Live Update Bugs: 7/18/2018

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  1. Tesen New Member

    Can a developer please look into Anguish Arch Magus Vangl fight - in particular the Mark of Death Spell is frequently not curing with abolish disease, purify, Radiant Cure VI, Word of Replenishment. Entire raids can be wiped with no rhyme or reason. It also appears to be triggering randomly between 0 and 30 seconds with a 60 second timer (I believe this to be an old bug because it was historically kill triggering at 30 seconds).
  2. Lorewood Lorekeeper

    I doubt this is a bug but can you do something about the drop rate on power sources ? I've just spent the better part of 2 weeks maybe 30+ hours camping namers in T2 and Vp and have seen one PS drop.
    And since they are random type also know it sure wasn't the one I needed "Cliff Stone".

    I WISH you would set them up like they where in Darkened Sea. Geo drops in Dredge, Thaell Ew Totem in Thuliasaur Island ....etc. At least that way as long as we are wasting our time camping power sources at least we will get the ones we want in the zone we are camping rare mobs in. Regardless, you flipped the drop rate to, from what I've been camping, Ultra-rare. If I was killing in EOK I'd be about 2-3 chase items up now.

    Also along the same lines; When are we going to get upgraded player made PS ? Pure types are from when ? The Buried Sea ? 13 expansions ago.
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  3. Warpeace Augur

    Sadly during BETA people thought it would be GREAT if the named dropped random power sources. I was in the minority that felt that would be a bad idea.
  4. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I have definitely gotten feedback both directions, and as Warpeace said, a bit more on the "random". And the drop rate is the same drop rate as Darkened Sea.
  5. Drewie Augur

  6. Vermax New Member

  7. RandomStrategy Augur

    If'n yer gettin' drunk, it ain't a misspell.
  8. doah Augur

    If you accidentally stack an item in a tradeskill container like a brew barrel you cannot unstack unless you pull out of the container.
  9. Thrillho Augur

    1. Aura graphics stick to random players after an event ends. In particular, the rainbow-ish auras from Sathir's Tomb. Two of them will almost always stay with a PC or NPC, even into Sathir's Tomb 3. It's very distracting.

    2. Can we change the Transiting Worker Sledgemallet to be a 'No Zone' item, please? Not necessarily a bug, more that it bugs me whenever I forget to bandolier it off and zone back to OT. Ideally my idiocy will be sufficient to change it.
  10. Hananiah New Member

    This happened on Vox too. I logged in and EVERYONE of my guild member's primary anchors were MISSING - over 400 items went poof.
    Some people chose to bite the bullet and bought their primary anchor package over again. I will probably do that because this is such a hassle.

    Others decided to follow the /petition route. That works fine for people who are all-access. In fact, I've heard of anchors being returned only 20 minutes after the petition was sent.

    I've been informed however, that the CS reps are telling f2p and silver account members to simply replace their anchors in the Grand Guild Hall when THEY DO NOT HAVE THAT ABILITY because currently they are not all-access.

    Are you going to make it so f2p and silver accounts CAN place anchors in the ggh? If so that'd be amazing!! Realistically speaking, I doubt it. I feel something rather underhanded is taking place, and it makes me sad. :( These people bought a krono previously to place an anchor -- only to find they now have to buy another krono to replace it, when they did not delete it.
  11. Finfan Augur

    This is relatively minor, but on the Bertoxxulous server in the Goru'kar Mesa zone. At loc 1745, -686, 174 there are now two Ring Snakes embedded in the wall. They appear to have spawned just outside the zone and cannot be targeted. I know they desperately want to come out and play with me!
  12. Frogbert New Member

    Shaman aa: Spirit Guardian

    Ranks 1-7 provide "Ancestral Guardian Spirit" I, II, III, IV, V, VI and VII as expected.

    Ranks 8-12 revert to "Ancestral Guardian Spirit VI," thereby losing ~17% in power.

    Ranks 13-14 jump back up to the anticipated sequence with "Ancestral Guardian Spirit" VIII and IX.
  13. ZoomBox Lorekeeper

    Yes, i was one of the first from our guild to Petition Hananiah =), unfortunately the response has been less than favorable.
    They returned my anchors to me via /itemoverflow for all the toons i initially mentioned, and after HOURS of cycling through 11 different accounts and 31 toons, it seems that it affected 9 toons, some of which were not listed in the initial petition.
    Initially my primary anchors that were placed in the guild hall were placed by toons with enough loyalty points to buy a guild hall anchor package during the promotional all access period of 2015 (FREE accounts given all access for the one month, and it wasn't advertised by then SOE)
    As time progressed and a krono was burned on some of the accounts for one month a limited few of those accounts became Gold then Silver those toons on those accounts still have the ability to place the primary anchors back into the guild hall.
    Part of the response with the petition is
    and More time wasted attempting
    It wasn't the guild leadership that messed this up. It wasn't the players that messed this up. But it is being suggested that We fix it.
    Again, the DBG response has been less than favorable.
  14. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    He was permakilled. He won't be back until after the patch.
  15. Bigstomp Augur

    After he's restored any chance on context? Pure curiosity
  16. Lianeb Augur

    The advloot window has started to rest the names again when trying to assign an item to a person when someone leaves raid, zone or dz. this was working for a while but has reverted to the list resetting again
  17. Prathun Developer

    The Mark of Death mechanic on AMV is implemented in an unusual way, but it looks like it's set up so that...
    • Wait 45s (If AMV is above 75% health) or Wait 30s (If AMV is less than 75% health)
    • Cast Mark of Death on everyone in the zone
    • Wait 30s
    • Death Touch anyone in the zone that has Mark of Death
    (If we were to implement something like this today, Mark of Death would use a Doom effect, which didn't exist in Omens of War.)

    I could not reproduce the reported problem with curing Mark of Death. Cure spells that removed disease counters were able to remove the debuff.
  18. Dythan Augur

    [quote="Prathun, post: 3691928, member: 5349"
    I could not reproduce the reported problem with curing Mark of Death. Cure spells that removed disease counters were able to remove the debuff.[/quote]

    I think we've seen this, when you have more then 2 of his debuffs. If the Mark of death is in the last spot, the cures only work on the 1st debuff, and you can't get to MoD in time. I assumed it was the way cures worked.

    Edit** His DT does suffer from the early fade bug, like SoW and lev, and tends to go boom before the full 30 sec is up.
  19. Prathun Developer

    Ah, yes. Gaze of Anguish also uses Disease counters. Word of Replenishment, for example, would require several casts to remove Gaze of Anguish before it would then be able to cure the Mark of Death.

    If the buff faded early for some reason it wouldn't kill the bearer, though. There's no drawback for the buff fading. It's a script check. X seconds after AMV has debuffed everyone in the zone with Mark of Death, he scans everyone in the zone and death touches anyone who still has it.
  20. mackal Augur

    From my logs this looks like 30 seconds for AMV and 15 seconds for OMM. Maybe that's what they're confusing. OMM checks much quicker than AMV :p

    From an old log:

    [Wed Mar 29 22:49:05 2017] Arch Magus Vangl begins to cast a spell. <Mark of Death>
    [Wed Mar 29 22:49:35 2017] Arch Magus Vangl begins to cast a spell. <Cazic Touch>


    [Wed Mar 29 23:32:45 2017] Overlord Mata Muram begins to cast a spell. <Mark of Death>
    [Wed Mar 29 23:33:00 2017] Overlord Mata Muram begins to cast a spell. <Cazic Touch>

    EDIT: Also re-reading other posts. Is it possible when MoD recast is on 30 seconds there is a "race" condition issue with checking for DT and recasting?

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