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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by kemal, Feb 9, 2017.

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  1. Help I can't log in! New Member

    Half the day is gone. I only get one day off a week. This is an ongoing issue for weeks or longer. Do you like chargebacks? This is how you get chargebacks!
  2. Naeddien New Member

    Im having the same issue
  3. Zizka New Member

    Still down. East coast.
  4. moogs Augur

    Mine was being rejected and then it was changing my account name (3 accounts) as though it didn't even recognize which account I was attempting to log into. I cleared the LaunchPad.Cache directory and the behavior remains the same.
  5. Brektzerker New Member

    gosh I can't log in!
  6. eqgamer Elder

    Whew. Just phoned wife...

    /taps her name...ringing..."comon answer"...ringing...."comon dammmmit answer" ringing... "answer alrea..." hey hun, can you go check if my toons are spinning? What's up? Can you just go check please?! Suuure. Yes, they're still spinning. Great! Thx. Lu. Bye.
  7. Anlak New Member

    still cant get in , and changed my mind my alt account will not be upgrade today :)

  8. SonOfABiscuit Elder

    logged in all 3 accounts 1st try with bypassing the launcher just now.
  9. Brock Landers Journeyman

    bypassing launcher to get into eq game but when trying to login i now get that "this game requires an active everquest subscription" :rolleyes:
  10. Exmortis_MT Lorekeeper

    I have one account in.
  11. Exmortis_MT Lorekeeper

    Can you share this? I am not sure where this helpful bit of into was posted by DBG but it is not easily located. I would appreciate it.
  12. Reeseskup New Member

    How do you bypass launcher? if i try eqgame.exe it tells me to run launcher.
  13. Kazgoroth666 New Member

    this is what the cefinternal.log is saying, don't know if it helps with thoubleshooting:

    [0209/190525:ERROR:renderer_main.cc(226)] Running without renderer sandbox
    [0209/190525:ERROR:renderer_main.cc(226)] Running without renderer sandbox
    [0209/190526:INFO:CONSOLE(0)] "Unrecognized Content-Security-Policy directive 'frame-ancestors'.
    ", source: https://lpj.daybreakgames.com/eq/live/?t=42978 (0)
    [0209/190528:INFO:CONSOLE(292)] "LaunchPad.playButtonState: ready", source: https://lpj.daybreakgames.com/minif...ified^window-controls^_pages/home&v=829304190 (292)

    [0209/190528:INFO:CONSOLE(325)] "Flush cookies : LauncherViewport.FlushCookies()", source: https://lpj.daybreakgames.com/minif...ified^window-controls^_pages/home&v=829304190 (325)

    [0209/190528:INFO:CONSOLE(292)] "CancelTouchTimer()", source: https://lpj.daybreakgames.com/minif...ified^window-controls^_pages/home&v=829304190 (292)

    [0209/190542:INFO:CONSOLE(292)] "LaunchPad.modals.showAlert: [not_logged_in] There was an error completing your request. Please try again. (lpHandleValidateError: {category:SERVER_ERROR, result:SERVER_LOGIC_ERROR, source:login})", source: https://lpj.daybreakgames.com/minif...ified^window-controls^_pages/home&v=829304190 (292)
  14. bob2 New Member

    still unable to log on :(
  15. EQJunkie76 Journeyman

    Yep, I can login just fine if I bypass the launcher using eqgame.exe patchme.

    Able to login both characters.
  16. RadarX Community Relations

    We're still working on resolving this issue. It's frustrating and we appreciate the patience.
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  17. Poppinfresh Lorekeeper

    Launcher bypass worked for me too, maybe a fluke I dunno. Now that I'm in, I'm staying in.

    Make sure you use patchme with no hyphen, otherwise it'll fail and tell you to run the launcher.
  18. Sindaiann Augur

    bypass only helps with launcher related problems. I personally always bypass (except patches). This is a login based issue. So doesn't help to bypass
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  19. arwilly Lorekeeper

    Finally got in as well just now bypassing the launcher.
  20. toasty4800 Journeyman

    Thanks. I can log in now but my account is on silver. And I upgraded this morning, you guys already took the 15 bucks out of my account. Still won't let me access phinny.
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