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    I've seen several illusion items on allakhazam that say they're from one of the LoN loot cards. Can someone explain what the various LoN items are? What is a booster pack? What is a starter pack? Do these LoN loot cards come in those packs or do you have to play the LoN game to get one of the loot cards? If I do get a loot card, do I get to pick which of those illusion things I get or is it random? Are these loot cards tradeable/buyable? I'm not really interested in playing LoN, I'd much rather play EQ, but would really like to get some of those illusion clickies.
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    It's random. You either buy LoN packs or (very rarely) they drop off mobs. You go into LoN and redeem your packs and see if you got any items. They are pretty rare though so good luck and don't waste too much money.
  3. ARCHIVED-beryon Guest

    Ok, to answer your questions in order:
    1) There are oodles of items from LoN. Mounts, illusions, clickies, familiars, etc. You can check out loot cards by expansion at the LoN site: http://legendsofnorrath.station.sony.com/index.vm
    2) A booster pack is a "pack" of 15 cards which has a 1 out of 9 chance of containing a random loot card. These used to drop in game, but there's a promo going on now where you get 5 free a month. You can also buy these from the LoN store.
    3) There are 4 archetypes you can play as in LoN: Fighter, mage, priest, or scout. A starter gives you the basic cards to make one of those archetypes. They do not contain loot cards. Note that starter "sets" that drop in game are a starter plus 2 boosters; the boosters have the regular chance of containing a loot card.
    4) There 4 ways to get loot cards: a) chance of random loot card in any booster b ) trade for a specific card in LoN c) get a specific loot card from winning certain scenarios in LoN d) win certain LoN tournaments
    5) Depends how you get the card. See above.
    6) The cards are tradable within LoN.
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    If you want to find out more details about LoN, you can visit their site. Lots of great info there, forums and stuff, plus you can download the stand alone client and starty playing.
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    beryon wrote:
    ONLY if you first make a real purchase from the LoN store. At minimum this is a booster pack for $3 or so. But until you make at least 1 real purchase from them, you are locked out of trading Any cards or packs in LoN.
  6. ARCHIVED-ChatHandle_03 Guest

    How is the reward item determined? If I have a loot card do I get to pick which of the loot items I want? or is the term 'loot card' a generic name for a whole group of cards and each card has its own reward?
    For example, if I want to get Visage of the Hideous Harpy which allakhazam says is obtained through LoN. Can I just buy LoN packs until I get a Loot Card, turn that in and indicate I want the VotHH? Or is there some chance that I'd get a loot card that I'm not as interested in and then have to trade it with someone who has the Harpy card?
    <sorry if my questions sound dumb, but I've never played any of these card game things before>
  7. ARCHIVED-WitherWeed Guest

    ChatHandle_03 wrote:
    Exactly. It is random wether there is even a loot card in the pack, and what card it is also random. To get the Visage you are after, you can pray you get it, or try trading with someone who has one in LoN.
  8. ARCHIVED-ChatHandle_03 Guest

    Is there something like the bazaar or marketplace to find someone who'd have the card(s) I'd be interested in trading for? I've got somewhere between 20 and 30 cards that I've looted in EQ that are stuck on some mule somewhere. Are these the same kinds of cards that are sold in these booster packs or is there some trade value for them?
  9. ARCHIVED-WitherWeed Guest

    ChatHandle_03 wrote:
    1) yes there is a trade market available in LoN for card/pack trading.
    2) individual cards you find in game May have a little value, but only to people who actually PLAY LoN, not those who are only interested in LoN for the loot cards.
    3) I dont believe that the indivual cards you find in game are also in the booster/start packs, but i could be wrong here.
  10. ARCHIVED-Drachnor Guest

    yes there is.. when in the game you have the ability to look through posted trades to search for what is being traded for or what they are wanting to trade for.. the best way to get the loot card you want is to watch what someone else wants for the card.. for instance I wanted a particular visage and I saw that most people that had it wanted a certain number of event passes (event passes are needed to enter into tournaments and cost a dollar on the LON website) I went to the website and purcahsed as many event passes I needed to get the visage.. logged into LON traded and got the visage and then redeemed it to be able to claim it on my character.. in the long run it cost me $20 compared to trying to get it in a pack at $3 a pop that may have cost me couple hundred.. its just another alternative to getting the loot cards..
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    I'll add a few points to this discussion...
    1) There were booster packs avalible as /claim for some of the past expansions so that's another route to free chances at a loot card
    2) The free booster packs currently avalible each month are non-tradable... so you can't use those cards to trade for what you want even if you've spent some money on LoN cards.
    3) There are also illustions avalible as rewards for playing some of the senarios... I know there is a bixie illusion avalible in the newest set of senarios but I hear it's a really hard one.
  12. ARCHIVED-ChatHandle_03 Guest

    Well, I went in and looked the trader (bazaar like) window and saw that some of the card I want seem to be in pretty high demand (go figure). Someone else was already offering the equivalent to $150 for one of the cards and it didn't look like there were any sellers. Yikes.
  13. ARCHIVED-penleb Guest

    I have seen people selling lon cards in the bazaar. How do they do that? I don't understand how to get the card from the LON game where i buy it to the bazaar. Is there a way to turn it into something tangible that you can put it in your bags?
  14. ARCHIVED-Danville Guest

    ChatHandle_03 wrote:
    In combination with what someone says later in the thread, it's worth noting that this specific illusion is a free reward from one of the scenarios; it's from a couple of years ago though, so I can't recall which one exactly without logging in there.
  15. ARCHIVED-Nolrog Guest

    penleb wrote:
    There's a bit of confusion here.
    There were promotional cards that dropped in game at one time (that no longer happens.) Those cards were tradable in the bazaar. In addition, mobs had a very very small chance to drop either a booster pack or a starter deck, which also no longer happens (these were also tradable in the bazaar.)
    The loot cards that you get from opening the boosters are only tradable within the LoN client. You can claim them in EQ, but they are either no drop or heirloom (meaning you can trade to your own characters on the same account, but not to other accounts.) There is no way to trade them within EQ that I'm aware of (with the exception of the heirloom that I already mentioned.)
    Once you claim the item from LoN it appears in your /claim window. From there, you claim it on a character and then it gives you something for your bags that you click when you want to be in that illusion form.
  16. ARCHIVED-WarSheol_EM Guest

    Want to add, the free packs from LoN you get monthly for having a EQ account active are all no trade, any free pack is locked and not tradeable so you might as well claim it.
    But any of them you buy are tradeable within the LoN client.
    Highly recommend the downloadable stand alone client from the LoN web site if you want to poke around in LoN with out crashes
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    Big gratz on the 2.5 year thread necro though!

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