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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Croak, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. Croak Augur

    I have a petition in to resolve inconsistencies between my 4 primary tradeskill toons that logged in and killed 3 mobs in SolA just before the servers were brought down.

    As such there is no point even logging them in until something is resolved.

    Croak on Lockjaw is now on indefinite holiday

    If you are also taking a holiday until things are resolved feel free to add a post below.
  2. Vaclav Augur

    Shame to hear you're on break - absolutely no idea what problem you're talking about though...
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  3. Lifetap Augur

    WTS Rebreathers
  4. Croak Augur

    Lifetap you really don't want to antagonize me - half my stock of rebreathers isn't on the affected toons and my tinker bot isn't affected
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  5. Indore Journeyman

    Great, everyone get ready for Theking and his jacked up pottery prices for idols with Croak gone...

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  6. Zhutuak Augur

    I too am off Croak, it is one disaster after another and I am at my wits end with my time being taken for granted.

    Not only do I want to see resolution for the rollbacks that have no rhyme or reason and affected many innocent people, I want to see a resolution of the half attempt at a pnp they are doing w/ enforcing raid rotations.

    Its hypocritical to have one set of rules for raiding guilds and another for everyone else.
  7. Indore Journeyman

    Before you really call it quits I need a couple rebreathers Croak...
  8. Lifetap Augur

    I wasn't trying to. Everyone knows you sell rebreathers. You didn't indicate that you would continue selling them. I simply took the opportunity to inform the public that rebreathers would still be available.

    As to your threat, I'm not intimidated in the slightest. I'm not in it for the money and would be just as happy selling them at cost if it came down to it. I'd rather not do that though because it would hinder everyone else's ability to grind the skill.
  9. Dafootfistway Lorekeeper

    Proof of rebreather price gouging!!!! We now have all the evidence we need for a complaint to the Norrathian Consumer Protection Bureau.
  10. Lifetap Augur

  11. khariste New Member

    I've found croak to be very helpful and friendly, dunno why there is antagonism.
    I'm not going to go on vacation, at least not yet, I'll see how things flesh out. However, I'm also very frustrated as a merchant.

    The rollback was handled poorly, and I'm left holding the bill for all the people I work with, not to mention the huge loss I ate (about 50% of my assets disappeared).

    If they are indeed handling the issues created person by person.. then the rollback never should have happened. It would have been a lot easier tracking down the small number of people exploiting than forcing the thousands of people not to undergo a huge rollback.
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  12. ImSorryButIHadTo Lorekeeper

    This is an official citation regarding the sale and intention of sale of the following item(s):

    Citations like this also include a Cease and Desist: The Norrathian Consumer Protection Bureau states in section 4 subsection F that Rebreathers are only allowed to be sold by Croak.

    Failure to comply will result in immediate seizure of (alleged) merchandise.

    Thank you for your anticipated cooperation with this matter, your patronage is truly appreciated.
  13. Croak Augur

    Don't worry my petition was primarily about a new rollback to restore the integrity of goods/payments that is currently totally foobar.
    I have to worry about people who might have paid me for goods they no longer have, and I might not have the pp to either make the items or return their pp, and the same is equally true of krono transactions where I have the krono or gametime, but the guy I paid might not have the pp.

    The time period also represents when my baker dinged 300.. I don't know if that was the first in baking, or the first in any tradeskill... I still have 20% of the MTPs he made in that batch on a toon that wasn't rolled back.
    Whilst I wasn't rushing, for a tradeskiller the timestamp is important.

    If you or other tinkerers were happy to sell with more price flexibility I wouldn't have even started... as it is a friend was after lots of rebreathers and couldn't get a reasonable price break over 2 days.

    I am royally pissed at DBG atm, and jumping in the thread for commercial gain was not appropriate.

    There really isn't any collusion or price gouging on rebreathers...

    The margins at a 1.5k pricepoint are less than the JC guys make on platinum fire wedding rings which take far less work to make (but slightly more capital to get the skill)
  14. Lifetap Augur

    I was never contacted by your friend then. I've done as low as 1kpp/attempt which is virtually at cost. My prices have always been reasonable.(I initially asked 2k per when I had 148 tinkering and something like a 50% success rate.)

