Lockjaw Rotation & Unruh Civil Rights Act

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Croak, Sep 3, 2015.

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  1. Lejaun Augur

    This thread is quit silly. What disability is it that allows someone the ability to be able to fight in Plane of Sky, but they can't join a guild to do so?
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  2. Simone Augur

    None that I know of. Even the silly argument about being "deaf" isn't one either since not all guilds use voice chat. Some guilds are multinational with many members having limited ability to speak and listen to English comprehensively leaving them to do most, if not all, raid related communications in /raid and /guild chats.

    Because of my wacky play times that has actually been the norm for me. In my case the only time I have ever been in a guild that ever required voice chat of it's members was a really brief stint I spent in Echoes of Elysium on the Vulak'Aerr server during the Gates of Discord expansion after the guild I was in went inactive.
  3. Croak Augur

    At no time have I asked for 50%, though that is what Darth has asked for in the past because then Faceless would drop out of their assigned timeslot and just go FFA.
    At the same time if the number isn't high enough, people will still create "guilds" who have no intent of ever completing Sky, doing Efreeti & EoV etc. thus slicing up the cake far more than it needs to be.

    I have been in the position to go up to Sky and qualify as a "guild" for 2-3 weeks

    • How ridiculous is it that I have to go to these lengths after more than 1 month of forced rotations? I raised the issued immediately after the rotation was posted. Zhutuak raised his objections that first day as well.
    • How ridiculous is it that when there was a call for an emergency meeting to discuss just Sky, only 5 out of 8 potential voters even bothered to do so?
    • How ridiculous is it that even after the tragedy of what happened on 20th August to MM, an unguilded player was suspended without mediation? He didn't trust any of the "3rd party" people who sent him tells, and mistakenly thought DBG CS in some way would at least hear him out. He called for an executioner thinking it was some kind of impartial judge.
    • How ridiculous is it that after receiving private assurances from the leaders of 2 of the major guilds in rotation of support (Darth & Gulfein), absolutely none was in evidence? One even spoke out against me being in the private thread before I had even said anything!!!
    For how ridiculous the whole private thread is, read the overview I posted when asked by one of the people I am trying to represent (in that private thread)

    This thread by its very nature is more personal, though there may be others in the community who don't join a guild or raid for similar reasons.
  4. Simone Augur

    The only thing I see that is ridiculous here is this thread.
  5. squidgod Augur

    We should all feel so very sorry for Croak. Look at what this crusade has (definitely not) cost him!

    Behold Croak, Lord of Time, who can return to them the hours lost summoning corpses...by throwing fake money at people.

    (obligatory smug self-righteousness)

    Guys, we should feel sorry for Croak. He doesn't actually want to do this, he's been forced to!

    Everything that I've heard says that unguilded/non rotation guilds will definitely be getting a Sky day. Nobody seems very opposed to it (and some guilds are kinda sick of Sky by now)
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  6. Gloom Journeyman

    Yes, I do. I'm sorry I don't waste all of my time in everquest complaining about how content should be handed to me, and I put in time and work for it.
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  7. Gloom Journeyman

    Your post is also a bit of a twister. "I planned for 6 months of classic". Well, then surely 10 days until the next rotation meeting won't kill you, right?
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  8. Katrianaraven New Member

    Being unguilded is not a medical condition or disability. As was posted earlier, being disabled is not a choice, you choose not to be in a guild. And don't try to say that guilds "discriminate" against disabled players, because my husband plays, and has TBI from serving our country (part of his brain is dead), and he is in a guild. This is a game Croak, get over it and app to a guild for the love of god.
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  9. Croak Augur

    In no way is my post in any way meant to disrespect your husband, the injuries he received serving his country, or the bravery he probably has facing every single day as challenge.

    Some of the symptoms of TBI I share with your husband, both those associated with mild TBI, and some of those associated with more severe cases.
  10. Zublak Augur

    At the end of the day......

    No content should cause the game company, DBG in this case, to suspend or ban your account for experiencing/playing.

    DBG suspending players for going to the Plane of Sky is a slap in the face. They're going to mess around and piss off the wrong person and have a Smedley case back on their hands. Remember what happened when Sony pissed off some people on the PS network? Some people don't retaliate by hiring lawyers as Croak is mentioning, some take it into their own hands.

    But in ending... DBG is 100% wrong in not allowing their paying member base access to any content on these servers unless the server was opened on a specific rule set. My 2 cents.
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  11. kraggnar Elder

    No offense intended to you Croak but at this point what guild would accept you with all your drama?
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  12. Ghubuk Augur

    Unfortunately, the only real fix for this is if DBG had the personnel to enforce the PnP policy that used to exist.
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  13. squidgod Augur

    Nice job hijacking someone else's medical issues to garner sympathy for yourself.
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  14. Aekold Augur

    So it's your opinion that Daybreak is discriminating against you because you read an article online regarding a law that by your later admission wouldn't even begin to cover you as you're not a US citizen or resident alien?
    Maybe you should consult with an solicitor about your case and the chances you might be able to sue DBG into letting you farm Sky, I'm sure there's a solicitor that wouldn't mind dying of laughter.

    Get over yourself, find a hobby... maybe even get a day job.
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  15. Croak Augur

    You try to twist anything I say into a negative which is why I didn't respond to share all my medical issues in public... people like you.

    The post by Katrianaraven warranted a respectful response, I acknowledged her husbands bravery and qualified my sympathy which is pretty normal for normal people to do.

    I happened to share a little with Almar last night, though I didn't respond to his followup questions yet.

    Almar shared with me that for a time he did premed, and is probably capable of comparing a little of the symptoms of TBI with what I shared prior. Some of the cognitive symptoms are very similar.
  16. Zohan Journeyman

    Sounds like a few people on these boards
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  17. Croak Augur

    I am not a lawyer but my transaction with them, they stated the legal terms & jurisdiction are Southern California - I have to agree to those terms of service though to be honest like most people I tend to just click ok.

    I came across the article by chance... I am a European, some US laws seem ludicrous to me.
    Plus whilst I know they can be quite a burden on European online businesses, I really wish larger US firms had to align with European Data Protection laws.

    When I buy something that turns out defective and I walk into a shop with the defective item, and proof of purchase such as a receipt, because as always the warranty card isn't stamped, I still have a reasonable expectation of the item being repaired or replaced. I am not automatically looking for a refund or to sue.

    You are also assuming my situation is unique, but 1000s of toons on Lockjaw are not guilded, or not part of a large raiding guild.
  18. Aekold Augur

    Except its not defective.
    If the above quote is correct, and you are able to perform a job with whatever reasonable accommodations are afforded to you by the employer and the law, then the only thing defective in this scenario are your social skills.

    If your 'medical condition' allows you to work a job in the tech field and you are capable of boxing, then the only thing preventing you from joining a guild is your raging martyr complex.
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  19. Jaxarale01 Augur

    This thread...
    Wow... just wow...

    I do not think i have ever asked this but...
    Can we close this lunacy down please Roshen?
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  20. Ghubuk Augur

    Can't wait until the condom companies get sued by the gnat endowed people. :)
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