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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Croak, Aug 24, 2015.

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  1. Croak Augur

    From the portable desk of Croak: waiting on placeholders in Kedge Keep

    Up until now I have made a minor unilateral protest of not selling idols on Lockjaw until unguilded players have the right to attempt to kill trash mobs in Sky for some upgrades and epic drops.

    I have decided that denial of service to the 70% of the server not represented by the rotation council is unnecessary.
    Going forward I will only trade with people I believe in good faith are not members, alts or mules of guilds that are part of the rotation council.
    This is for all transactions, including buying/selling materials, dropped items, krono etc.

    Also I am going to start selling many popular items much closer to cost price.

    I know people inside guilds often sell to their guildies at "cost", but I have seen many outrageous abuses of guild banks and many people giving away tradeskill materials inside guilds and then not gaining support when needed.

    People have referred to me as being a bit like Walmart... I prefer to be likened to Zappos for their incredible service, but that doesn't mean I can't have amazingly keen pricing for my friends, or be selective on who I sell to.

    It is funny but I know this will be abused by dishonest people trying to sidestep it using alts and "sanction busters" trying to buy items for later resale.
    For many items I will insist I deal with mains with /role off, even if they will be collected by a mule, and those that still work around it will have to live with their conscience that despite belonging to a guild that has some form of "play nicely" rules, they deem it appropriate to work around.

    Trolls have been claiming my only intent is RMT... on Fippy (playing Sleak) I was well known for "spamming" general chat with rots all day long, never charging for loot rights. But there was an interesting thing I noticed... pretty much the only people who would call out rots in public channels were the unguilded people, yet an equal number of tells would flood in from raid guild members looking to loot.
    I even once has a raid guild member run in and ninja loot a sword that I had already promised to someone... the raider wanted to stick it on the wall of his house.

    There always seems to be a lack of give and take. Raid guild members would first offer rots to their guild, and often wouldn't even bother offering to general channels.
    All take... no give.
    On Fippy I prioritized rots to non-raid guild players.

    So now on any rots I have going forward I will only be for people who are not members, alts, or mules of guilds that are part of the rotation council.

    I am a boxer, though I box SK Cleric Enc Mage thus I don't group a lot, but I have noticed that raiders tend to be very insular in their grouping habits, monopolizing camps for the rarest loot - non-gulded players are at an extreme disadvantage unless they band together.
    Any time I group going forward will only be with people who are not members, alts, or mules of guilds that are part of the rotation council, and I am going to make an effort to provide group spots with more people.

    On occasion I provide ports for people, free of charge.. I have a druid for ports to most locations, and I will soon also have a wizard.
    Members of raiding guilds rarely provide ports as a service as it is too inconsequential for them as a form of income.
    Going forward I will only provide ports for people who are not members, alts, or mules of guilds that are part of the rotation council, and I am going to make an effort to reach out to people looking for ports more often.

    I expect this post to get just as many or more troll detractors from the members of rotation council guilds, who thought my unilateral actions have no effect on them.

    However I encourage others who have similar concerns about the current rotation in Sky to take similar action.

    Maybe some collective action will have a more noticeable effect and we can see more co-operation for a better server environment for all.

    To reference this post use http://tinyurl.com/lockjawtrade
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  2. Diemond Augur

    Damn, if only you weren't the only one selling these...... /sarcasm
  3. Croak Augur

    Congrats on being nonconstructive troll #1, whereas I am chatting with another guild leader who supports my stance..
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  4. Diemond Augur

    Thanks? Honestly 1 person refusing to sell anything on a TLP server isn't going to accomplish anything but good luck.
  5. Diemond Augur

    By the way I agree with sky trash being open, just think you think too much of yourself if you think not selling/calling out rots to these guilds will do anything.
  6. squidgod Augur

    Wow, you sure do think a lot of yourself, don't you?
  7. Diemond Augur

    Exactly my point. No matter that what he wants is something good.
  8. Letium New Member

    Ghandi was just some pain in the for the British Empire, until his idea became a movement that changed a large portion of the world. Trolling the guy trying to help make changes to a system that benefits maybe 25% of the server to help the other 75% just makes you the jerk in the situation...
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  9. squidgod Augur

    He's not trying to "help the other 75%," he just wants to be able to farm with his box group. This is about the rights of box groups/armies to do whatever they want, not some crusade for the poor, repressed non-raiders of LJ.

    Pity DBG won't ban RMTers.
  10. Steampunk Augur

    Well, he's only one person, but he is doing what he is able to do. He's taking a stand on an issue he believes in. He may or may not make an actual difference, but he's making an attempt. Croak is one of the few people I am willing to take at face value on the forums and in the game. He may have me completely fooled, but I'd rather be fooled occasionally rather than being permanently cynical and pessimistic.
  11. Wiluven Journeyman

  12. rekais910 Augur

    I have to agree though. Most of the rotation guilds have people in the guilds who will sell most everything you would sell at cost. I do believe that people should be able to go up and kill some of the trash up there. Frankly I think DBG should make a load balanced zone specifically for non rotation guilds (any rotation guild members inside of it should be penalized? or I unno something). Though no boss versions of mobs should spawn if I had to make a guess. It would be a nice gesture to the rest of the server.
  13. Lifetap Augur

    I believe the rotation guilds monopolizing raid content is detrimental to the servers wellbeing as well.

    Since the players making up the rotation equal only 30% of the server, I would be in favor of the rotation only equaling 30% of raid targets.
  14. RadarX Augur

    We're going to go ahead and close this up as pretty non-constructive behavior.
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