Lockjaw rotation shattered by Faceless - Full FFA time begins?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by rekais910, Oct 1, 2015.

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  1. Simone Augur

    Not even comparable. MM is pulling us into a fight between themselves and FI. If MM was being adults about it they would instead take a mob belonging to FI.
  2. Asheran Augur

    This is entertaining.

    So, we are being given an ultimatum? And the punishment for refusing to atone for our "crimes" is being removed from the rotation, which we no longer recognize as valid anyway?

  3. Ambiguously Journeyman

    The point is you have no problem watching someone else get bullied. You only care when it involves you.

    So why should anyone care now that it has happened to you? If someone were to take your stance on it, it should be "Eh, doesn't bother me that POFX lost their mob. Sucks to be POFX." Which is basically how you treated MM when they got bullied.
  4. Woofy New Member

    Don't waste time try to aggrue with MM, you need your beauty sleep :)
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  5. Woofy New Member

    We probably lost an INNY which is not really a big duel , it's just a boss. If that's the way how u guys trying to draw attention from everyone good luck on that. I hope you guys can get what you want, as long as that makes u happy :)
  6. Crymoar Lorekeeper

    I see a lot of QQing still from you other guild leaders. Face it, you sided with the devil and now it came back to bite you in the you know what. You knew the consequences when the transcript came out and Dima wasn't going to back down, you still allowed faceless to take Efreeti. Unless you can get darthy to go back to the rotation like it was, your cries on here won't mean a thing. Now go sock!!!
  7. rekais910 Augur

    I've had enough. So let's have at it. You are directly responsible for your actions at that meeting. You SIGNED and AGREED with every other guild and for your guild members that you will work to uphold the rotation. Saying that you want no part in a feud between both guilds and then joined a rotation that had both guilds as members and you are now a voting member of is ludicrous, you are officially in the middle of it if Faceless is going to abuse the rotation with your fear. You have accepted a role that comes with requirements that you have not fulfilled. You've suggested to dima to "just be nice" when the pastebin shows that Faceless is ganging up with four separate leadership members on one leader, admitting to breaking the rules, admitted to having a vendetta, admitted to using the rotation to denying content and admitted to changing the votes, Don't be naive. Yes PXF is responsible for the situation in part. So is Every guild that took part in that meeting and didn't immediately take action that is required of them in that position. Allowing that to happen shows that instead of caring about what is fair and best for the server that you are only willing to let it be ruled by dictatorship because you were scared that they were just going to go full FFA if you denied. The only guild at the moment who is not in the wrong is Midnight Phyre who in fact was also wronged by this situation.

    Fear mongering and holding the rotation under duress was what faceless did to ALL of you. Allowing it is where everyone went wrong. Do you want to sit around and claim you and everyone at the meeting didn't have a part in this then you're wrong because you have a part in this rotation just like MM and MP and everyone else. Yet for some reason the guild leaders decided to sit idly by and let it happen, except for Dupre who decided to actively lie. Though from what I hear when Dima asked DHS's GL about the meeting he mentioned that there were changes to the efreeti cycle which led to the text file (thank you DHS by the way for that). It IS darth's fault and you know it. He instigated this purposely and used you to do it. He took the main role in throwing this rotation out the window. And then after all of that, after everything you and everyone else let Faceless do to the rotation that EVERYONE was fine with but faceless you are surprised that when you knowingly didn't share the information that you had(this is to everyone but DHS) and letting Faceless take control actually involves you? You've taking multiple counts of inaction that spit in the face of the rotation you signed.

    You and everyone else let yourselves be put in that position. It's not one that daybreak put you in or fate or the gods it's Faceless' actions that put you in that position. Do you really think Faceless could stand again every single guild of the rotation and win? Are you that lacking in faith in yourself and the literally multiple times the amount of people in the rotation that you'd just let someone walk over you? I understood why you're angry at MM. Though so far you've been wronged multiple times and have wronged every other guild just like every other guild wronged you by not upholding the agreement.

    Grow up and learn to take responsibility for your actions and inactions. If you are willing to stand up for the agreed rotation and follow the rules like every other guild agreed to (I'm talking to all guilds and not just you simone but you are someone I'm talking to) then none of this would have occurred. We asked that the rotation breaking meetings be ignored and things go back to the status quo. If faceless wants to have Efreeti full FFA then they should hold a proper vote. I don't know what was said in the meeting exactly but I know the outcome. Everyone folded instead of holding their role in the rotation and upholding the rules.

    I'd prefer Bandok to negotiate the terms as he is the only one who is in the rotation who understands both sides and can be the least biased at this point. He's also shown here that he's capable of being fair and standing up for the rotation. Dima's actions are standing up for the rotation in a way you don't agree with, but when you didn't bother to stand up for it who will. I'm not saying MM shouldn't be punished, I'm saying that MM and FI need punishment and the rules of the rotation honored properly this time instead of what faceless did.

