Lockjaw Rotation Updated - 8/15/15

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Warrior007, Jul 28, 2015.

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  1. Sneaky Dragon New Member

  2. Vincecross New Member

    yea forget it because what you accused them of had nothing to do with the fact it was their Plane of Sky day.....
  3. Asheran Augur

    Actually, when we have dps raced against Faceless, we have won more often than we have lost :p

    We just have not raced much lately, as we refuse to sock, and if we even move a small force anywhere near a ffa raid boss that is in window, suddenly we see Faceless popping up in the zone (or stacking up on the commons wizard spire).

    Socking isn't fun, and we won't initiate it...nor are we going to sit around, doing nothing, grouped with porters, just waiting to port when a mob spawns. You guys can have it :D

    Now, once Kunark is here, things may change...and when Velious gets here, socking won't even be a viable option. Anyone socking will lose due to the sheer number of targets. I can't wait for that expansion to get here.
  4. Darth Augur

    Thanks for all the hate!

    Faceless cares <3
  5. Lateryn Augur

    Hmm "we wont initiate it" after "we move a small force to a ffa mob in window".. Of course a guild is going to respond. Again if you do not respond to a guild moving to a FFA target, you are forfeiting it.

    I've seen MM start CT/Vox socks multiple times, while in zone farming. I've seen AD start socks a lot(mostly naggy). I think I have even seen FI start a sock(they were just FG then and it was a while ago).

    You can take the politician talk elsewhere.


    Btw the 24 hours to engage? Holy . It's odd people would vote for something that literally denies them more targets over a long period of time. A guild can literally wait for primetime everyday to engage their mob, which just means it takes longer for the next spawn, which will eventually mean longer for the guild that waited to get another one.
  6. taliefer Augur

    between the 24 hours to engage, and only needing 51% of the guilds in agreement to force a change, im kind of surprised we have FFA at all. I woulda thought well over half the guilds would jump for joy at 24 hour windows and then just rotating every mob.with lockjaws slower pace I can see that actually working.

    it seems only 3 guilds are interested in FFA at all, and the interest isn't all at the same level for each guild. at least ive only seen three guilds show up for FFA mobs
  7. kythik Lorekeeper

    Ash, man you and I are cool and all but 2 mobs is not more often than not,1 naggy 1 vox. Just like we lost 1 naggy only to AD. I mean we've won every 3 way dps race to date. You must be using some funky math that I do not understand.

    I will agree though that socking isn't fun which is why we don't do it. We are just decent at mobilizing via bat phone, people logging off alts, leaving camps.
  8. Greymere Augur

    24 hours didn't shock me it was the only carrot Faceless could offer to avoid going to 1 FFA day or even a 4:1 FFA rotation, what shocked me was that it wasn't just offered up front to take it off the table to begin with, though I still feel a 24 window is silly with so few targets to raid currently, by Velious it could make sense, but meh the majority would have all wanted it come Planes of Power for the purpose of flagging anyhow so may as well get in the habit.

    I am sure the # of FFA days will continue to come up as more guilds join the rotation.. Regardless this is what the majority agreed upon and we all just roll with it and adjust if it becomes an issue(ie more and more new guilds join or more and more guilds fail to down targets even with 24 hours to do so)

    Kudos to all the Guilds for coming together to continue to work on these things
  9. Asheran Augur

    Well, I was referring to the entire history, from server launch until now. Since ROI merged with Faceless, as my time has been much more limited, and we may have contested a few times I am unaware of.

    Well, generally when we move a small force into a zone, we don't go to sock it. We go to farm mobs, and see if it spawns. If it doesn't we move on, and if it does, we would call in others to mobilize. We don't stay in the zone after we have cleared everything.

    However, if we do that, even with a force too small to even have a chance of killing a boss, the result is usually Faceless swarming the zone. The last time we took a large raid force to a "sock" was in Fear, when Faceless was already there, and agreed to not contest the next CT if we would leave :p

    Oh, and the 24 hour thing wasn't our idea. We actually suggested 3 hours, and DHS (I think) mentioned that they would like 24, but would be cool with meeting in the middle at 10-12 hours. Darth ended up supporting the 24 hour and 3:1 rotation, and voted for it against us. Thats democracy for ya. The majority vote takes it :D
  10. chris_the_mage Augur

  11. Darth Augur

    I have stated from the beginning I wanted the smaller guilds to actually kill their mobs. A 24 hour accomplishes that.

    And, so everyone knows my initial suggestion was unlimited time. I toned it down to a manageable 24 hours, for the sake of the server.

    Faceless cares <3
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  12. Daeaorn Journeyman

    The Free Masons killed Vox :)
  13. Gloom Journeyman

    Stoked about the kill, but I can't help noticing, is hiding behind new accounts the norm for attacking people from guilds who people don't like a decision being made?

  14. Banuvan Augur


    Yes it is. It's the internet. Internet Tough Guys like the one above are only like that when they can be anonymous with no fear of repercussions. It's hilarious if you think about it.
  15. Fiyero Augur

    Darth wth?! You're lining your pockets? I had no ideaz! Give me some of that dough yo!
  16. Lateryn Augur

    Well yeah he would, since your GL(And AD) wanted 1 FFA per rotation cycle and some silly rules attached to it, not surprised Darth(FI) would not want that at all. Of course you don't mention that at all :)

    24 hours is probably the lesser of the two evils.
  17. Darth Augur

    AD actually wanted zero FFA mobs per cycle. Modest Man wanted 7 to 1. They both wanted 3 hour windows.

    3 to 1 and 24 hour windows for everyone though.

    Like Oprah up in this , you get a rotation mob in prime time, you get a rotation mob in prime time, and you get a rotation mob in prime time.

    Schedule those raids boys! Another 3 and a half months of this to come.

    You're welcome!

    Faceless cares <3
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  18. Asheran Augur

    Actually, we had agreed to 4:1 with 3 hour windows, with any missed kills going to FFA. The additional rules were separate, and would have been voted on individually.

    Even with an extra rotation slot, the rotation would move faster with 3 hour windows, and everyone would get more chances to kill bosses.

    That said, the 24 hour windows do virtually guarantee guilds their rotation slots, and allow people to plan out raids a bit more. I'm interested to see how it plays out.

    Well, we suggested 7:1, but the average suggestion ended up being 4:1 and we agreed to that.

    The 24 hour windows are a bit excessive...but it does make things simple. We will know when we are raiding, and can build our schedule accordingly.
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  19. kythik Lorekeeper

    Unfortunately math says that 24 hour window means less mobs for everyone =/. Though we all prime time raiding will be nice.
  20. Greymere Augur

    24 hour window realistically only turns out being a 24 window if the guild in the rotation is unable to kill it, and even then the penalty for not killing your target in the window is losing your next turn in the rotation, so it works out nicely. It would be better if the rotation passed to the next guild waiting in line if that happens rather than going to FFA since every added FFA kill is a delayed rotation kill on long rotations, but so far we have no guilds failing to kill in a 24 hour window so not something to stress over.

    Ultimately from a math standpoint added FFA days delay a rotation more than long kill windows, but I would not argue for their complete removal, since they do give players an additional method of experience the content and reduce the need to split into smaller guilds.
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