Live Update Bugs 4/18/18

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  1. Yinla Augur

    Having a bit of weirdness with the new hot bars,

    FInding more often that not my /assist key in the hot bar will not work, it does sometimes, but it works fine from the social bar it is created from. I've remade the key twice and I'm still having issues. The person I was assisting was set as main assist so I know they had a mob targeted.

    Also the guild manager is still changing the position I am looking at when someone zones or logs in, can we get it so the new person is added to the bottom of the list as it did before as it messes with counting how many are on line and also becomes a major pain when trying to do anything with players notes.
  2. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    While i would not classify this as a bug, perhaps a label and two new fields could be added to the Guild window to achieve the above at a glace?
    e.g. "online guild members: nnn (of which mmm are ALTs)"
    I am sure the function that returns the online people already has that info, we'd "just" need a means to display it.
  3. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    Made a hotkey for a Rod of Mystical Transvergence. Used it, blank hotkey turned dark red - and so did all other hot buttons in that same position on the other pages of the same hotbar. So I decided to pick up and replace my mod rod hotkey to see if that would fix the red bleeding through to other hotkeys. It didn't fix it, but I did get this neato default cloth choker graphic in place of my mod rod hotkey. Still reads the correct item name, just a bugged graphic. The bug persisted through zoning, and picking up and replacing the hotkey.

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  4. Jalelorf Elder

    Tier 2 - Ring of Scale

    First event went fine. Started buffing to enter second event and the door would not open. We had to drop DZ and get a new one.

    Second DZ the door worked. After beating second event we started resurrecting people, zoning people in to get loot, etc. Everyone who zoned in or was resurrected got tomb rot. Banner in, tomb rot. Resurrection, tomb rot. We spent a chunk of time having paladins remove tomb rot from those people.
  5. Allayna Augur

    In between attempts, /d is more effective than pally cure unless you roll the almighty 54 pally raid?!?

    Also the door bug was present in beta and shortly after, must've been un-fixed with the latest patch. Personally haven't experienced it since the progression push.
  6. Gialana Augur

    At least with the blue shading bleeding through to other pages, I've been able to get rid of this by picking up the incorrectly shaded hotbutton and placing it back in the same spot. Also, if I pass through a page that has no hotbuttons in the position, the bleed through will go away until I scroll through the page where the bleed initially activated. But this doesn't always work.
  7. Jalelorf Elder

    Dueling did not work either.
  8. niente Developer

    Did you remake your hotkey for the mod rod? Pre-existing hotkeys don't have the icon and name data once the item is lost. When you make a new button, and then lose the mod rod, it should keep the icon and name even when you move the button around. Let me know if this isn't the case.

    The page turning thing has been fixed.
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  9. Ofearl Augur

    When you duel, have the "dead" get a call, then once back on their feet, get a rez, worked for us 90% of the time 70% of the time...
  10. Killersong New Member

    I've been noticing some video issue also. After the patch I keep noticing a line of text in each window that is being scrunched in height or looks like missing a line of pixel.

    First it didn't bothered me much but it makes difference when checking out the bazaar. Sometimes it's hard to tell if the price is listed for 9000, 8000, 3000 or 0000 (free, yah...). Have to scroll to see the correct pricing.

    Tried to fiddle with different video mode but settled with the 800X600 resolution and it worked fine until next login and same issue again.
  11. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    I actually never re-made the hotkey. The bugged cloth choker graphic just remained until my next raid day, and I was given another mod rod. The rod jumped right into the hotkey as it should. And thanks for looking into this!
  12. Brontus Journeyman

    The level 40 Druid spell "Form of the Great Wolf" is still broken -- it is missing it's run speed, attack and infravision components. For reference purposes, the level 45 "Share Form of the Great Wolf" is not broken and confers all of the intended benefits to its recipients.

    This bug was entered on Feb 01, 2016 and according to the comments the spell has been broken since 2015:

    Can a dev at DBG finally get this spell fixed. Many returning players on TLP servers would greatly appreciate it. Thanks :)
  13. Koryu Augur

    There's no XP loss for a duel, so the corpse disappears for both a Call and a Rez. When Called or Rezzed back to zone, Tomb Rot gets reapplied between events as if an event was active.
  14. Mistatk Augur

    I have this also, very annoying
  15. Herf Augur

    On Agnarr, after PoP spawned:

    Lvl 61 Warrior Disc: Tome of Spirit of Rage, should be on Heldin Swordbreaker in PoK library, but only the lvl 63 Tome is on him currently. I believe Spirit of Rage is in-era for Planes of Power.
  16. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    Phinigel server. The shared task Porthio the Second Born [Raid] is meant to update upon killing Porthio in Relic and reward everyone in the task a Black Orb of Porthio the Second. It does not update the task when killing Porthio in the Agent of Change instance for Relic. It does work properly in open world.
  17. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Not sure since when this is around, but since i have experienced it today...
    I was trying to clear my bank and instead of tributing them, i wanted to sell some of my old TBM raid gear back to the raid vendor in PoHealth.
    I get the usual 10% sell-back price and when i click on "sell", i get the confirmation window and on "yes" the client "half-crashes".
    i.e. it seems the system is waiting for the server-response that never comes.
    I can not open nor close any bags, can not call up other UI pieces, but interact with those UI pieces that are still open (e.g. click on the raid vendor's window and get shown the full price for an item; i also saw a /gu - but otherwise the client was unresponsive).
    I can move around but not zone (i.e. similar to when the client looses the connection to the server, movement all other client-side stuff works but anything that requires a server-answer does not)
    This is with the item stripped of Augments, except for the type14 one if it would matter.
  18. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I'll look. but since even you're not sure, it might be working as intended.

    (Checked: Tome of Spirit of Rage Discipline is locked to Gates of Discord. I expect that this is intended - ML1600I66409)
    My guess, without looking, is the task thinks you're in the wrong zone. I'll poke at it, but unfortunately, if it's what I suspect, it's not hotfixable.
    (Looks like I'm correct... task is looking in zone 370, relic_progress is 2145 :/)
  19. Lianeb Augur

    There is a corpse until the dead person releases or times out in hover
  20. Herf Augur

    My apologies, I had checked Zam yesterday and I swore the little icon said "Power" but today it says "Gates". Bad vision, one of the curses of getting old.

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