Login Issues - 05/31/13

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, May 31, 2013.

  1. Ulain Journeyman

    Wow, entitled much? Good luck getting a free month for not being able to play for a couple hours.
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  2. SteveTheDreamer New Member

    I also had a lvl 90 character log in to a Copper lvl 50 account. After logging in and out and restarting EQ several times, around the 3rd time I was able to log in and I had my gold status back and lvl 90.

    Everything seemed normal again...except my specialization skills were reset to 49. I realized this because I cast a buff and Abjuration skilled up to (50)... Oh noes HALP Abjuration is my specilization!? NooOoOoO

    Also, I don't recall downloading any patches recently. Does that mean it was server side bug/change?
  3. Kravitz Augur

    Logged in and everything appears ok now for me. Picked up the 2 bags I was missing from the Parcel guy and everything was there.
  4. Floranyx New Member

    Now that ya'll know there is an issue, which they WERE quick to advise us of, ya'll need to just chill. You should count yourselves LUCKY you don't play Star Trek Online. My bf plays that and has had server downtime EVERY DAY for the last two weeks. Sony does a great job of addressing issues quickly and they offer compensation when it is warranted without hesitation. It may not be as much as you agree with, but it has always been fair. They want us playing as much as we want to play. Players not playing are not players who are being tempted to spend that station cash, right? They are not happy continuous players, right? Have a little consideration for all they do and realize...it is just a game!!!! Oh and before you go thinking it, no I DON'T work for Sony and never have.
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  5. Velnarin Lorekeeper

    All you people up in arms, I can understand being unhappy but all this "There are other games with less problems!" ... EQ hasn't had a serious problem in months. Get a grip. Computers don't always work perfectly--- panic when it's permanent.
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  6. Kolani Augur

    *takes notes of people complaining about being rolled back to level 50*

    I better not see any of you asking for a classic server ever again.
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  7. Velnarin Lorekeeper

  8. Iolus New Member

    Has this issue been fixed yet? little leery of logging in reading some of the issues posted in this thread.
  9. Cener New Member

    Yes this has been fixed. As best as I can tell anyway. They posted in the tech support section that it is.
  10. Elricvonclief Augur

    Hmmmm, my computer died last night while I was playing. Blame it on me, my cursing put a hex on the game :eek:

    Sadly, you folks will be playing much faster than me, a week roughly before my new gaming rig gets here:(

    SOE is usually rather fast addressing stuff. Remember 2 years ago when we had a 2 week hiatus after they got hacked? Other than that, it's usually really quick.
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  11. sula Augur

    copper? that's a new one. Seems my computer breaking down was a blessing in disguise. here i was being irritated that i had to download the game all over because i had to reinstall the whole computer- it went down while playing the game.
    this happened to me before- not long after the ftp started. i came in and my whole account was put to ftp and i had only a few slots, but my toon could only hold one bag - it is very difficult to get the bags for her with no place to put them. however, after logging out and coming back in, the account fixed itself. i understand how frustrating glitches can be, but they happen and of all the companies whose games i have played in the past, soe does the best job i have seen of trying to fix things in a speedy manner.
  12. Kelefane Augur

    All of these "bans" are making me wonder if some sort of false flag operation is in place. Im sure some know what I am talking about.
  13. Riou EQResource

    It is weird that by default it displays as 'Banned' with server log in issues, instead of a 'Server Error' or something instead.
  14. Geroblue Augur

    copper account is actually bronze. I just logged in on my ftp account, no problems.
  15. KC13 Augur

    LOL, copper seems more appropriate as the account shows in green and copper corrodes to a green color.
  16. Lleyton New Member

    This morning I woke up and my trader was offline, ok no worries, I'll log back in.

    My password didn't take, ok no worries, I'll change password (maybe I forgot the password, I've done it before), did that and it said that I had been banned.

    That was a big shock for me.

    What had I done to get banned? Maybe a shouldn't have a trader in baz whenever I'm not hunting on my main. I didn't have any idea.

    I was running late for work (I had slept in), I didn't have the time to fully find out what was happening. SIxteenish hours later and I am home from work (I had a few knock off beers!) and my trader is now standing in the baz again.

    Sparkles is happy again!
  17. Nyni New Member

    I didn't have anything logged in and was getting: you already have a character logged: declined removal from world. Also got your graphic card is not compatable with this game even though I was just online the day before with no issues. The account renewal day timer was wack a few times as well...

    I have heard of people saying they couldn't log in to 2nd, 3rd accounts because they were banned or accounts went silver after a recent renewal.

    this all happened a day or so ago...
  18. blahblah Journeyman

  19. Sebli Journeyman

    Anyone else get the Loop of it asks you to rest your password so you do .. then it asks again and says you have already so you cant ? Seems stupid because I logged out for like 5mins and it did this to me.