Login server down??

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mazame, Dec 19, 2021.

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  1. Kumiko_Lockjaw Elder

    and how should it be else, Sunday and big raid soon...
  2. Vack Elder

    Any update devs?
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  3. Peter_The_great Elder

    Lol! I thought it was my ISP that denied me.. but then I know its the EQ.
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  4. Vuldor New Member

    Same here
  5. Kerpin New Member

    I can't login either and haven't seen any announcements or fix either. Hopefully they are aware.
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  6. Bobokin Augur

    The sky is falling you know.
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  7. SotoxDrinal New Member

    Why does this require a manual reset instead of an automated watchdog to reset the server?
    Downtime for the login server is insane in this day and age.
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  8. Jomar New Member

    Doesn't seem to me that they are aware? Any verification that someone from Darkpaw knows?
  9. Malo New Member

    This is why we cant have nice things....
  10. Jomar New Member

    I feel with a product that is used 24/7, service should be available 24/7.
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  11. Awana New Member

    no its not fixed...
  12. MischiefMan147 New Member

    I have not found any official source stating this. Can you give us the link where it says they know?
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  13. Lungvin Lorekeeper

    his sisters friends cousins brothers fathers son is a dev
  14. FatmantheBst New Member

    Same, cannot log in please fix EQ!
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  15. Cirulik New Member

    Down here too. Wife is running her toon fine, never logged out last night. And yeah, pretty amazing how manual this process is - it is 2021, yes?
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  16. Jennre Band Leader

    That is pretty much up to the monitoring software they use (e.g. Solar Winds).
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  17. SilentEss New Member

    I can't login today
  18. Connlin_Bristlebane New Member

  19. Paladin42069 New Member

    Well for goodness sake!
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  20. sinadven Journeyman

    its been like this for over an hr they should have at least posted something in reply to it.
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