Augur

    You can always do out of era raids, it's not like they take the raids out when the next expansion unlocks.
  11. Bowdeen Journeyman

    You just lost any sort of credibility saying that people miss this terrible zone. NOBODY I know enjoys the zone. This is the most commonly skipped raid I've ever been stuck attending or leading (Tunare is another that comes to mind, but nowhere as bad as Sky.)

    Not to mention, as someone who has played on the last several TLPs including the wonderful Ragefire with the initial 6 month unlock schedule, this is the WORST idea possible. Classic and Kunark simply do not have enough content for 3 month unlock schedules, let alone a 6 month. Even if you play a couple hours a week, you can still get max level within a 3 month unlock.
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  12. sumnayin2 Augur

    I'm adding very little to this discussion but any longer than 3 months on the first few expansions won't do anything except let you max out BiS gear for the expansion. Lots of people did this on Agnarr in PoP as it became possible to do in era when the era never changes.

    3 Months of classic is already a VERY LONG time and same with Kunark. Most people will be 50 in less than 2 weeks on Aradune and that means around 8 weeks of raiding the same few mobs. Then, repeat with Kunark.
    Unlike in 1999. Fear, Hate and Air aren't difficult for guilds as far as clearing/keeping cleared. The only zone in the 9 months where you can't just AoE large groups of mobs is NToV, and maybe VP if you're only running 3-6 groups because people/boxes don't get keyed.

    I've never played beyond GoD(Never plan to) but maybe expansions where you start earning raid currency and need to faction up and stuff, having more time might be good. Definitely not the earlier content OP is mentioning in classic, Kunark, Velious, and Luclin.
  13. Ishbu Augur

    Lets be real here, if you are at least into your 40s by the end of 3 months, after bonus exp for things like 4th of july week, then you arent playing even 3 hours a week on average for these months and longer expansions wont change that.

    If this describes the type of play time you will have, then its time to face facts, you wont accomplish everything in era. This is something many or most of us accepted years and years ago in the first place. Some people's lives accommodate more play time now, some less, whatever it is for you, is just you, and not something to enforce on the whole server
  14. Chopsuey Lorekeeper

    "Many miss PoSky, which is an awesome raiding zone." You lost me there. 3 month unlocks is plenty of time to see all there is to see in every era, especially with Agents of Change. Would rather see 6-8 week unlocks.
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  15. ajschliewe Journeyman

    I'd say starting with Secrets of Faydwer a little bit, definitely when you hit underfoot. And the game gets a lot of fun after GoD.
  16. Jorahe New Member

    I totally agree with everything the OP has said. I especially like the title of this thread. It's something many of us in the silent majority want.
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  17. Killians New Member

    Again...my opinion, sorry you hated PoSky. I like it. I've played hardcore on many of the TLP's. I like the content myself, and I think others do also.

    As far as the time in 3 months, not everyone gets the gear they need, so what do you do???? Oh that's right, you're still raiding kunark in velious. Give it a bit more time to enjoy more raiding and more gear, get the gear out there more.
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  18. Killians New Member

    The best expansion are kunark and velious anyways.
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  19. Killians New Member

    Original through Velious is the best....Change my mind!
  20. Killians New Member

    I'd like you to show me your full quest set from PoSky and tell me you legit go it in original. Going after something is fun to me. Going back and doing it isn't. I know majority people won't finish PoSky tests, it's not enough time, unless leveling was sped up. I'll have both my guys up to 50 in the first week of Aradune, that's not the point i'm trying to get at.

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