Lockjaw Rotation & Unruh Civil Rights Act

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Croak, Sep 3, 2015.

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  1. Detheb Augur

    Guess i'll feed the troll.

    You play EverQuest, yes? Therefore DBG Is not infringing upon your right to play EverQuest, because you can still log in and move and do all kinds of things. By you're own admission, you choose not to join a raiding guild, therefore, you're not able to access content that others can. To give a real life example of this..

    You chose not to get a job, therefore you cannot eat at Emeril's or Ruth's Chris, or another mid-high end restaurant, because it is out of your price range. You could still walk in the door, and you could still technically eat there, but you will have the police called or be kicked out for an extended amount of time, when you cannot pay.

    The same thing for PoSky. You chose to not join a raiding guild, therefore, you cannot kill mobs that the rotation was set to adhere to. You CAN kill those mobs if you want to, and you will have to deal with the consequences if you do so. It is your choice to not join a raiding guild, DBG has not told you that because you're deaf you cannot join one, and many guild leaders have stated they would be more than willing to work with someone in that scenario.

    Therefore, its not discrimination, its you thinking you found some magical loophole that really doesn't exist. Btw, DBG reserves the right to deny or allow your content for any of their games at any time. You do not have a RIGHT to play this game, you pay for the privilege to play the game, therefore, you're not inherently guarenteed the ability to raid Plane of Sky, ever.
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  2. Croak Augur

    Yeah they do, but see the bit in bold. I am not a lawyer.

  3. Detheb Augur

    Also, your lawyers may work Pro-Bono, however, DBG's do not. They would win the case in a landslide, and you would be on the hook to pay their legal fees, which, isn't going to be very cheap.
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  4. Steampunk Augur

    I'll tell you what. If you want to raid sky solo, with just yourself, one player, one toon, I will throw all of my trivially inconsiderable abilities in your favor.
  5. Machen Augur

    Lotusfly wins the internet today.
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  6. Croak Augur

    Please understand I am not a lawyer, but I did read the linked article

    To save you reading the whole thing

    Also of note

    Please note I would have no problem with what you do on RageFire in Sky, though you would also have issues with your own rules if for instance.

    I caught the whole of the Lockjaw Rotation out on a rotation violation which would be akin to your 4.6

    They all were notified of an issue with what was posted, and it took them more than 30 hours to fix it. Even when they were made more aware of the issue after 24 hours they started lawerquesting rather than just fixing the issue.
    I have been trying to mediate it for over a week.

    The problem if that happened on Ragefire is that there would be no council members to vote for any kind of minor infraction, because they are all the defendant.
    How could your council decide on if they are guilty and the punishment if they are all the defendant?

    Thus I have to take unorthodox approaches because reasonable ones don't work.
  7. Detheb Augur

    Just feeding in a little more. You're not going to be able to take any legal action against a group of individuals in a game, that have done nothing but say "Bring more than just you to the table, and we can talk". Also, said groups have, on numerous occasions, to send them a message, and they will allow you access to the content.

    Your actions and only your actions alone have caused you any issues, therefore, noone else should or would be held liable.

    Also, note, that DBG is owned by Columbus Nova, which is headquartered in New York.
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  8. Croak Augur

    The rotation council are empowered in their oligarchy by DBG and there is a requirement of good faith mediation, which has just been proven not to actually be required.

    It is far easier to read than make assertions about jurisdiction. Seems like Southern California is even one of the required jurisdictions.

  9. sleka Lorekeeper

    Umm yeah.. Federal law protects against discrimination which is why these cases go to court to determine the facts. If gay individuals were not afforded equal protections under the law then they would have no standing to bring a case. Also, this is the bedrock upon which the recent SCOTUS ruling allowing gay marriage, fiancee visa, etc.. BTW Gay isn't a class it's an orientation.

    Might want to check Antonican laws or maybe petition the king of your race and even diety for equal rights.
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  10. squidgod Augur

    Yes, but people are paying attention to him, which is all he really wants.
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  11. Gloom Journeyman

    Croak, you level 50 yet?

    Just curious, since you're such an advocate for end game content, and last I checked aren't even the level cap.
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  12. Vaclav Augur

    I've never spoken to him on such before even though we're old friends, but most guilds definitely have preference for voice chat these days. Which although I'm not deaf, I'm familiar with the limitation since I hate voice chat myself. (People misunderstanding each other and asking for things to be repeated annoys me to no end)
  13. Croak Augur

    I really don't know what your goat is... you are either claiming I am just in it for RMT or just to be an attention .

    The unilateral action I took with restricted trade has probably cost me in excess of 100kpp profit and in the private guild council chatter I offered to cover 3x damages on keys, so like 72 coffins and 15 ports for a couple of incidents just to speed up mediation.
    I am continuing not selling idols at all because the non-guilded player just suspended without good faith mediation happens to be my biggest competitor on idols currently - I don't want to profit from the callous way he has been treated.

    I am certainly guilty of raising attention to issues which affect me and many people I have talked to, and by being added as a representative for unguilded players that forced me to also take a more active role on the forums.

    No form of negotiation is going persuade the rotation council to give non-rotation toons a fair percentage of access to Sky.
    That then forces people to qualify who have no intent of ever doing Efreeti and EoV.
  14. Vaclav Augur

    Had you? I'd forgotten if so. I remember your line of work and your work location situation, but disability I'd forgotten or overlooked.
  15. Croak Augur

    Got any tradeskills to 300 yet?

    I planned for 6 months in classic, and you and your fellow rotation guild members couldn't even all be bothered to vote on whether there should be an emergency meeting for Sky.
  16. liveitup1216 Augur

    I'm not, you have equal access to their service just like anybody else.
  17. Vaclav Augur

    Requiring entry into an organization to be able to access a service would be rather akin to mandatory unionization.

    It's funny seeing so many pro-union people these days.
  18. Porygon Augur

    In the zombie apocalypse, this would never have went this far.
  19. Usethekamehamehawave New Member

    I demand wheelchair access to Temple of Cazic-Thule. This has gone on long enough.
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  20. Machen Augur

    Do you seriously think threatening legal action is going to convince anyone to make 50% of the sky days ffa? Do you have any idea how ridiculous this thread makes your entire campaign look? You have done yourself and your cause more harm with this one thread than with the several dozen posts arguing these issues in private pm's, and that is really saying something.
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