Live Update Bugs: 7/18/2018

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. rusco New Member

    Had a Issue where I bought some some gear off the raid merchant in OverThere and I couldn't remove any augs from my current gear due to they all needed a Prefect Augment Distiller. Can refer to ticket #599356 if need more information
  2. klanderso Developer

    Can you reply here with the names of the items and the augments in them, plus any distillers you had in your inventory at the time?
  3. rusco New Member

    I sent you a PM with the items and distillers Klanderso
  4. Lorewood Lorekeeper

    that's irrelevant ...i can get in with or without ..its on the key-chain and i tried it before i destroyed it anyway.
  5. klanderso Developer

    The Tempus Faycite Shard: Mangling Volley augments requires a Perfected Augment Distiller EACH to remove while the Deep Mine Bulwark requires a class 9 or higher distiller. The change only applies to augments that require a specific class (1 - 20) to remove. For example, an augment that requires a class 6 distiller can use a class 6, class 7, class 8, etc., all the way up through class 20 OR a Perfected Augment Distiller to remove. Augments that require a Perfected Augment Distiller still can only be removed by a Perfected Augment Distiller.
  6. Goodn Augur

    Err...the Deep Mine Bulwark should take a IX (or greater) distiller as well...not just a perfect.

    He didn't submit the list to the thread, so I don't know if there's just a error in what you listed vs a real issue.
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  7. Nniki Augur

    For reference, just in case...

  8. klanderso Developer

    You're right, sorry, coffee hasn't kicked in quite yet and stale database queries are bad :(
    I've updated my reply :)
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  9. rusco New Member

  10. Leigo Augur

    it should proc off your throwing
  11. Goodn Augur

    This morning on Xegony, I got the ole Cloth Cap in a Gribbles mission...which has always indicated something is wrong with the loot database. Been awhile since I've seen one (which is good) but somethin is messed up.

    Was between 10 and 11 am Eastern and I looted on Goodn. Sorry, I do not remember which of the Gribbles missions it was since I ran all 3.
  12. Lianeb Augur

    I see two different screen shots for the Deep Mine Bulwark which one is correct?
  13. Krinni Journeyman

    Going to guess he linked both as it's in a belt and it can't go into the belt slot
  14. rusco New Member

    The on I linked is in my belt as it does go into the waist slot but, on a side note all the augs in my inventory are like that and requires prefect distillers to remove since the patch.
  15. doah Augur

    Beetle and spider traps in Dragon Necropolis are spawning visible in instance.
  16. Lianeb Augur

    I think you have missed the point. Rusco is aware the Deep Mine Bulwark takes a type 9 distiller. But if you look at his screen shot he is not offered the choice to use a Type 9...Only perfected.
    If you want we can have him link ALL of his augs and debate what types they take, but his will ONLY allow Perfected to remove.....ALL of them
  17. doah Augur

    Reaching notes hotkey isn't toggling between disabled reaching notes and reaching notes disabled. I recreated the key and it still doesn't toggle.
  18. Nniki Augur

    The AA rank toggles, but the text on the button isn't toggling. Same with Combat Subtlety.

    It'd be nice if the text toggled between "Disable X" and "Enable X".
  19. doah Augur

    It used to toggle like spell casting subtlety, this is a new issue.
  20. doah Augur

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