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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by kemal, Feb 9, 2017.

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  1. Tvarian Augur

    Where does it mention patch day tomorrow? Latest I see was for Fri, Feb 3rd.
  2. Felicite Augur

    It has the potential to happen.
  3. Kagd New Member

    Think they have a new hamster otw. I made it to server select, But not further.
  4. Ghostinthemachine Elder

    my account is a grandfathered silver from back in the day had 9 days left on a krono and now my account is free to play... I'd say thats a " POTENTIAL" issue
  5. Hostile Meat Wizard Elder

    I finally (after over 2 hours of trying) managed to get logged in... as F2P on my All Access account. But at least that's progress!
  6. Namarta Journeyman

    New hamster hasn't made it through orientation and still has On The Job training to complete yet
  7. Terminate Journeyman

    We as players don't ask for much. On occasion maybe. We understand sometimes that there are problems. Is it too much to ask though, if you all can keep the servers up? It seems like every day there's a new problem. What, with free-to-play accounts all of a sudden having 200+ days, and gold memberships having none? All I have to say, is what the Daybreak. You cannot do this and expect us all to keep throwing money at you; it is becoming quite ridiculous at the least. I don't complain about a lot of things, but something has GOT to give. Just because we do not play H1Z1 does not mean you can keep up the . Many veteran Everquest players like myself should be almost attuned to an occasional server disruption. But not for what seems like a month straight. Please, fix this. /rant off
  8. CatsPaws I post to encourage others to post

    Yes the servers are down, yes there are issues with dbc missing, gold accounts going silver, silver and gold, silver and gold - oh sorry song from Rudolph at Christmas. Wanting you to verify, asking for phone numbers, the list goes on and on. And no you will not have everything showing up correctly until the servers are fixed.

    These are normal server hiccups and all have happened in the past when servers break.

    This is not a paid spokesperson for DBG. I lost all patience with DBG and server issues and now am losing patience with people who don't bother to read and think they are the only person this is happening too. Sorry for the rant.
  9. yesitsme New Member

    How long are the loginservers down?

    Ive been trying to get ingame for like 2hrs atm. Still no luck ....
  10. Invictvs Augur

    Stop this fanboy . It's 2017 and the same issues happen EVERY WEEK.
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  11. Felicite Augur

    Sounds like potential progress.
  12. Exmortis_MT Elder

    Actually they use the Vanguard hamster to power EQ now.....And some of us remember how well that wheel worked then.
  13. moogs Augur

    That was my first instinct but there's no confirmation of what is causing this "potential" login issue. Either way, there are solutions to combat DDoS attacks and if that's what's been causing the problems recently then it still comes back to Daybreak's management failing to properly allocate resources.
  14. Valinor_Peacemaker New Member

    I cant either. Have to work the next four days and hoped to have some EQ time today with my characters....SAD!
  15. Kegwell Lurker since '99

    I am investigating a potential issue with my credit card ever paying for anything from these guys again.
  16. deybrokeit New Member

    I started trying since 4am est no luck. Happening a lot to me lately
  17. Felicite Augur

    I have potentially lost my patience.
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  18. Namarta Journeyman

    This is what I fear with everyone jumping on the Pantheon wagon...wasn't McQuaid behind Vanguard, too?
  19. Kagd New Member

    Thank you for your continued reports of login issues impacting games, forums, and websites. We are working on this issue.
  20. Felicite Augur

    There is a potential issue.
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