    I didn't mean to antagonize you. I was bored at work and was playing a bit of ForumQuest.

    I lost quite a bit with the rollback as well even though I didn't participate in the bug abuse so I understand your frustration very well. I hope you get back what you lost.
  15. Croak Augur

    I didn't even have a gnome before I started and did 1250pp each for the bulk quantity
    50% success is 130 skill - by 148 you are already at 68% but it can certainly seem much worse... my first 5 final combines the first 4 were fails but I had sufficient capital to roll with it.
  16. Hythos Lorekeeper

    Not that many will care, but I'll be out too. My sub ends today, so I've cancelled for now.
    Though, my situation is far more coincidental: I'll be working GenCon through Monday.
  17. Lyrical Augur

    Hey croak and Hythos! I lost a bundle of time on 4 of my characters and only lost a lot on the other 2. At least 11 pieces of loam encrusted from 3 days in the Hole. 1 character lost 1 level, 5 characters lost 2 entire levels. I had at least 3 stacks of high end hides for research, now down to 6 total hides. The worst though haha, is all the non useable sellable loot I put on one character to save room is all gone. On average Ive lost 2.5 days worth of playtime and i played A LOT this weekend.

    Completed quests ruined. Id say 12 to 13k pp lost in plat and items etc. But more than anything me desire to play is just gone. I quit playing at an exact time an hour or so before the server went nuts and had my alarm set to go make dinner so I know exactly when i stopped playing. Didnt touch the computer while the server was nuts, yet still got super rolled.

    Anyway, yep on eq vacation now as well. Not resubbing unless something is fixed.
  18. Croak Augur

    You are making yourself look bad by not reading the original post.

    Where is the threat of leaving?

    I made a thread saying I have my toons on indefinite holiday pending petition resolution.

    When I wrote it it was 4AM or so Pacific time, the devs had rushed out a rollback that was screwed up, which I had told them in my petition the night before.
    I expected at the time there was a 75% chance of a full rollback.

    I still put the odds of a full rollback at 50% because it won't be the first time and as you say it is still only 24 hrs... only lunchtime PST after a late stressful night for the devs who were in early due to general maintenance.
    Holly was already tweeting over 7 hours ago... amazing the hours she puts in.

    Holly was saying there is a 2 day backlog on petitions, and that was before so many people realized they lost/gained so much stuff and how screwed up the rollback was.

    Here is the thing... it is really easy just to fix my toons, just for me.
    • They look at the data from immediately before the servers were taken down.
    • They see that I killed exactly 3 mobs with my 4 toons, didn't loot anything that shouldn't be on server at all, and then spent a few mins discussion the upcoming rollback with people in SolA before they announced servers coming down in 3 mins.
    • Decide my toons are at the same state as if I hadn't really logged in
    • Revert my toons to that freshest status
    But that doesn't resolve all the transaction conflicts unless they do it manually with every other toon as well.
    My total transactions thankfully Friday to Monday were pretty light, 30-40k - I haven't got a clue if people I sold idols to still have them, people who I bought stuff from even still have the items to sell me again.
    At least 1 I had paid up-front but hadn't delivered yet... or had delivered but I wasn't online

    The best things for the server is for everyone to take a break for 24hrs... or however long it takes and get the data right at whatever timestamp, even if that also means DBG have to give out some free krono to people where there would be a conflict (which is what they are trying to really avoid)
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  19. rick Augur

    sorry to NOT have you around a bit Croak .. I hadn't played since vellious was originally released and you were kind enough to help explaining the parcel post merchant (hey I didn't know you could do that)

    I too am taking a break as there really is no point to do anything at all till they let me know WHAT they are doing to rectify this issue ..

    lets all play for 2 days double xp (if we can I can't I am pushing my luck posting thought "the man" usually has a sense of humor about it).. and then have them roll back the whole server to Saturday...since as yet there are so many issues in the game

    BE well all and good luck
  20. MamaBear Elder

    Aww man, who am I going to chat with. 8(
  21. uk6999 Augur

    Has anyone had anything restored yet? I still have a glimmer of hope on this one. I literally have one day left on all access for both my accounts so I have logged in a few times to check inventory but nothing.

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