Locked Doors. Is this a dead issue, or can we lobby for a change?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Chikkin, Feb 13, 2020.

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  1. Chikkin Augur

    tl;dr -- Can we come up with some kind of alternative for locked doors that have no key quest and require a rogue/bard for very old content?

    Hi Folks,

    I read a thread from 2016/2017 about this. https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq...-can-no-longer-illusion-through-doors.237106/ It seemed nothing came of it. Do the majority feel that it is good the way it is? I just recently returned this past month as my post history will show you, but even so, I have no desire to be a beacon for giving the devs a hard time. Love those guys.

    This seems like one of those issues that the majority would want some kind of change on, and would not be too difficult for the Devs to fix if the community wanted it. So I thought I would post this thread and see if there is much of a response?

    The last time I played (very seriously) the content usually was popular for that time period (Seb Crypt in 99/2000) so it really didn't matter. Go find you a rogue friend! -- But now for revisiting old content, it seems broken.

    To be more specific, I had never done the illusion trick in the past or the shadowstep trick, didn't care enough to go to all that trouble. But this time, I really -really- wanted to do Seb Crypt. I spent 3 hours trying to illusion through the door about a week ago. I knew they said it was fixed, but maybe I would get lucky you know? --- Then I waited to see if a roamer would path to open the door to Seb Crypt, but the roamer stops before the door. -- I finally (and was the most successful thing I accomplished) was able to do all the steps for the illusion trick, and got through the door enough to select inside the crypt the first mob you see.

    So with my 3 box that included a Shaman and Enchanter, I then made a shaman pet and sent him to attack. This worked! (not really) I agro'ed the mob, and he (and a couple other dead frogs) came out to fight me, but nobody opened that door lol! So I finally gave up and moved on.

    Fast-forward to last night. I dungeon-crawled all of Chardok and wanted to clear the Royals (my little 3box is up to level 60 now). I never knew the doors to the royals were locked. You see when I played 99-2001, I was just a bard doing my thing waiting for the leader and puller to tell us to go kill! (and of course during velious we had a bunch of rogues). So anyway, I walked by the Queen/King door. Was mad at myself that I didn't go read a thread on them on the internet before spending an hour to 2 hours (don't remember how long) slowly clearing down to them, only to find out the door was locked.

    I said fine, and moved on to the Prince, I hoped he wasn't important enough to have a lock door, but sure enough he did too. Well this was the end of the zone for me, after all that time, so I decided I would try the trick I learned in Seb Crypt. --- Of course I couldn't get through the door, but again the pet did attack, and agro them all. -- The good news is that eventually I cleared the Prince room. I didn't even know I needed it for Enchanter Epic 1.0 (until later when I googled the loot) but so glad I did get this!

    I will also add, that two of my characters got summoned by the Prince into the Prince room. That's obviously a bug, but my full group never got summed in there, so being divided we of course eventually died/wiped. It was fine, karma for trying to force the issue, and I did get a Prince kill.

    I go back, and figure "well guess I won't ever do Chardok at level appropriate times, unless I level up a 4th character and level up lock picking all just for this. You can imagine my disappointment when I looked ahead last night to see if I would miss anything, and saw that I need a drop from Overking for my warrior epic.

    Now, all of this is not a big deal. Who cares if you can't get into Chardok royals without leveling up a f2p rogue/bard. Also, some of the smarter players may have other ideas/methods to either get items needed for epics. But sucks I won't get to relive that experience.

    My direction question, and I think i'll put it up at the top along with a tl;dr, is there some kind of dialog we can start with the devs or a system that can be put in place that unlocks the doors on the old content on the main servers? I honestly have no idea how hard it would be to do this and it not affect the TLP, it seems easy enough, just don't patch those, but I'm not a programmer.

    Only solution I can think of that is "near perfect" would be to make quests for all the keys. Make them long tedious quests if needed to keep Rogues/Bards viable for opening door, but give some kind of alternate method.

    I only ran into this issue with Seb Crypt and Chardok Royals thus far. (I'm slowly going through my own personal progression expansions/targets) but I saw on one thread on ZAM that I'll see this again a lot in Ssra I think it is.

    I hope this gains steam, and/or the right person sees it. If all this doesn't make sense or seems a waste, then no problem, I'll move on and assimilate! Cheers.
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  2. Allayna Augur

    They fixed a long used work around with illusion use through locked doors....because of TLP, good luck getting them to add key content for areas no one goes to, they didn’t add a whole lot of “new” content for an entire expansion launch.
  3. Qbert Gallifreyan

    Well, one potential solution would be to make a new year-zero veteran reward that summons a shroudmaster wherever you are for 30 minutes or whatever. Change into a rogue shroud, pick the lock, move through the door, unshroud.

    The rogue shroud works well for picking locks, the onerous part is having to shroud, run to wherever, gate out and run back or making a corpse to get rezzed back in.
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  4. Narlee Scholar

    I do not think that it should change. Ask for help, offer platinum to someone. Many rogues and bards are known to be persuaded by coin.

    That said there is rumored to be some kind of gnomish device that can be used by all to pick locks perhaps maybe an antiquity analyzer. seek the guidance of ambleshift in the land of the forsaken.
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  5. Chikkin Augur

    Veteran AA seems like one way to do it, I imagine TLP doesn't get all their veteran rewards right away? I don't follow the TLP servers. Played on Combine the first two months, way back when, geez like 15 years ago.
  6. Chikkin Augur

    Thank you for that. I will get smart on this. This is probably something that veterans who havent left, or players who been back for quite a while know about, but I haven't learned yet.

