Live Update Bugs 11/16/16

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. EQ Dev Developer

    Please post about any new bugs found in the update. This thread is not for discussions about anything other than bugs and how we can reproduce (and therefore fix) them.
  2. Roguexx New Member

    On the Zek server, if you kill another player in Frontier Mountains (and possibly other EoK zones) the entire zone crashes and resets.
  3. Roguexx New Member

    Ok, it has been confirmed. A pvp death in ANY EoK zone causes the zone to crash and reset.
  4. Apubed New Member

    102 people in Lceanium zone wont allow any mercs and is not spawning a new zone... impeding game play...
  5. Quality Lorekeeper

    After I hit "Play" client crashes, can't fix it.
  6. smash Augur

    AB server, 96 persons and mercs cannot be supported. You need to make it spawn more instances, or allow above 96 persons...
  7. gotwar Augur

    Use /pickzone X where x=# to solve your limit troubles.
  8. JChan Developer

    Fix is getting pushed out soon.
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  9. Minato Augur

    Can we just admit its not a potential problem if you guys lock a server? id love to raid tonight but bed sounds pretty good if you guys dont know whats wrong or when it'll be up
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  10. Hludwolf Developer

    FV is unlocked.
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  11. Hludwolf Developer

    Zek issue is fixed, unlocking now.
  12. Drewie Augur

    I have the new druid AA Preserver's Synergy at 1/10. It seems I need to have a target when casting the Lunasoothe group heal spell for the AA to trigger, otherwise I get a red message "You must first select a target for this spell", even though Lunasoothe itself doesn't require any target.
  13. EnchFWO Augur

    Enchanter spell "Perilous Bafflement" gets a 12+ MINUTE recast when zoning into Lcea, perhaps other EoK zones as well. In old zones it has the normal 12 second refresh. Sometimes. Had it go to a 12 min refresh zoning into the Lobby from Lcea just now. Please fix ASAP.

    Edited for updated info.
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  14. Maccuul Elder

    Lots of the Familiars with achievements are not updating when in a keyring.
    They are also not always updating when placed.

    at least these so far:
    Gnoll in Barrel
    Big Cat in a Bag
    Bird in a Cage
  15. Nightmares Augur

    Enchanter and Bards ( I play both) having issues again / still with Charms not breaking with invis. this really needs to be fixed. ( We want Charm to break with invis, or make charm a buff we can click off).
    Anyways. I have been able to reproduce this on both bard and chanter today. so has a few others. Just charm mob and try to break using invis ( any invis), it doesn't work and mobs stay charmed.
  16. Drakang Augur

    Please fix the issue of player limit blocking mercs or despawning them. Mid fight my healer poofed.
  17. Nenake Elder

    Cannot click quest items in instanced versions of zone.
    Can't have merc in original version of zone.
    Can't do quest w/o healer.
    Don't like real people.
  18. EnchFWO Augur

    Some PCs (myself at least) started automatically KOS with Combine Citizen faction making it impossible to do partisans and also near impossible to zone in without being killed. These KOS mobs are any citizen (non-guard, some non-quest NPC) around the entire city (in and outside). I don't know if it's an isolated bug to a few people or something causing it but it makes 0 sense and should be addressed if it's intentional somehow.
  19. Bandages Elder

    The spell: Paralyzing Curse from the necromancer weapon Scepter of Paralysis has a recourse effect that is supposed to be beneficial flagged (blue) but is incorrectly flagged as detremenal (red) and will lose time in the nexus and prevent using the /pickzone command.
  20. Drakang Augur

    Go do quests in Katta to adjust faction. Its the combine we have seen them before need to be on good terms with them.

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