[Lockjaw] Kings of Agnarr -- FORMER AGNARR GUILD

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Jareke, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. Jareke Journeyman

    Kings of Agnarr is recruiting for Lockjaw! We're a casual raiding guild that was on Agnarr and wanted like to pick up content where we left off.

    We completely re-rolled off Agnarr and started fresh on Lockjaw. In a matter of months we have cleared through PoTime, Gates of Discord, Omens of War. We've cleared up to Vish in Dragons of Norrath and are currently working on Demi-Plane of Blood flagging (Sendaii down!) in Depths of Darkhollow.

    We can easily help power-level interested raiders, so don't let the idea of re-rolling intimidate you!

    Our raid days are Sunday (7pm-11pm EST) and Wednesday evenings (8-11 EST). We utilize a closed-dkp bidding procedure for loot. We are a box/alt friendly guild.

    Recruitment (main) Needs:
    Bards - High
    Beastlord - Medium
    Berserker - Low
    Cleric - High
    Druids - Medium
    Enchanter - High
    Magician - High
    Monk - Medium
    Necromancer - Medium
    Paladin - High
    Ranger - High
    Rogue - Low
    Shaman - High
    ShadowKnight - Medium
    Warrior - Low
    Wizard - Medium

    DM me on here or send an in-game tell to Jareke, Saro, Aggrenox, Ggak, Senzzo, Nessie, or Zellos with any questions.


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