    As for bribery/friends. -- I'm a social person, but this game being top heavy, I won't "get to know everybody" until I'm much higher in level (going slow, and just level-locked myself at 60) so it'll be a while. Also, I been playing on test this time, so that I can find targets up due to the lower population. --- but that's my choice/my problem of course! So not trying to complain about that. Just sharing the situation I find myself in. -- Thank you very much for taking time to respond. Red names are a big deal!
  7. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Appreciate the response, but you should really investigate your suggestions if you aren't sure. The analyzer from DH only works on things you can target. I think all the locked doors the OP is talking about are not targetable.

    I'm not saying anything about the OP's suggestion (although it would be nice for doors that separate chucks of content like in Old Seb to have keys -entrance to crypt for example - while others that lock just a few mobs should still be lockpick only). But believing false information, especially as a dev, is a bad thing.
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  8. Qbert Gallifreyan

    Did that change? It always required a target to click before, and since 99% of doors aren't targetable it doesn't work ><
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  9. Chikkin Augur

    Oh. If it's like trying to use the LDoN spells to unlock the door (hey I know i know..but I was really desperate!) ... then ya, you can't target the door.
  10. Greymantle Augur

    That said there is rumored to be some kind of gnomish device that can be used by all to pick locks perhaps maybe an antiquity analyzer. seek the guidance of ambleshift in the land of the forsaken.[/quote]

    Hmm i happen to have one of those. Never has unlocked any doors i tried it on.
  11. Allayna Augur

    I always thought it odd we can’t just destroy a locked door. We can kill gods...

    Devastation started the environment interactive items and its sad it wasn’t expanded on.
  12. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    On live servers it's not as easy to get a bard/rogue to run to a far zone just to open a door or 2. Also, a lot of times I would run out there only to find the mob I was after wasn't even up. I'm not trying to pay someone every time I want to check on a mob. There were several old world mobs I use to farm in VT and Emp Ssra but now I don't even bother with them since I can't get to them.

    The antiquity item doesn't work on old world doors nor do the spells from OoW.

    It would be nice to have an option for the old world content other than dragging someone else to these zones every time you want to check a mob.
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  13. Tucoh Augur

    I've ran my bard to pick people s locks my share of times, but an alt account with a rogue or bard has become so ubiquitous that it's hard to get a lockpicker to come out to you because they'll just think you're lazy. And most people who need the help don't have enough plat to make it worthwhile for most bard and rogues.
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  14. CatsPaws Augur

    This is spot on. The game is about grouping or helping friends, guildies, newcomers etc. There are tons of random rogues and bards that people have made just to unlock doors and now those characters sit idle. Just like when you had to have the key to the hole, I have one and 99% of the time I would and still will take a few minutes out of my day to run over and help someone who needs it if they ask in chat. Doesn't matter what level they are.

    So we had the illusion trick for 15 years and then it was patched out in 2016 due to rumors of abuse of the trick by the TLP servers, although no court ever returned a verdict it but the fix was sent out to take care of that issue. The fact that it also affected us on live was collateral damage.

    And now people are still not happy and want it messed with again:(

  15. Chikkin Augur

    I think I wrote my messages as non-complaining/bad-attitude as possible lol.

    If people never ask/lobby for change, then some things would never improve correct? In this case, it appears the community either doesn't care, or doesn't expect a change to ever happen. Plus a dev spoke on it. -- Feedback is priceless for MMOs!
  16. Greymantle Augur

  17. Chikkin Augur

  18. Tanise Elder

    I don't think they should remove locked doors, but they should give everyone the lock pick ability capped at a low number, but change pick lock like tradeskills, you're going to fail a lot, and possibly break your picks, but eventually you can do it.

    Or as stated use PoR functionality and allow them to be broken down, just give them considerable (for the level) hit points.

    Also, perhaps the devs should try actually playing the game a bit? (this might also cut down on suggestions that don't work.) While we may have some returning players, the group game particularly at lower levels is weak. Telling people to group when there are none to be had is ignorant of the situation. And no amount of plat in the world is going to convince 99% of players to come unlock a door for someone. Either they have the time and are a nice person, or they won't. Meanwhile the person spamming general is going to annoy a lot of people. Most of the locked doors are in out of the way zones that require substantial travel time.

    Don't we have a rogue merc? Why can't they pick locked doors? (sarcasm.)
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  19. MyShadower New Member Adjacent

    Mercenaries for tanking, healing, and DPS were put in the game, which really makes any argument for having to get an actual rogue/bard to a locked door to open it, weaker. I can even use my merc on old raid content, as long as I get a proper character to let me through the locked door. If I use my rogue merc, why can't they open the locked door?

    A significant portion of the "group" game, I do not need to look for other players to help me, I can pay a robot, but locked doors is the line?

    You suggest this tool to avoid requiring others (it has been pointed out will not work) so you are open to the idea?

    I agree, locked doors are interesting in content. Of course, any door that is locked and you want to be usable must have some mechanism for opening it, but just one?

    I get the lore and rationale for certain skills to be specific to classes but picking a lock is not such an endeavor that only a select few can do it. It is not a stretch to allow magic users to magically unlock doors or permit anyone to purchase a device from a tinkerer that does it. Maybe, let some magic users port to the other side of the door, and take friends. Let some destroy locks with brute force.

    Any arguments for keeping the originality or purity of the game on any server are straw man arguments. That ship sailed and sank.
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  20. Greymantle Augur

    Hence the word 'upgrade' . As i said above i have never had it unlock a door.
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