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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Catastrophe, May 9, 2020.

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  1. Catastrophe New Member

    Came back to EverQuest after 7 years, 2 weeks ago, and started up some new characters on Ragefire with some buddies of mine. I had made 6 accounts with 6 characters because it was free to play (making buff bots and stuff since there is a low pop and it has been very difficult to find buffs during the time we have been playing). Now each character, ranging level 30-50 now is behind a pay wall to even see again.

    I have seen other players comments toward it being announced and we should have known coming back to EQ. This idea is completely flawed. If a server was intended to go behind a pay wall it should have been listed on the server select or a warning to even create a character on said server. Explaining what the devs plan was.

    No returning player is going to scour the forums servers to find a future pay wall. And if you think this this is something a returning player should have done, don't even post on my thread. I have 6 different friends who downloaded the game and made a character, who ALL were unaware of this upcoming pay wall.

    The only thing to fix this in my opinion is to enable free to play on these servers. Depend on the free to play model and players will enjoy their experience and you will get your money.
  2. lockjaws Augur

    The mistake is making these servers opened/free for a short time, and not providing a warning about it. You would not have been able to enter the servers normally, and would have received a message at that time.
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  3. Catastrophe New Member

    Definitely a mistake on Daybreaks team that they need to fix.
  4. Moege Augur

    So tell me where you heard that EQ was still running ?
    Was it perhaps this announcement https://www.everquest.com/news/everquest-together-sale-bonuses-2020?
    Then you skipped over the part where it said till 8th May.

    Why a returning player such as yourself would assume that a subscription based game would suddenly just be free for all I do not understand.

    The only thing to fix this is to pull out your money and subscribe, this is not a free game at all. Next you are going to hit the paywall on AA on Prestige gear on Spell Ranks on Mercenaries on Shared Bankslots on Overseer rewards to mention a few.
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  5. CatsPaws Augur

    How do they get their money if its free to play?

    But basically that is what they did here. They offered a free to play version so players could try it out. Just like the live servers can be free. So you didn't read the small print - it over and done with. They are not going to change for you or the 10 other tweenies that didn't read the announcement.

    PS Those veteran rewards you wanted years ago are now free for every character starting from day 1.
  6. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    So you took advantage of a promotion, got invested and enjoyed yourself, and complain because now somehow it's not worth it? :rolleyes:

    While I admit those servers are not marked well on server select, if you enjoy your time playing why not pony up for Gold? If it weren't for subscribers like me (and hopefully you), you wouldn't have had a game to come back to. Supporting the game directly rather than allow freeloading as you purport Darkpaw Games should do "Depend on the free to play model and players will enjoy their experience and you will get your money."
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  7. Magneress Elder

    You had plenty of warning to transfer off or sell your pixels by the 8th. This isn't anyone's eases fault. Don't play the victim.
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  8. Catastrophe New Member

    Wow great community over here... smh.

    Didn't I ask you shills not to comment on my thread?

    By all of your comments, you show clearly you don't know how to read. So, I'm not even going to even give a proper response to all of your troll posts.
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  9. Catastrophe New Member

    The entire point I and others like myself are making is it was not marked at all. UNLESS, you came into the servers BY the promotion. Which most of you are trying to argue that this is the only way to play these servers. There was not any indication on these servers would change from a free to play access.

    Your argument is we will get some form of paywall when we hit end game and want to progress. And I am COMPLETELY in support of that form of game. This is how EQ survives as a 21 year old game. Hence, my recommendation to fix this issue. "The only thing to fix this in my opinion is to enable free to play on these servers. Depend on the free to play model and players will enjoy their experience and you will get your money."

    So, bring these underpopulated servers that are behind a pay wall to NEW PLAYERS. Once these player hits level 60 - 80. They will swipe for AAs, kronos for gold, appearance items, titles, alts, etc. And maybe you will have a community of actually people.

