Live Update Bugs 11/16/16

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  1. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    The thing is, you and your guild are not *every* guild. There may be guilds that like it, other guilds that hate it more than you do, some that love it, and some that just don't care. If we constantly made changes off of one person's comment you would certainly not enjoy the game for long.

    Thank you. We are aware of it and it is fixed internally. It should work at the next patch.

    That flag setting is an intentional decision.

    Nope. It was an artifact of the way I generated the items and I didn't notice the discrepancy. The whip was also missing classes.

    We consider those items group T2.

    This is fixed internally. It should go in next patch (maybe a hotfix after the holiday, but I can't commit to that.)
  2. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    That's the thing, we never let them engage the mobs we tagged them before they even aggroed, do we have to let them engage the NPCs?
  3. Wizdons Augur

    Case in point... Why on earth would you make a currency NO TRADE on FV? i can assure you no one is happy about that on FV. You may as well have lost dozens of players by being stubborn on this one.

    Currency has almost always been tradable on FV. so please explain why the change?

    If you would like to salvage some respect from FV players I would recommend reconsidering your position on the NO TRADE currency.
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  4. Zekster Journeyman

  5. EddieP Lorekeeper

    The quest overlay has the same problem as the quest window where if you switch characters, it picks up lines from the other character, normally this isn't to big an issue, but if the steps are similar it is confusing. Should probably try and fix this already :)
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  6. Grabatz Journeyman

    Just to demonstrate what EddieP posted above: It's not really a new bug, but the new task overlay window (which i really love btw :) ) makes it jump into our faces again.
    Sometimes steps from other (characters) tasks "bleed" into the display of current tasks.

    For me the most probable way to reproduce the issue is by using an account with at least 2 characters on the same server.
    Let's call those characters Antonius and Bayle. Both should already have a few unfinished tasks in their "Quest Journal".

    1. start a client and log in Antonius.
    2. get a fresh quest, for instance from Franklin Teek in the PoK.
    3. /camp to characters select.
    4. log in Bayle. If you are "lucky", you can already find tasks with "alien" steps in them on Bayle. If not, continue with 5.
    5. /camp to characters select.
    6. log in Antonius again.
    7. Inspect the tasks in the "Current Tasks" in the "Quest Journal" window or in the task overlay window.
    This screenshot shows the result of the above steps on one of my characters.
    The 2nd screeshot is provided to prove, that it must be another characters "Udumbara, the flower of legend" task, that bleeds in. Just compare the steps that are marked "Done" in the "Quest Journal" to the steps shown in the task overlay window.

    PS: Can we please have the Click Through Toggle for other windows in the Standard UI?
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  7. Mizar Lorekeeper

    Chardok partisan 'Other's Things'.

    Step 2: If you get ' Crystals of all sorts can be found in Chardok, gather some 0/10': no crystals spawn at all. Too bad I noticed it 2 hours later after having completed all other steps. The thing I didn't like of this was that this bug had been actually reported in Beta board, and it has made to live without a fix.
  8. Roguexx New Member

    This is NOT a bug report. I am stating this in this forum because it appears the developers/GMs view stuff here. I want to let you guys know this is the best expansion I have seen in years...and I mean many years. Barring the glitches that are being fixed, the content itself is dynamic, the "ancient" quests are awesome, and expansions like this will keep me and everyone I know playing for a long time. I have not heard one critic in my guild, which is a mid range guild. Everyone loves the expansion. A++
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  9. svann Augur

    Thanks, I never knew where those were coming from. Deleted the quests from my bazaar mule and I think that fixed it.
  10. Sindaiann Augur

    Lol this achievement is not broke. I encourage people to attempt a different method to what they are doing.


    There. Problem solved

    If your dps is insufficient to accomplish this, well, you have other issues.
  11. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    This is what we did, actually we had one person hail to spawn them and we insta grabbed them when they popped none of the NPC were ever in combat, yet we still didn't get the achievement.
  12. Sindaiann Augur

    Like Axxius said, that's because one of the NPCs must of got the final blow on one. That or you allowed a guard to kill one during the breach phase, which you can easily avoid by intercepting them way before guards can prox aggro.

    I disagree with the notion that it is "easy" for the NPCs to do that however, just based on my group setup when I did it. I used my main, Sindaiann, boxed Skreaper and tanked it all, cleric, cleric, necro and beastlord(roll put what classes wanted to do stuff at the time, had zero to do with optimizing). We hardly had the best burst dps you could have for this group mission, like wizard or berserker style groups and we had zero issue getting the achievement.
  13. MrMajestykx Augur

    soooo hope this where to post this. Is it INTENTIONAL that two players are in two different tasks lets say, cannot GROUP or join groups because they are not in same shared task? was never a issue before anyone being in different tasks not being able to group up.
  14. svann Augur

    How does that even make sense? Did you reply to the wrong message?
  15. Sindaiann Augur

    The 4 sarnak spawn in the middle is literally impossible to grab em and not have the NPCs from the middle beating on them.They run right for them. Just ae grab the sarnak and move them and burn em. I also mentioned its possible they never got "You Be The Hero" achievement if any of the guards killed any of the mobs on either of the breach waves and said how to avoid that.

    Just did it again right now and got the 3 achievements in one go for a guildie.

    Again nothing wrong with this at all, so stop complaining.

    [Fri Nov 25 12:17:39 2016] Nasti has completed achievement: Hero of Lceanium
    [Fri Nov 25 12:17:39 2016] Nasti has completed achievement: Protector of House Katta (Group)
    [Fri Nov 25 12:17:39 2016] Nasti has completed achievement: Guardian (Group)
    [Fri Nov 25 12:17:39 2016] Nasti has completed achievement: You Be The Hero (Group)
  16. Sindaiann Augur

    And just to clarify, I do not care when someone says they did something but the outcome indicates they did not, or that they failed elsewhere. Hence why I responded like I did, to possibly shed light on a different method that has the desirable outcome.

    I guess you just believe everyone on the internet.
  17. Malbro Augur

    Median writ of the combine, supposed to give a spell but doesn't.
    Never mind, I just figured out/realized that I didn't get a 103 spell this expansion.
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  18. smash Augur

    It has ALWAYS been so that people WHO are different shared tasks cannot Group, otherwise you can abuse the thing.
    So go persons from 2 or more Groups together, and all the Groups would then get credit.
  19. smash Augur

    Have you checked IF your class should get a level 103 spell ?
  20. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    From what we saw the sarnaks don't spawn on top of them, they spawn behind them in a little corner we had our SK set up to see hate as soon as they spawned...I just wanna know if the NPC to actually be IN combat. If so then all we gotta do is try again. But if they don't need to be in combat then where is our Ach. Some clarification would be nice, it's all I ask

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