  8. Ambiguously Journeyman

    I think there might be a slight language barrier here, but I'll try anyway: The point is NOT that a mob was stolen from you and it's a huge deal.

    The point is that Simone feels that what MM did to POFX is morally reprehensible, but does not care at all that FI did the same thing to MM.

    He is willing to call MM bullies, but when Faceless does it to someone else, he shies away with a "Not my problem" attitude.

    I am implying that his moral compass is driven solely by what's best for him and his own. He doesn't care that harm comes to other people, just so long as it doesn't come to him. I am saying that his attitude is cowardly.
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  9. Croak Augur

    a person who acts obsequiously towards someone important in order to gain advantage.
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  10. Kobra Augur

    The irony is this.

    chris_the_gimp aka yawgmoth admitting to using since 2001 in the veteran's forum on a post about /follow.

    Now lets see if Darth lays the hammer down or is he a hypocrite of the highest order?
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  11. Edrixx Lorekeeper

    My god man! This is your finest work yet. You've been repeating yourself over and over and then you make this post that takes all of your repeated posts and combined them into one. We get it, MM did no wrong, it's FI's fault, etc etc.

    The people request that you, the People's Champion, to separate yourself from computer and chair and go do something else for a while.
  12. Edrixx Lorekeeper

  13. Alavaz Lorekeeper

    I don't know how MM finds time to raid when all I see them doing is pouring all their energy into making us believe that FI should be blamed for their actions. John broke my toy so now I'm breaking yours! Kindergarten logic. I love it.

    I am enjoying Almar's crazy spins too. They're emotional guys! Emotions! As his MM shill guild reaps the rewards of the gods and dragons they are stealing because of... FI right? Yes, FI, the guild that is not killing any of the targets that MM is stealing. Why is MM not trying to take Efreeti? Because they can't. They can of course take everyone else's stuff. Think what you will about FI, but anyone naive enough to believe that MMs rotation break should be blamed on FI may as well just join them and enjoy some fresh stolen loots.
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  14. RandomStrategy Augur

    From an outsider perspective (me)...I've read all the bickering back and forth, and it seems as though there is plenty of I Can't Believe It's Not Blame!™ to go around.

    Honestly, I'm really glad I stayed on Ragefire (I really wanted to have six months of classic, but I had to make that choice of friends v. server rules). I've only had one or two bad experiences with people, and I honestly don't think anyone's ever KS'ed on me.
  15. Nuttmeg Augur

    Let it go.

    The server, as a whole, may not rejoice at FIs ability to kill every dragon, god, and efreeti in perpetuity, but we don't go fighting against each other as retaliation.

    We raid the targets we can, and are happy enough sharing with a guild that, frankly, doesn't have to share anything at all.

    Put aside your pride and malice. Instead, rejoin our rotation.

    I will personally commend you for taking action that appeared to be in everyone's best interest (disallowing unilateral unapproved changes to the rotation by FI), thank you for trying. Point is, you lost. Let it go.

    Take it as the silent majority saying you were right, you made your point, and while we agree with your sentiments, we are are choosing the modified rotation as opposed to your full FFA proposal.
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  16. Ambiguously Journeyman

    When did FI steal MM's Efreeti? There's a 2.5-3 day window until the next pop. I'm suuuuuure you already knew that, right?

    As far as "theft" goes, FI stole from MM. If you didn't care about that originally, the fact that you now care about MM stealing makes you a hypocrite. You pick and choose what you want to be offended about. Likely based on what would benefit you the most.

    I'm not saying "Blame FI for MM". I'm saying you, yourself, are a hypocrite. That's all.
  17. Alavaz Lorekeeper

    Dima is trying to George Bush us here. Afghanistan attacks, so we invade... Iraq! Wut?
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  18. kraggnar Elder

  19. Alavaz Lorekeeper

    Ok I'm a hypocrite fair enough. That's not what the debate is about. MM is breaking the rotation for mobs that FI does not kill but is trying to get everyone to believe that it is because of FI that they are doing so and that FI should take the hatred for their actions and not them. If you don't think that is the case, then tell me why I should believe otherwise?
  20. Croak Augur

    Please provide your census data

    The data I used in the past suggested that the server majority is not even in rotation guilds and was excluded from their day in Sky in the same meeting as Faceless stomped all over Efreeti.

    Your leaders have already spoken via an open letter that contained obvious falsehoods.

    If this is meant to represent the members of the guilds who are not leaders, maybe you should speak to your officers and tell them not to lie & cheat, and to grow a backbone?
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