Logged In After 15 Years...No Gear and No Magician Epic

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by JohnDeereGreen, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. JohnDeereGreen New Member

    I just recovered my old account from 2004 today.

    Logged in tonight to find my old gnome magician on The Tribunal, but to my surprise, I had no gear, either in the bank or equipped! Also, in my spell book, the magician epic, 'Summon Orb' I think it used to be called after you obtained it, is no longer listed in the spellbook.

    Is there a way to recover my gear and my epic weapon?

  2. CatsPaws Augur

    Check the parcel merchant - there is one inside the big bank and one outside the little bank on the hill. That is where they send a lot of the returning player stuff for some reason.

    Sometimes when I zone my character will get wiped but all I need to do is zone again and all his stuff is back on him - so try logging all the way out and back in

    If none of those work then I would do a petition. I don't think the epic gets listed or went in your spell book. Its a staff.
  3. Fluid Augur

    $.02 You will get to level 59<If you aren't there already> so fast and be able to buy a summoner ring or Minion of Darkness item I wouldn't look back.

    Just use your veteran reward/loyalty tokens to buy a bag of pp.
  4. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Pretty much what CatsPaws said, but to clarify/confirm the Orb (Mage 1.0 Epic) is summoned from a spell. I've definitely heard of gear being missing, but are you sure you have the correct character, just asking because I've not heard of spells missing. If it is the correct character, I'm assuming your toon is still flagged with the quest progression in which case I hope the GMs will see it and give you a replacement. I wouldn't despair though, the 1.0 epic becomes obsolete around early 60's. Most other gear from 15 years ago became obsolete on Live from the Defiant gear that drops pretty frequently.

    Welcome back!
  5. Yruc Augur

    Do you remember if you "loaned" your magician out to anyone in your guild or to a friend? Or gave away all your stuff before quitting? It could be the account was hacked at some point.

    Have you looked through all 100 pages of the spell book? They have done some spell revamps and made some spells obsolete / removed them and it could be on a different page than you remember.

    But as others have said the Mage Epic 1.0 while at the time was epic to have and use, with the level increases it has become obsolete.

    Same for your gear. The level increases and gear inflation has made the gear from 15 years ago pretty craptastic.

    Easiest for you to get re-geared would be to equip your summoned gear, and best pet and go farm some plat (use loyalty tokens to get a bag of plat) / find a guild for some help.
  6. CatsPaws Augur

    You can only get those bags of plat from Loyalty if your a paying account. They won't show up for free or returning silver accounts.

    You can earn nice amount of plat- armor and augs by doing the daily quests from Teek in POK. Each task is kill 5 and can only be done once a day. So get a couple levels at the same time and you will have some nice new armor and maybe a good aug will drop.
  7. Rasbis Lorekeeper

    I think you got hacked. I did the same thing in Feb and my toons, to the best of my knowledge, had everything I left them with. I had a level 65 raiding necro with his raid gear still on him, then again raid gear is NoDrop.
  8. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    god it's such a deekmove to delete the mage epic spell. Someone had it on for you bruh.
  9. Newbasaurus New Member

    Yes. The mage 1.0 is a spell (Level 46 summon orb). If it's gone from your spell book that is a pretty serious problem. Check to see if you have the epic 1.0 achievement. If so you can use that in a petition to verify you had it for sure. They can't delete achievements!!

    As for your gear, check parcels, check eviction crates (probably doesn't apply cause I don't think housing existed) and check item overflow. It's off the EQ button under inventory I think.

    Hope something good happens for you.
  10. Necrodamus New Member

    There would not have been an achievement system in place 15 years ago but there would have been spells that could not be deleted. I am positive the magician epic 1.0 spell is one of those spells that can't be deleted.
  11. CatsPaws Augur

    You are right that the achievement was not around back then but if you did complete it then it now shows in achievement, just like some others that were auto updated.
  12. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Nah, they people who did it prior to achievements had to hand in the item to an box in pok. Then eventually they had the game check for the item in your inventory or spell in spellbook. But if something goofed or the spell could be deleted during that in-between time then it would be gone without an achievement.
  13. CatsPaws Augur

    Oh, sorry didn't know some folks had to do that. I had gotten my epic before ach and then when I returned to the game years later the achievement showed completed with out my doing anything so I just assumed the updated the ach for everyone lol

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