    Let me reiterate for those slow individuals that have a hard time understand words. I am complaining about the SUDDEN, UNMARKED, pay wall to a FREE TO PLAY game. Should there be limitations to my free to play character compared to another paid player? Yes. Would I pay for a subscription after I progress to this level in order to experience that next step? Yes. Should a free to play labeled game allow, free to play accounts create new characters, without PROPERLY warning them, flip a pay wall switch so they can't even log on to see there character? No. THIS IS WHY I HAVE AN ISSUE.

    I am hoping an actually DEV will check this out instead of arguing with these people telling me that the Daybreak team are infallible.
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  10. Yara_AB Augur

    It was announced everywhere.
    On the homepage and in the emails that went out. It also is public knowledge that any kind of TLP server is "subscriber only".

    If I started a new character on a "special" server (and one cannot miss that they are special when at server select, because they are clearly flagged as such) I would go ahead and check what this special server is about. Doing so I would be in the know quickly that they are "subscribers only".
    So I cannot imagine anybody just firing up a game they knew from the past was subscription based and NOT checking the website.

    But I do understand where you are at. Maybe they should have had a popup for everybody not being a subscriber telling them that the free-play is limited to the time anniversary is celebrated once they logged into any of these servers.

    I would suggest you guys just start over on any of the regular servers (because you find Ragefire to be "underpopulated" anyways). There you can play as much as you wish under free 2 play restrictions.
    And for a bonus the experience rate is way higher and you have all but the last 2 expansions available to you.

    If it took you 4 weeks to get your levels on Ragefire you will be surprised how much faster it will be on any of the regular servers.

    Last but not least:
    Was worth a try trying to get something for free by claiming to be "not in the know". :)
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  11. KermittheFroglok Augur

    I think people are being relatively nice to you given the facts:

    1) The launcher adverts made it very clear that the TLP's were only unlocked for non-subscribers through 5/8/2020. Unless you were bypassing the patcher, which you're not supposed to do and takes extra effort on a fresh install, you could not have missed that.
    2) Ragefire is marked as a Time Locked Progression server in parenthesis on the server select screen.
    3) We've generally looked the other way at the fact you admitted to botting on a TLP server which hurts the paid subscriber experience... Botting accounts is generally understood to be NOT ALLOWED.

    I'm sorry the promo did not work the way you wanted it to but the moral of the story is pay attention to the promotion deadline and read what the screen flashes in front of you.

    If I were you I would recommend editing/deleting your original post where you're admitting to using bots, never bot again, and re-roll a character on Fiona Vie where there's accelerated exp & free trade, you'll be back where you were in Ragefire within a week easily and there won't be any need to bot. Alternatively, if you really enjoyed Ragefire, subscribe one or two of the accounts you were not botting with, find a guild and keep playing without bots.
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  12. Catastrophe New Member

    Botting? What are you even taking about? Buff bots are not anything new to EverQuest buddy. If I level a character to a certain level to receive that characters buffs. You feel that hurts the server? HAHAA

    Go log into Ragefire and look at all the 12 boxers on that server. If anything is hurting a 21 year dead game, its that haha.

    Again, another person commenting on my thread who has zero understanding of what the issue is.
  13. Sarkaukar Augur

    Link to the TLP FAQs, to ensure that the notes are not just patch notes somewhere but is available to be view on the website. Only a few of the servers are TLP, which are not FTP servers. Some only allow 1 player at a time (attempts to log in via multiple accounts at the same time are blocked), etc.


    Q: What purchases are required to play on Progression Servers?

    Players must have All Access Membership to access Progression Servers.

    All Access includes additional great benefits, like 10% off most Marketplace purchases, and a claimable 500DBC grant each month! For more details and to sign up for membership, visit www.everquest.com/membership.
  14. Catastrophe New Member

    Okay buddy...

