Login server down??

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mazame, Dec 19, 2021.

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  1. Mayshu New Member

    Definitely something up, all 3 of us were booted at the same time from nameless...can't get past login server now
  2. LadyKatharyne New Member

    Any word on what the problem is?
  3. DaMonk New Member

    Hey Daybreak,

    I've been watching all morning on a thread that your customers are complaining that the login servers are down. People have spent a significant amount of time troubleshooting their own systems, they're unable to login - and the worst part about this is - it's your fault.

    You post server status, which is good - but you don't post login server status. Since you fail to update the community that there are login server issues, your users are spending wasteless time troubleshooting their own systems because according to the information you are allowing them to have - everything is running fine on your end, but it clearly is not.

    I understand there can be technical issues from time to time, but the login servers are horrendous. They're down way too often, preventing the users from getting into the monthly service they pay for. I personally know several people who refuse to log out of the game due to the instability of your login servers.

    Some of these issues can be addressed simply by letting your customers know that there is an issue, you're aware of it. Even posting that there is no ETA at this time would be acceptable, but your support is horrendous in this category. You either are not aware of the issue - which is a fairly decent problem in itself, or you are aware of the issue and are trying to hide the fact that the servers are down far too often and for extended periods of time - which would be pretty egregious.

    Simply put - start notifying the users when you have login issues, or users will start to move on to bigger and better things, taking their money and paid accounts with them. Don't make this a situation where the only way the users voices can be heard is to start cancelling accounts in mass just to get your attention. It's pretty nasty to keep charging people for a service they cannot use frequently, and leaving them to believe the issues are on their end causing them more wasted time and effort.
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  4. Pops Racer Olde Faht

    Server Status page shows "Last Response" of 3 hours ago for all servers except Test and Beta.
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  5. atchoom Lorekeeper

    down for me as well { 1h20 pm east time }
  6. Kinin New Member

    still down
  7. FatmantheBst New Member

    We can watch whales play while we wait... sigh
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  8. Kelthorg Lorekeeper

    I checked EQ Twitter, and they must be aware cuz they said "#Everquest vinyl are almost gone". That is clearly code for we are aware of a potential login issue and are working to resolve it.:)
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  9. alycin Journeyman

    going on 3 hours now
  10. Vorahak New Member

    As we roll past the 3 hour mark it has to make us wonder if the devs will ever respond. Unfortunately for us even if the devs don't respond we will all come crawling back to the game as soon as its working. because we are addicts. There's a reason they call it EverCrack
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  11. Nukkel New Member

    I was choosing which game to re-sub to and waste some time on but this is starting to seal the deal in any other direction.
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  12. HeatherPurrs Augur

    We've been doing this for 23 years... 23 years of down whatever and 23 years of whining and no one doing anything about either.
  13. Gutz/Azrrox New Member

    its been 4-5 hours at least so far. hopefully they are working on it
  14. Connlin_Bristlebane New Member

    i get a few hours a night and half a day on weekends to play/get progression/really make a dent in my toons.. now they waisted a whole day .. i took time off before (years) and really the path they are going( alot of down time) im not waisting my money for the downtime during when i can play..
  15. Igorath-Bertox Elder

    Just don't do it as 'All Access'. Maybe they'll get the message.
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  16. PjDubski New Member

    this is horse dung!!!!!
  17. Wendere New Member

    My hubby has his toons in as of 9am EST this morning. I tried logging in around 1pm EST and unfortunately I'm unable to login. Guess I have to go be productive with something else around the house.
  18. Peter_The_great Elder

    Way down we go!

    EQ Devs seems to have taken the Holidays.
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  19. Furysinger New Member

    come on IT guys, let us have our weekend EQ fun because the rest of the week is far from fun. we needs our fix, *tweak*
  20. therolemaster New Member

    I re-subbed last night to waste time during the winter...
  21. Gregwarrian Journeyman

    Launchpad runs fine, then I get "A connection to the server could not be reached." 1:32Pm Eastern Standard time.
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