Live Update Bugs 4/18/18

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  1. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    As much as I'm wondering why expansion-specific spells are on common vendors, I'm not against the idea in general to sell those spells on common vendors, if the intented rules apply.

    In this case the correct "price tags" (currency and amount) are applied - if the faction resp. progression check is also in place, I see no problem. Unless the intention is either to sell the spells for PP like all other spells OR to not sell them on common vendors.
  2. Violator-Bristlebane New Member

    Geometry in Breeding Grounds is broken. The tunnel to Glimkar has a giant hole in it that you can fall through the zone or into the basement. You can also walk through the wall to get anywhere in the zone.
  3. Ngreth Thergn Developer

  4. Lorewood Journeyman

    Anyway "Emperor Ganak Familiar" one of the Paragon rewards is overwritten by Defiant Stance, which makes it basically worthless to knights since Stance is a staple to the class i.e. ..almost always used
  5. Lorewood Journeyman

    also Cockatrice mount is broken "an item I paid a premium for" .. The buff Gives me Mount Blessing Azia instead of Mount Blessing Sana. So if its some level thing get rid of it ..I want the buff I paid for.
    stats wise: Azia-mana 200 Hp 250 Ac 10, Sana-mana regen 20 mana 1400 end 1400 HP 1850 AC 54 ..huge huge differance.

    actually checked some other mounts Pegasus..rhino.. and wyvern also only give me the Azia mount blessing..
  6. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Could Not reproduce. Check your keyring. Confirm that your "Stat Mount" has the buff you want and is not a mount with the Azia buff.
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