Fixed Log in servers crashing?

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Orienn, Mar 13, 2022.

  1. Orienn TreeHugger

    I got my main account in after an excessively longtime going into server select and into world, but now I been trying to get my other accounts in, but I keep getting login errors. It's not just me others are experiencing this problem too.

    Edit: Now I can't even get to the server select on the other accounts. It just keeps telling me login failed.
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  2. Thren Journeyman

    same here
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  3. lancelove Augur

    Yep definately down.
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  4. Stephen51 Augur

    Its raid time for us, and many are trying to log in, to find they cannot get past the log in server.
  5. Lucid New Member

  6. Orienn TreeHugger

    Ya we raid at 7:30pm est so it's gonna be brutal for ours too, if it doesn't get fixed soon.
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  7. Ratheon New Member

    Down here as well. Thought maybe it was a launcher issue so I tried logging in using eqgame.exe patchme -w and manually logging it but that refuses to go as well.
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  8. Khayos New Member

    Same here, logged out by mistake and now cant get back in. Timeout Error.
  9. Ludadorwar New Member

    Been trying to log in now for over 5 mins. Keep getting a time out error
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  10. Chanteren Elder

    Server Select is broken for the last 20 minutes. gets a time-out...
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  11. Ozadar Lorekeeper

    Zek login is down. Another successful Everquest patch. not!

    Ozadar of Zek
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  12. Qimble Augur

    Login server is screwed. Who wanted to raid tonight anyways? Really wish daybreak would focus on the constant server mishaps before anything else.
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  13. Sotu Sotu Journeyman

    Live is down. Test is up.
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  14. Tishanian Journeyman

  15. Frothel Soothsayer

    Down for me as well
  16. Khayos New Member

    interestingly enough I was able to log in to my eq2 account as they don't all use the same login servers, or if they do, they don't all follow the same exact steps.
  17. CatsPaws My posts are opinions and everyone has one.

    Maybe they suspended themselves for some reason. ;)
  18. Khayos New Member

    and of course no one is at work at daybreak on sunday....soooooooo lol.
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  19. Eaedyilye Augur

    I tried, I failed. The login is borked.
  20. Karhar Dream Crusher