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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by sapientCrow, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. sapientCrow New Member

    This patch made it so the option to turn loading screen off/on no longer works. It was working before just fine. Even with loading art disabled in options I still see the splash/load screens. Is there another fix for this?

    Secondly is there a workaround for how long it takes to get from character into game? I have 0 issue zoning in game or loading anything. My net connection and rig are fairly good. However when I hit enter world it just sits there as if the game itself becomes unresponsive. Then after maybe a minute or 1.5 minutes it begins loading and progress bar moves.
  2. Hludwolf Developer

    I have been unable to reproduce these issues. Are they still impacting you? Have you validated your game files?
  3. sapientCrow New Member

    Yes I am still having the same problem and I did use the validate option.
    I see no option for turning off load screen art in the eqclient.ini and it is definitely disabled in my options window.

    also the login slowness happens right after the bar says loading zone files. then that bar sits full for like a minute and then it goes through the next loading progress.

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