log file doesn't show anything with "<" and ">"

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Finnster, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Finnster Elder

    apparently there is a stealth change in the way the log file is written. Somebody mentioned this might be because of windows performance issues. What I notice: Anytime something like a /who contains a word between "<" and ">", then this is completely omitted.

    If it has been this before:
    [Wed May 29 18:52:31 2019] [90 Arch Animist (Beastlord)] Feffer (Troll) <Rosengard Ill> ZONE: thulehouse1

    it's now:
    [Wed Jun 19 20:00:04 2019] [90 Arch Animist (Beastlord)] Feffer (Troll) ZONE: thulehouse1

    can we please have this back to normal?
    This is currently a major issue for us, since we have a log file parser for our dkp management which needs to see the guild tag in the /who output.
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  2. Finnster Elder

    we adjusted our log file parser, so the problem is resolved for us. Still, I'm unhappy that not everything in chat gets written to log file.

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