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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by kemal, Feb 9, 2017.

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  1. Drani New Member

    You care for giving us an update Daybreak? Maybe should let Verant or Sony do it ...
  2. Soerntoo New Member

    I normally do not complain about things, but come on daybreak really day after day the same thing, can not log in server login down again. " REALLY " how about you take some of the money I gave you this last few weeks and hire some one that can keep the server up?
  3. Polpet Journeyman

    Totaly frustrated!

  4. Lucthel New Member

    I am really amazed at what is happening in these 24h. I have 3 accounts, paid for 1 year of play, I can not logge with any of them, and in the Main account, directly does not stop saying I have my wrong password, even changing by a new password, and sending the verification email Password changed, it tells me that it is still wrong, now it tells me that I have to wait 24h to go back to make the password change .... how is it possible, a game that takes 17 years of operation, can have such problems? The players left us a lot of money in Everquest, so that they do not solve these very bad mistakes. I think that I, and all players deserve a more efficient service, and more to those who play on a progression server, we have to pay a monthly fee to be able to access the server.o_Oo_Oo_O
  5. Bignomial New Member

    This is absolutely ridiculous. why are we paying for a game that we can't play? I have had no help from support with any issue wince I came back to this game. It seems Daybreak really doesn't care about the people that keep their company running.
  6. Drani New Member

    ok, i just got in
  7. Evoin New Member

    Everyone reset your router.. my buddy and I did this and we can now login!
  8. Zbomb New Member

    Still having problems anyone?
  9. Scila Augur

    not here ... didn't "reset" router either
  10. RadarX Community Relations

    We're going to close this up as we have resolved the initial issue. If you are having issues, please do post another thread.
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