    1. New accounts don't receive email notifications about old or current promotions. They are NEW accounts.
    2. Public knowledge for the CURRENT player base does not include OLD or NEW players.
    3. Most NEW players don't understand that TLP is a "special" server. Because they are accessing it from a free to play account. You have 2 categories from the server select page. Preferred Servers and Standard servers.
    4. I proud of you for realizing that this is what I'm complaining about. "But I do understand where you are at. Maybe they should have had a popup for everybody not being a subscriber telling them that the free-play is limited to the time anniversary is celebrated once they logged into any of these servers." Round of applause for you my friend.
    5. I understand people enjoy giving their feedback to help resolve a problem someone is having. But, When you spend several hours of time creating and leveling multiple characters. Then the company, in your eyes, flips a pay wall switch to all of your time/work, you want to try and make things right as a paying customer ( I paid for 1 krono and 1 sub ). I'm noyt just going to say, now after what I just did got deleted unless I pay $90 a month for subs, lets go reset and reinvest my time and engery into the same company. Its all about the principle of what they decided to do. Where me, as the customer, feels cheated in some regard (whether or not any of you agree me with me). I spent my money and my time, not yours. Without the proper warnings.
    6. And to think... you were doing so good too. "Was worth a try trying to get something for free by claiming to be "not in the know"."

    Most of these individuals that are commenting on this thread have vast information of EverQuest that they understand. Then they apply that information to every single person playing the game. Something they understand so therefore everyone must know what I know. Logically, this doesn't make sense. Just because you heard of the promotion from an email, general chat, the website, or Facebook. Doesn't equate that every other person playing the game knows what you know. If you are going to disagree with my thinking. At least bring valid arguments to the table so we can have a real discussion. Please, stop accusing me of being some free loader trying to reap benefits from other peoples hard work. I intended to pay Daybreak lots of my money. My problem is I'm not enjoying the bait and switch and why I'm reaching out to Daybreak via their forums. I'm not interested in convincing closed minded individuals how to properly analyze and articulate information.

    Favorite quote of 2020 so far...
  15. Catastrophe New Member

    Go log into Ragefire and check how many people are 12-20 boxing. Using a software to play all characters at once.
  16. Sarkaukar Augur

    And the screen above, seen when logging into the game, which would directed you to following


    Since said servers were not around when you first played, the special servers all had additional info after their name, did you not question why that is at all? And exactly how did you come to select the server you created your toons on?

    As for DBG resolving the issue, there is nothing to resolve. Do you expect them to open up the server to you now for free, seriously? The only issue is that they should not have temporarily opened up the TLP servers at all.

    1. Send in a ticket and see if DBG will do a 1x move to a standard server for the toons, provided you wish to continue playing. And it does not hurt to ask.
    2. And be civil about it. In this instance the more noise will get you not get you anywhere.
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  17. KermittheFroglok Augur

  18. Sarkaukar Augur

    I believe you may be confusing the general TLP server setup with some of the special restrictions for each TLP server. Some of the feedback provided is only partially correct on one account per player without adding addtition details. A 6 boxer on Ragefire is paying for 6 accounts, if not RL funds then via Kronos, which someone is actually buying for RL funds which then that player is buying with platinum, but Ragefire is not a True Box Server.

    Afaik, Ragefire is only a Progression Locked server, not a True Box Server, or a server where each player will only be able to play on one EverQuest account from each one of their computers (meaning can not play multiple accounts from the same computer).

    Each TLP server was setup with different requirements except for one, each each player had to have a live subscription running, they are not FTP servers. Only Ragefire, Lockjaw and Fippy Darkpaw (Vulak'Aerr) currently do not have the True Box Server restriction. The other 5 TLP servers do have the True Box Server requirement, or only one EverQuest client may be run per computer.

    Afaik, originally, on the True Box Servers, SOE/DBG originally blocked multiple accounts from the same IP address, even though multiple computers were being used, ie friends/family/etc. IDK how lojng it took it before they updated the info to allow the separate computer log in, but it was in their best interest, and the players/family/friends were actually running them with subscriptions.
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  19. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Again, we're trying to be somewhat understanding and helpful but here are the facts to help get you up to speed as a returning/inexperienced player.

