Live Update Bugs: 8/15/2018

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. Feonixxstarr New Member

    Cannot do any Bixie ha's (bertoxx) I go to enter them and Get hung up and end up haveing to leave game =(
  2. Sputnik_Stan Journeyman

    I cannot zone into any HA's that I have tried, The Dead Hills And Bixie Warfront. I also have to quit the game and start again.
  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Chat filters are messed up, my main chat window which used to only have chat in it is now getting the emotes when mobs attacked.

    I've tried shifting it to another window by assigning it to all, and then moving just chat back to that window but it is still getting the emotes when NPCs attack.
  4. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    Some NPCs don't emote, they /say something. So depending on which mobs you'd potentially need to filter /say?
  5. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    This is because they added new filters in for these (and a few others). With a little UI work it will be better for unique visuals than before.
  6. Inagaki Elder

    lvl 103 Cleric Merc still casting Reforming Splash Rk.II after I've blocked it on me and pet. No one else in group.

    After patch, my Cleric Merc kept being summoned in situations where she was never summoned before. I assume it is due to the hate-override change. So I checked all the spells she is casting to see which one generates extra hate. Found Reforming Splash Rk.II and blocked it on me and pet. Cleric Merc continues to cast Reforming Splash Rk.II after it was blocked and continues to be summoned every time.

    Need a way to stop Merc from casting this line of spell if blocking is not doing it.
  7. Nuttann Elder

    By highest rank, did it mean highest level in Flight of Eagles line vs. rank of spell as our flights only have one rank? Casting AA rank 2 this now still seems to put Flight of Eagles on group (same as before the patch). I deleted hotkey, clicked off buffs, remade hotkey and tried again just to check. I cast Flight of Falcons by spell gem and that worked fine.

    So no change that I could detect in rank 2 of the AA.

    Sigh - update - targeting. This should act like Flight of Eagles/Flight of Falcons (E.g., another group targeted and /tgb on, that group gets the spell. If you have no group targeted or your own group, and your group gets it.)

    This currently seems to require a target. (I think I got it to cast once on group with no target, but could not do it again).

    Target a corpse or unagroed mob - You get "Your ability failed. Timer has been reset."

    Target a mob you have agro on, the hotkey goes into cool-down mode and spell doesn't land. Text scrolled off the screen and I didn't go through log.

    Target yourself or group member, Flight of Eagles lands on those where another spell doesn't block it.

    I suspect that it will work fine on another group/PC, but have not checked.
  8. Runzen Elder

    the whole point of the aa malo is that it was damn near unresistable … this ^gets resisted ALOT, not sure if that was intended or not. but quite frankly it sucks!

    LUV THIS ^
  9. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    Only xpacs with AA count in that 3 xpacs back rule.
  10. Ginormus Journeyman

    The command /outputfile missingspells gives me this (I am Shaman level 110):

    72Malosinise Rk. III
    86Mammoth's Force

    The first one cannot be obtained by shamans (as far as I know, it is only availble to magicians), the second seems to be a duid-only spell.
  11. Forroden New Member

    Unsure how old this one is, but it's sure affecting me since the patch.

    Group Mission: The Battle for Rivervale
    Issue: The NPC Thistlebrush isn't spawning into the instance, which prevents you from actually starting the "Battle." Probably also stops you from claiming the chest later in the quest, but you know, no way to test that since I can't get anywhere with it.


    Also, are you really supposed to spawn into the instance here? In the middle of the invading Minotaur/Evil Eye camp (slightly up in the air, if my levitate was anything to go by) and not over by the good guys? Because that is confusing, not that I found Thistlebrush over there either.[IMG]

    Guess I won't be finishing the RoF meta achievement since this is one of the last missions required for it. Requested the instance a few times now and it's in the same state every time. At least I can zone into it without going link dead like some people are mentioning.
  12. gotwar Gotcharms

    IIRC, that is the correct location to load into that instance?

    But I have heard from others that Thistlebrush was not spawning *before* the 8/15 patch. So it's been happening since at least the July patch. In its current state, it cannot be completed.
  13. Forroden New Member

    Awesome news there. I just tried again after knocking out one of the other Xorbb missions and the whole halfling army was missing this time. They eventually popped up a few minutes later.
  14. Arcos Lorekeeper

    The reworked ranger AA Frost Arrows has a stun component and dot damage. If the target is immune to stun the DoT does not land either so the spell does nothing to a stun immune mob.
  15. Tankks New Member

    Not a bug but would be great if new healing and other filters could be enabled with hit mode-number only
  16. dinozo_povar Journeyman

    Glyph of Destruction (100+) has the Ability Activation ID: 5303
    /Alt Buy 5303 doesn't recharge it.
  17. Belexes ForumQuester

    Ranger group spells Shout of the Wildstalker and Copsestalker's of Enrichment have issues now.

    You can't cast these spells on a targeted PC any longer. They do work if the PC is in the same group however.

    When using Tranquil Blessings or Mass Group Buff with Shout of the Wildstalker, only Cloak of Needlebarbs and Wail of the Predator land. Strength of the Wildstalker will not land. I don't see any messages that say it didn't land.

    Before the patch, you could target a player outside your group and cast these and they would work. Now, none work.

    Also Pefected Levitation no longer works on a targeted PC unless they are in your group. Intended?

    It looks like none of the ranger group buffs are working correctly. The single target ones work ok.
  18. Lianeb Augur

    Look in the dbstr.txt for it, the alt buy has always been different than the spend number. I want to say it is 7019 I actually asked the same question last night and looked it up.
  19. Cleaver Augur

    what is the id of the first rank ? That is prob the alt buy #
  20. Belexes ForumQuester

    It is 7019 for rank 2. Not sure what it is for the new combined.