Fixed Internally Login Issue

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Mannwin, Apr 26, 2021.

  1. Mannwin New Member

    I can't get into one of my accounts. Getting 'Login Server Unavailable' message. Been at least 45 minutes. The other accounts are fine. Anyone else?
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  2. Arraden Augur

    I'm currently experiencing an "Error" = "We are experiencing a high volume of players logging..."
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  3. Wolger New Member

    One of my 6 accounts have the same problem "'Login Server Unavailable"
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  4. SomeIdiot New Member

    Yep. Same issue.

    Almost 2 hours of trying to log accounts in.. 3 of 6 logged into the world. the other 3 are getting "Login server down".

    5 of the 6 say their credentials are invalid, trying to log into the website to post this message. Way to go DBG. Kindly fix your garbage.
  5. Elkrun New Member

    Same here
    I can't access on 1 of my 6 accounts.
    Fix it plz
  6. Mesil Lorekeeper

    Same here.
  7. Mannwin New Member

    Still happening. I can understand not have any CS people online 24/7. But not even having one person tending to hardware/servers? smh
  8. CinamX New Member

    Wonder if they are aware of the problem for some, for me 3/4 accounts are working, just wondering how you can make a ticket report for some account as you cant log in the account due it says Invalid credentials. ?
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  9. Vyne New Member

    Getting the Invalid Credentials message for one of my accounts. Others are working fine. It will not let me log into the game or even my account.
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  10. Ashigaru Augur

    Similar problem here - getting login server unavailable on one account, and invalid credentials when trying to log it in via the forums
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  11. mr. pain New Member

    Been unable to log in for 5 hours here due to all of the same error messages everyone else is getting.

    "login server unavailable"
    "high number of players attempting to log in at the same time. try again in a few minutes"
    "login credentials are invalid"
    "there was an error completing your request. please try again"
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  12. Aiona Augur

    Still having issues?

    I have been able to log in multiple accounts (changed my passwords, so was testing things out this morning).
  13. Elkrun New Member

    Still the same issue yeap
  14. Troutfest Augur

    Unable to log in on one account, getting invalid credentials. Supposedly I created a new password for that account and tried again, still getting invalid credentials. 3 others worked. Tried it on different machines, same issue. Can't log in to forum with that account either.
  15. ulrich13 New Member

    This goes on for about 6 hours now and no officials seem to have registered the problem yet. Can't access 3 of 4 accounts, ironically I could log in on the one with my mules and start counting tradeskillstuff and sort eggs etc. ...
  16. Tarjie New Member

    Same issues as well.. getting invalid credentials and changing the password didnt work...
  17. Febb Augur

    All the people having log in issues, what country are you located in?

    I was able to log in just now.
  18. Elkrun New Member

    Just working right now for me .At least .....
  19. Ashigaru Augur

    Likewise - although there's "a lot" of failed login attempts :D
  20. Vyne New Member

    Mine is working as well.

    Thank you to whoever fixed it :)