QA In Progress Long-standing issue with Druid Group Cure Spell

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Darchon_Xegony, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I believe this was an error made when the spell line was originally created that has just propagated for the last 8 or so expansions. Specifically I am talking about the XYZBreeze group cure line. Group Spell ID = 5X54

    Wildtender’s Breeze (RoS-106) — [Spell IDs - 55871-55873]
    Copsetender’s Breeze (TDS-101) — [Spell IDs - 43765-43767]
    Bosquetender’s Breeze (RoF-96) — [Spell IDs - 34859-34861]
    Fawnwalker’s Breeze (VoA-91) — [Spell IDs - 28827-28829]

    Since the lines inception the only change that has been seen is slight increases in counters cured and mana cost. An example of the top version of these spells:

    [55873/5754] Wildtender's Breeze Rk. III
    Classes: DRU/106
    Skill: Alteration
    Mana: 150
    Target: Target Group
    Range: 100', AE Range: 100'
    Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
    Focusable: Yes
    Casting: 2s, Recast: 3.8s, Rest: 1.5s
    1: Decrease Poison Counter by 28
    2: Decrease Poison Counter by 28
    3: Decrease Disease Counter by 28
    4: Decrease Disease Counter by 28
    5: Decrease Corruption Counter by 31

    However the bolded line always seemed like an error. It always seemed like this was supposed to be a CURSE cure, not a CORRUPTION cure.

    It makes no logical sense for this spell to have corruption cure counters on it. Druids already have been getting regular upgrades to a group corruption cure since TSS when corruption resist and cures were introduced. Group spell ID = 5X22

    An example of one of these spells which we’ve gotten upgrades to at level 74,79,84,89,94,99,102,107:

    [55845/5722] Chant of the Wulthan Rk. III
    Classes: DRU/107 SHM/109
    Skill: Alteration
    Mana: 20
    Target: Caster Group
    Range: 100', AE Range: 100'
    Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
    Focusable: Yes
    Casting: 2s, Recast: 3.8s, Rest: 1.5s
    1: Decrease Corruption Counter by 40

    There is really no reason for our breeze line of group cures to cure corruption and not curse while we simultaneously have a group corruption only cure. Also worth mentioning, druid is the only Priest class that can not reliably group cure Curse Debuffs. We can use Radiant Cure once per minute and after that we are out of luck.

    It seems to me like this was just a typo in the original spell created in VoA that never got addressed. It sure would be nice to have this looked at and confirmed to be illogical for druids to get two spells for group curing corruption and zero spells for group curing curse while clerics, shamans and Paladins can all cure curse in mass. Content is often designed around the idea that your healer can cure everything quickly if prepared for it and Druids are very short handed when there are curse Debuffs that need to be regularly cured.
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  2. Casquette Journeyman

    Corruption counters were added to Shaman group cures starting at level 95, so I'd guess the corruption counter effect is intended. I couldn't tell you why yours lack curse counters though, whether it's a balance thing or an oversight.

    SHM 52 Blood of Nadox - poison, disease
    SHM 85 Blood of Avoling - poison, disease
    SHM 90 Blood of Corbeth - poison, disease, curse
    SHM 95 Blood of Klar - poison, disease, curse, corruption
    SHM 100 Blood of Sanera - poison, disease, curse, corruption
    SHM 105 Blood of Rivans - poison, disease, curse, corruption
    SHM 110 Blood of Tevik - poison, disease, curse, corruption

    The dedicated corruption cures cure a few more corruption counters than the generalized cures do.
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  3. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    And shamans started getting curse cures at level 90. I think it’s clear that they were intending to add curse to druids. The reason that spell line was introduced was because druids pointed out a clear curing deficiency compared to Shamans and Clerics in HoT, a point during which both those priests could cure Disease, Poison and Curse with a single spell.

    So prior to VoA beta this was brought up and the Druid spell line was created. But it has always been bugged curing corruption instead of curse.
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  4. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Any chance someone can look at this line of spells?
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  5. Soulbanshee Augur

    Bumping does not get a thread attention in the Bug Reports forum, get people to "like" the first post to get it in the Top Bugs section to get devs to look at it.
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  6. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    It does indeed but bumping threads gets more player eyes on the thread, which may generate more likes, which may push it into the devs spotlight.
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  7. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    This has been flagged QA in progress for about a year... How are we looking on this?
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  8. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    This has been in QA and a top bug for over a year. Druids still have no way of group curing any curse debuff. With all modern debuffs being more than 35 counters rendering Radiant Cure AA useless, we currently just have to heal through, hope another priest is with us, hope we are on a raid where paladins can splash or let our group die when AE curse effects go out. Almost no scenario allows enough time for us to single cure 6 different people in our group before the effect is either reapplied or kills someone.

    But it doesn't need to be this way. It is clear this spell line was intended to be our equivalent to the shaman blood line and offer us a group cure to all non-corruption debuffs. But due to an error in its original spell data this has long been an issue for druids. It is long past due to fix this error.
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