Live Update Bugs 4/18/18

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  1. Imak Augur

    Going from memory here, but prior to the new functionality added to hotbuttons, didn't these Bulwarks display no charge count at all? You had to actually open the item window to see how many charges were remaining, item by item if you had multiples bagged.
  2. niente Developer

    Thanks for the report, this will get fixed soon™.
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  3. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    I'm repeatedly getting an erroneous text that my cleric self buff Armor of the Pious has worn off if a shaman casts Talisman of Fortitude on me. It doesn't actually overwrite Armor of the Pious, and the buff does not actually fade. But it reports in chat 'the pious aura fades."

    To recreate the bug, buff a cleric with Armor of the Pious, then cast Talisman of Fortitude on the cleric. It triggers the wearing off text for Armor of the Pious without the buff actually wearing off.
  4. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    Chests rewarded from the following missions have bugged behavior in the /advloot window.

    PoR Level 70 Spell #1: The Key To The Past
    PoR Level 70 Spell #2: The Burning Prince
    PoR Level 70 Spell #3: Message to the Past

    You finish the task, and a chest appears at the feet of the quest NPC. You open the chest, and the item appears in the advloot window as normal. However the item cannot be assigned to anyone nor rolled on by anyone in the group. You must loot the item from the chest the manual old school way. Then after you loot it, the bugged item still appears in the advloot window, unable to be assigned to anyone. This happens every time for the chests on these 3 tasks. One example that just occurred for me was Root Tender Necklace dropping from 'a dusty chest' that spawns in Elddar Forest at the completion of PoR Level 70 Spell #3: Message to the Past.

    I don't recall for sure, but I think the same bug occurs for these missions:

    Skylance: The Library
    Skylance: The Oubliette
    Skylance: The Laboratory
  5. Moege Augur

    Ruins of Kunark:
    Raid: End of Empire

    Completed the raid, main chest spawned with the small ornamentation chest next to it. Opened small chest, server then decided to move it to a random spot as it is now a corpse
  6. svann Augur

    Ive noticed that often when mobs are attacking me I will get a message that
    Your target is too far away, get closer!
    But I havent even started attacking yet. Apparently the game thinks I am too far away to riposte! Riposte should never be out of range when something is attacking me with melee.
  7. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    That is our plan, but a new one, so it won't make this patch.
    There are two issues we are planning to fix. #1 the "stuck" on a zero charge item when there are options to find one with charges and continue. We are fixing this because there ARE multi-charge items that we don't want to remove when empty because they may be recharged.

    Secondly, we are looking at making expendable items with multiple charges delete themselves when out of charges. Currently, only single charge expendable items delete themselves when used. The Mentioned Bulwark is an example of this :)
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  8. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    Correcting my own post. Bug doesn't occur in Skylance: The Laboratory because the final loot item drops off a mob, not a chest. But it does occur at the end of Skylance: The Library and Skylance: The Oubliette when the chests spawn in Arcstone.
  9. Rowlen New Member

    Everquest Client crashes a lot when logging to another Char. Did not happened in the past.
  10. Angahran Augur

    Possible issue with the /useitem command.
    I have a hotkey which has a couple of /useitem lines plus a message to group and a discipline activation.
    Recently when I've been hitting it it has been skipping the first /useitem.

    I've tried fiddling with different /pause values but it appears very random.

    Page4Button6Line1=/useitem Innoruuk's Dark Blessing
    Page4Button6Line2=/pause 10,/gs Activated SK epic. Hit something (not me) !!
    Page4Button6Line3=/useitem Blood Drinker's Coating
    Page4Button6Line4=/pause 10,/disc leech
    Page4Button6Line5=/timer 3000,/alt activate 1112
  11. Fadez New Member

    Entered Lair of the Fallen and removed the quest task, waited to get ported out but nothing happened. Clicked gate items and spells but nothing still happened. Then all chars disconnected. Two chars got gated out, but one was still in Lair of the Fallen and every time he logged in the game crashed. Did not fix itself, crashed every time that char logged in even when waiting a long time. Had to click Return to Home at char selection to fix it.
  12. Arcos Journeyman

    Is there now some sort of inactivity timer?
    Since the last patch my pc has been locking up (hard lock as in clock stopped - only power cycle or reset button have any effect). It happens if I stand around for a while while doing nothing - mostly in guild hall or pok. I had at first thought it was Windows but it has been happening for weeks now but it has never happened when EQ is not running (it has even locked with eq minimized). It does not happened when raiding for hours only when I stand or sit and do nothing for a while.
    Today a friend said they were booted while sitting after receiving a message that they had been inactive too long. In the past I could sit all day and night in PoK while doing nothing and I have never gotten a message like that anywhere in game. Is that now not allowed and somehow locking up my PC instead of booting me? Or is the hard lock just a bug from the big code upgrade?
  13. Febb Augur

    The hard lock and being booted are two different things. Being booted from being inactive would just boot you to the server select screen.

    Your hard lock up is an issue with your computer some where. There could be many possibilities that is causing that issue.
  14. Vestra_Cazic New Member

    In the Breeding grounds the ice tunnel leading from the volcano area to the area with Glimkar seems to be missing a section, its possible to reach the other area using levitate and you end up outside the zone geometry but can see and navigate to the other area, without levitate you just fall through and die.
    The area north of this with the fear dragons also has a graphic'c glitch of some sort, it almost looks like a board going across the depression in the center of the room.
  15. Nekromancy Elder

    Summoned: ring of flight has 2 expendable charges and disappears when both charges are used. Is the exception on this "only disappears if it started with 1 charge" thing only affecting non temporary items or what?

    The item I'm really looking at is crystallized pumice. It should be expendable :-(
  16. phaeril Lorekeeper

    Thought it was a fluke the first time, but have started noticing it more and more often in the last week.

    Charm pets will break mez if they are already attacking something you mez. Seems to not happen at all for hours at a time then some doom switch gets flipped and your pet will happily wake mobs that you mez.
  17. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Yeah. Temporary items have different behavior :/
  18. Yinla Augur

    I'm sure this has been reported before.

    Sarith Tomb raid 2.
    After a wipe, sometimes if you take a rez on the carpet (where corpses are dumped after wipe) you can trigger the raid. Not all the time, but when players are zoning back in to try again its a bit of a pain when they end up with Tomb rot or die when it resets.

    When I triggered the raid, I'd died just as we aborted and players gated out, the raid reset, cleric zoned in and AE rezed, my corpse was rezed on the carpet with the others. I was in hover mode and no one had tried to rez me in the fight area (this was our original conclusion as to what was going on).

    Not sure what causes this, it doesn't happen all the time, seems to be very random. Event not recognising corpses have been moved to the carpet? The zone recognises where the corpses are and puts rezed players in the correct place.

    Also during that wipe we were missing corpses, not sure where they were found eventually, but there seems to be something a bit wonky with the reset/move corpses mechanic.
  19. Gidono Augur

    Posting this in the correct location this time.

    The following DoN spells on Agnarr in the bazaar are being sold for radiant crystals on traders.

    Angstlich's Echo of Terror

    Death's Despair
    Deistic Bellow

    Instinctual Panic

    Jitter Skin

    Eidolon Bellow
    Unholy Bellow

    Shadow Bellow
    Souless Panic

    You have to actually visit the trader selling these spells to see this behavior.

  20. EQ Dev Augur

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It won't be able to make it for this patch, but we're looking into this.

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