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  1. Simone Augur

    Peace of Formosa EX is an end game raiding guild on the Lockjaw, Time Locked Progression server. We are primarily an Asian guild that raids during Taiwan (GMT +8) prime time. We are currently in rotations for all content currently being rotated on Lockjaw besides the efreeti noble cycle which we should qualify for very soon. As new expansions become unlocked we plan to be one of the guilds that is able to beat all content in era before it's time for the next expansion to be open.

    We are currently recruiting new members. While most of our members are from Taiwan we do have a few players from other places such as Australia and the USA and we generally welcome anyway that is active during our prime time. If you are interested in joining us then please contact me in game by either tell or mail on my characters, Sophiee or Maladie, or by contacting our leader, Caplayca, or one of the other officers, Cocobo, Coverwho or Lacat.

    Our raids usually start around 7:30PM Taipei time which is currently 9:30PM for our Eastern Australian members and 4:30AM PST or 7:30AM EST for our North American members. There is no Daylight Savings Time in Taiwan so keep that in mind if you live somewhere that does practice daylight savings time as you will have to adjust the time you would join us for raids accordingly.

    We typically raid about 5 nights a week with these raids happening every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then usually 2 additional days between Monday-Thursday as it makes sense to do so. The remaining days, usually 2, are designated as "rest days" which you can use to rest, exp, quest, etc. We try to keep the guildmotd updated with the approximate days we expect our turn in the rotations to come up as well as what the plan is for the following day. In addition to the rotation targets we also spend lots of time in Plane of Hate and Plane of Fear to farm armor drops and epic quest items as there are always new members and even some old members that need them.

    Classes we are looking for:

    High demand:


    Low to medium demand:


    Other classes are also welcome to join us if they are good and friendly players and are active during our prime time; though the need for those classes at the moment is lower than those listed above.


    Loot distribution in Ruins of Kunark and beyond will be DKP based.

    Currently we do not have a DKP system but would be willing to adopt one before Kunark if the need arises or if there is significant demand for it from our members to implement DKP sooner. Currently most loot consists of armor drops from Plane of Hate and Plane of Fear which is really just easier /random since it's all fairly common and our guild spends quite a bit of time acquiring those drops. Most tradable quest drops from Plane of Sky are being held by the guild's leader and officers and are distributed as people ask for them. No trade quest drops, depending on the item are typically distributed with /random though parts for a few specific items may be given out to certain individuals with high attendance.

    If you have any questions please feel free to post them here or to contact me in game, on Sophiee or Maladie, and I will be happy to answer them for you.

    Anyway I hope too see you in game. Good luck on your adventures until then.
  2. Woofy New Member

    We have beaten all bosses except POSky, currently working on it.
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  3. Simone Augur

    Despite Daybreak's most recent announcement, Peace of Formosa EX will continue to work with other guilds to maintain the current rotation and implement future ones if possible.

    Classes that in most demand are:


    Other classes are welcome to join though the above classes are much preferred.

    Peace of Formosa EX is dedicated to continue being the premier raid guild for the Asian and Oceanic prime time slot for now and in the future and welcome all Asian and Australian players as well as anyone else that wants to raid during during Taiwan/Western Australian prime time.
  4. Medousa New Member

    Forsaken Order are the premier Australian guild and really only starts our raids about 90 minutes earlier than you guys do.
  5. Simone Augur

    Yeah but, our guild is in rotation for more content and will to continue working with Faceless Insanity and other guilds to maintain the current rotation and build future ones.
  6. Endtime Elder

    Nice quick edit i saw.
  7. Woofy New Member

    Bump. We are still actively recruiting.
  8. Simone Augur

    We are also actively raiding and killing targets, having downed Innoruuk on October 3rd, Cazic-Thule on October 4th and Lady Vox on October 6th, despite other guilds trying to KS our mobs.

    We also continue to work with Faceless Insanity and other guilds to maintain and adhere to a rotation. If the rotation should fail however, we'll push our advantage of being a "morning guild" to the fullest and contest and win mobs in a time slot few other guilds can mobilize and compete against us in.
  9. Simone Augur

    We have finally defeated Bazzt Zzzt in Plane of Sky for the first time and are now able to go to the 2nd to last island. We should be able to beat the last island soon.
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  10. Woofy New Member

    Last night on October 10th, or really the morning of October 11th since we raid late, our guild, Peace of Formosa EX defeated the Eye of

    We have now defeated all of the mobs that give a system wide in Classic era EverQuest! The only boss we haven't defeated is the Efreeti cycle in Plane of Sky. Hopefully we'll find those guys up one day and be able to get them!

    Peace of Formosa EX doing some work!

    How to post pic here btw?!