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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Valencia, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. Valencia Lorekeeper

    Greetings all!
    If you are looking for a fresh start on a progression server, look no further! We are a very active, group centric, friendly raiding guild. We aren't just a raiding guild, we have a FB page, a Discord site, and a music room where we share photos, music and talk to each other. Come see if you want to be a part of this.

    About us:
    Damage is first and foremost a club founded by friends who like to play games together. We are a very active club, and have a large roster. All levels are welcome.

    Character progression and content experience are important considerations in MMOs. However, for us they are meaningless if you don't truly enjoy the company of those you share them with. We are not in a hurry; we are here on Lockjaw because we want to revisit our game and memories. We definitely want to make the most out of our time here and explore everything once again, but we'll do it in our own time. We are not in any competition with other clubs on the server or other servers. It's more important for us to have a good time while getting there than doing it in era, although we always manage to do that!

    I should also add that we have two Ventrilo rooms. One for raiding and the other for fun. AND not PC. Fair warning: Our chat can get pretty crazy, and might make you blush or ? :)

    Current progression: We have the last expansion, (TBS) beaten and are awaiting next one. We continue to farm old and current expansions until that time.

    Raiding Schedule: Monday, Thursday, Saturday 7:30 Eastern. Friday: open event night/open rolls, (not a dkp night)
    Loot: Dkp, Fixed cost bidding. Mains>alts
    NOT mandatory attendance.

    If we sound like a fit for you, look us up in game and send anyone a tell. We will help you grow when we can and get up to levels so that you can revisit your EQ memories with us. NOW is a good time with the upcoming holiday experience bonuses!

    You can find us on Facebook or by clicking link here for our website: Damage. You will want to join our forums and request an add on the FB page (optional). Please list your in-game name so that we can find you.

    Guildleaders: Sikasila/Dirkin, Valencia/Undercat,
    Officers: Wyre/Wunei, Kaydan, Toenail, Palstafan, Mazlek, Poldera, Thought
  2. jeskola Augur

    What is the difference between a club, a guild, and a clan?
  3. Valencia Lorekeeper

    Pheerie! <3 All the same. Although, I consider a club something that endures beyond the game. Aka - meets in RL, social media. Some members have been with us for over 8 years.

    Friends, if you are looking for a good home, we can promise you this. We are a good happy group of people! Come roll a char on Lockjaw. We will help you grow with us.

    association, society, union, league, alliance, coalition, federation, consortium, syndicate, combine, trust,
    organization, company, cooperative, partnership, fellowship, club, order, guild, lodge, sisterhood, sorority,
    brotherhood, fraternity;
  4. jeskola Augur

    Sorority and fraternity? Crap, does that mean Toe is in charge of hazing?
  5. markkk Lorekeeper

  6. Valencia Lorekeeper

    Greetings all!
    Bumping our post for recruitment. We are recruiting!
    We are a pretty crazy fun bunch of people.
    Visit our home page to see what kind of crazy stuff we talk about at raids.
  7. Kaydan New Member

    Mademoiselle, beer me dos long island iced teas, s'il vous plait

    If you know that, you're welcome to join, otherwise you're welcome to join, but will be mercilessly harassed.
  8. cherzal New Member

    Best of all -- we are a Gnome FIRST guild....
    Please line up in an orderly manner!
  9. Wyre Wintermute Augur


    Shameless plug, while we wait on TSS unlocking in a few weeks.Mayong/DPoB and ARo/Deathknell on rotation with some PoR Flag bosses thrown in.. or whatever tickles our fancy.

    COA runs Friday to gear up alts and fresh people, DKP-free
  10. Wyre Wintermute Augur

    TSS: Beltron down (ya ya.. shoulda been Monday, but there were some login server issues)

    Moving forwards with Ashengate!
  11. Valencia Lorekeeper

    Lethar down and unlocked the new expansion... time to farm!!

    If you are looking for a great casual raiding club who is very group centric and chatty, we have the home for you and are willing to help you grow up to catch up with us. Come find us on Lockjaw!
  12. Valencia Lorekeeper

    Bump! Looking for a few more to join us for fun and games on Lockjaw.
    I can promise you we are super friendly and helpful.
  13. Valencia Lorekeeper

    Bumping to let you know we are always welcoming new members! If you are looking for a great club give us a holler. We have the time right now to help you level and catch up to us!
  14. Eldrian Augur

    We are still here. We still kill stuff. Currently waiting for TBS to unlock. New faces are always welcome, unless you are a gnome. I hate gnomes.
  15. nostalgia Journeyman

    damage rocks good fun people to raid with.
  16. Valencia Lorekeeper

    Hi all, bumping this thread to update folks. We are always recruiting! If you are looking for a good club to join, we are that. We do more than just play EQ. We have a FB page, two teamspeak servers, a website, a music room and a discord. We are a great club of folks to join and have fun reliving old memories.

    Currently we are on TBS. The next expansion come up for vote soon. We will be transitioning to that soon. Also we are on the server merge list so this is in our future as well. Merging into Ragefire.

    With TBS on farm we have the time to play alts and help you get leveled. Look for us in game!
  17. Valencia Lorekeeper

    This comment from a guildie. Make's my heart warm!

    "I have been in 3 guilds on the Fippy server run and 3 guilds on the Lockjaw run and you guys don't give yourselves enough credit, you are a very good casual raiding guild. You have a tremendous core group and great leadership."

    This is why you would want to join us. :)

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