login servers down?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Annie, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Annie New Member

    Just tried three of my accounts and can not get in. Vent is up so asked and others having same issue. Don't see a post about it.
  2. SOE-MOD-17 Augur

    There is currently some unscheduled maintenance going on that is affecting logins. We anticipate it will be done shortly!
  3. Baramos Augur

    Keep us posted SOE-MOD-17, and thanks so much for the reply to the OP, I was just about to post the same :)
  4. zerelia New Member

    thanks for the update was wondering what was going on since i couldn't log on my alt
  5. Demel New Member

    Eq Mod 17, do you have an eta on the servers?
  6. Prense New Member

    ETA would be nice.....
  7. Farewell Lorekeeper

    Sad when i have to come to the forums to figure out what is happening.
  8. Fhiele Augur

    Unscheduled doesn't have to mean unannounced.
  9. Killaar New Member

    Nod Prense...... A warning would have been nice also!
  10. blahblah Journeyman

    I finally get some free time and all my stuff caught up around the house. Now it is raining and no EQ to play... Truly a sad day! Been trying to get on for 45 mins. Guess it is time to find another past time event!
  11. Demel New Member

    If you notice the shortly happened almost an hour ago... I guess in Turtle years we are still on the short, but I know short for me is roughly 5-20 minutes...
  12. Farewell Lorekeeper

    How hard is it to drop a notification that login servers are down in announcements?
  13. Ariele New Member

    Any estimate on login servers?
  14. Prense New Member

    I took "shortly" to mean as soon as possible. In the IT world, often times you have no idea how long it will be until you understand the nature of the issue. By now, I would think they would understand the nature of the issue and be able to give a reasonable estimation of when they thought they would be done.
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  15. Tarrin Augur

    Usually that is exactly what it means :\

    Where exactly else wold you ever go to find out whats happening?
  16. TheC@talyst New Member

    I know that feel brah. One kid is asleep, the other is playing quietly. We're done with the housework for the morning....and the login server is down.

  17. Farewell Lorekeeper

    If something is preventing many people not able to login in, should be in the announcements.
  18. Demel New Member

    I understand that computer based and programming issues are consistent with a MMORPG, but EQ has been out since 99, you would think they could train people to handle these issues in a faster manner.
  19. Aeroen New Member

    I am just guessing here, but I bet it is hard to find someone around that knows what's what on a Sunday. They probably had to call someone, who saw his caller ID and routed the call to voicemail. Let's hope he checks his messages sometime before Wednesday.
  20. Tarrin Augur

    Which is technically part of the forums.