    These are the facts, I am sorry to hear that the promotion did not work the way you believed and my condolences in advance that the policies on "botting" might not align with your belief of the policies.

    "Buff Bots" = Prohibited
    "Buff bots" are still not allowed even though a popular EQ personality recently uploaded a video explaining how to install some tools to create them, the terms of service are very cut and dry that bots are prohibited (see further below).

    Tool Assisted Boxing = Can be okay, but at DBG Staff discretion
    Within reason, the DBG Staff seem to allow some tool assisted boxing, provided they don't believe the tool is giving a player an unfair advantage and the toons are actually being controlled by the player and not scripts. I won't discuss further or go into more detail because the line between what is & isn't allowed with those tools is ultimately up to the GMs and only they can give accurate information on where they would draw the line.

    Bot - Third party tool automated/controlled toon.
    Botting - Use of bots in game.
    Box - Instance of the EQ client being run.
    Boxing - Using multiple instances of the EQ client to control multiple toons at once.

    Terms of Service Excerpt

    10. CHEATING

    Maintaining the integrity of the Daybreak Games is extremely important to us. When an end user obtains an unfair advantage by cheating it can ruin the gaming experience for everybody else. You may not disassemble, reverse engineer, or modify any Daybreak Game(s) software in any way. You may not decrypt or modify any data transmitted between the game software and Daybreak’s game servers. You may not develop, share, or use any software, program, macro, or interface that modifies the game play in any way or that gives a user any kind of advantage over other end users, except as expressly authorized by Daybreak. All forms and methods of cheating, including hacks, bots, aimbots, and duping are expressly forbidden. The sale or exchange of accounts, Virtual Items, Virtual Currency, Krono and/or in-game currency for real world money or monetary value is prohibited, except when purchased from Daybreak or otherwise expressly permitted by Daybreak in its sole and absolute discretion. Daybreak reserves the right to suspend or permanently terminate the account of, and restrict access to the Daybreak Games by, any end user that engages in any form of cheating, or that attempts in any way to disable, circumvent, or tamper with any anti-hacking or anti-cheating components or features of any Daybreak Game(s).


    So in brief it is unlikely DBG will extend the promotion because you did not read any of the announcements on the home page/login patcher, and botting is not allowable. Again, your best bet is to either start playing on a Live server or subscribe and continue on Ragefire. That is the only constructive player advice we can provide.
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  20. Yara_AB Augur

    to be fair:
    I don't think he meant "bot" in the meaning of "unattended gameplay".
    The term "buff bot" is widely used for alts that are only there for the buff but they don't do that automatically.

    So lets just assume that is what he meant and be done with that part.

    This is the point - exactly.

    But op insists that he couldn't have known what he is getting himself into.
    Despite the Launchpad throwing the information in their face.

    The thing is that I think he tries to claim to be "unknowing" and DPG tricking him into playing just to make him pay afterwards.
    This might work sometimes and yes - in this world these days people happen to ignore everything and assume that they will be pampered all the times - regardless what they are getting themselves into.

    Further he is getting more and more rude - because maybe he finally gets the clue that it was his own fault.

    End of they day it is like this:
    He played for free for about a month. No money invested. Now they close that door again (with proper announcement via Launchpad - which was - apparently - ignored).
    Now the whining starts.
    This is just the same if you go into the store and they have a promotion going on that lets you taste some food for free. You go there every day for the week the promotion is running and always get your treat.
    Now - "suddenly" - they stop that and you start complaining "i got used to getting my free treat each day - now you expect me to pay for it?! Dare you!".

    Sorry, but op cannot expect any further sympathy from me here.
    While I understand his anger - I don't understand why someone ignored all the indicators that this might just be limited time.

    and well - the FIRST slide directly after logging in on the patcher:

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