Live Update Bugs 10/24/2018

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. fortuneteller Augur

    In the patch there was a :

    Pet procs now go under Spell emotes, which you cannot block, so getting spammed with it, only can move it to a spam window, which was necessary prior to patch.

    Please move it back under pet proc.

    There is a pet proc which you can hide, and where it was prior.
  2. Stephen51 Augur

    Sorry I should have posted this after the last patch, but after the most recent patch things have become worse.
    When switching toons, after September patch I would be booted to the server select screen, where it would say I had a character logged in when I tried to select server (Xegony). Sometimes, it would state there had been a time out and boot me right back to the old log in screen. After October patch, this has become worse, more often I am now getting the timeout/booted to log in, but now sometimes the log in seems to freeze/lag for about 90 seconds before then telling me there has been a time out.

    Lag in guild hall, guild lobby and POK is now very bad and sporadic. When trying to use the parcel merchant after Sept. patch, it would hang when you tried to parcel something to another player. October patch the items are being bounced back to me saying it cannot find the other player (who was logged in at the time). There will be periods of maybe 90 seconds when nothing will react in POK (merchants, doors, zone lines) then you get a mini roll back and appear where you had been a few seconds before.

    I've seen other reports from players in POK reporting it to be very laggy. Its Thursday at 2:30pm in the afternoon so the zone isn't overly populated. Or at least not overly populated in terms prior to October patch.
  3. Iribabh Lorekeeper

    Unsure what changes were made behind the scene, but it appears that druid remote heal is healing again. Kianara confirmed as well for me.
  4. EQgamer1000 New Member

    When I tried to do Lceanum Progresion the NPC said I hadn’t done anything for the Combine. I was stuck!

    Please fix what MUST be a bug. I created the characters (Kwiz and Mwiz) AFTER those expansions came out. I started in EOK and then ROS, so logically I had no reason to go back 2-3 expansions!
  5. Sancus Augur

    Do a quest in TDS. It's not a bug.
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  6. Metanis Bad Company

    New enchanter AA ability called Enveloping Helix has an absurdly long recast timer of 3 minutes even at maximum rank of 9/9. From the descriptive text it would appear the higher ranks were supposed to "Reduces the reuse time of this ability by 30 seconds". It would appear that reduced reuse time thing isn't working correctly. This ability should have something like a 30 second reuse NOT 180 seconds.

    And while we are on the subject of enchanters, the Bite of Tashani changes render that ability even less useful than it was before. It's marginal range was somewhat compensated by the instant cast time so that it became a valid option even it rarely covered the mobs that needed to be tashed. The level 60 spell Wind of Tashanian not only casts much quicker (1 sec versus 3 now for Bite), but since it was a targeted AE instead of a PBAE the caster could stand at 200 range and toss the tash in from a distance and not have to wade into the fray. Bite's casting time should be lowered to 1 second to put it in the same ballpark as both the older Wind and the current Order spells.

    Edited to add that the Slowing Helix change is so nice that it's almost enough to compensate for the above!
  7. Metanis Bad Company

    I justed tested in the guild hall on a dummy and my swarm pets all got ToE without any problem.
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  8. Catashe Augur

    IDK if its a bug or not but I really hope you didn't change the spell emotes to show everyone your group/raided with, where before you were able to chat filter them in options to show just your spells or spells that affected you... cause every though you can move them to a chat window you might not normally look at... I'd still like to filter my own spell emotes to a chat window i normally look at.. =\
  9. Iribabh Lorekeeper

    This was not a visual issue. I tested it as well as others and the heals were not landing. They were not hitting my log file like they had previously and the health bar of the tank (beastlord pet in my case) did not go up.

    Whatever happened after they took the servers back down Wednesday night to patch the patch seems to have fixed it though and now the heals are moving the health bar as well as showing up in my log file.
  10. Stephen51 Augur

    Girlfriend logged in today, to find no characters. Re-logged and was able to eventually get in, but to horrendous lag (Xegony).

    Just re-logged her in, and again no characters, but there was a message Loading Characters....

    We left it 5 mins, then hit escape (all keys greyed out on character select). When we got back to server select, Xegony was Down, but my account was logged in, and the server was up?

    After a few mins Xegony changed from Down to Up and we were able to start the log in process, which was as above maybe 3-4 minutes just to start loading in.

    Something freaky is going on, be it a server problem or something the patch has changed.
  11. Metanis Bad Company

    I just helped a lady get setup for Beta. Along the way she asked me to investigate why her Preincarnation AA no longer worked. Long story short since the AA changes now cast the "highest rank of some spell in your spell book" and she didn't have Preincarnation in her spell book she is screwed for using the Preincarnation spell. (Sure, she can go buy the rank 1 from the vendor in PoK but if she had the rank 3 spell from raiding she is SOL!)

    We don't know why she doesn't have the spell because we raided that era (Secrets of Faydwer) together and it's highly likely she got the spell back then. Perhaps she deleted it to make room in her spell book back when the AA ability was granted?

    So back in the day when spell book room was precious if you ever deleted spells that were granted as AAs you suddenly lose those spells under the changes going in now. Is the Dev who is working on these AA changes ensuring that those spells get re-inserted in a person's spellbook? If not then you are taking content away that people paid for. That should be a big no-no.
  12. Goodn Augur

    If she raided in the era, then she almost certainly has the faction and missions done to get the rank 3 off the vendor (in the DSH tower, up a level...maybe two). Simple purchase.
  13. fortuneteller Augur

    Everything is now mixxed into the spell emotes, so you cannot filter anything anymore.

    Please undo the change you did to the spells

    seems everything has been moved into the spell emotes
  14. Torin New Member

    I have seen a really weird bug popping up over on Phinigel. It seems some pets are not properly despawning. I have seen mage swarm pets stay up after their time is up (they will no longer act as pets but stay around as stationary npcs). I have also seen pets be duplicated upon their master zoning. The duplicate will appear at the location it first entered the zone the master just left. It will then stay around seemingly forever. I have also been attacked by this duplicate pet in combat zones.

    I am not sure if this is at all connected to the unusual server lag we have been experiencing since the patch. I have seen multiple people complain about the server hanging for 30 seconds to a minute randomly(as well as experiencing it myself).

    Lastly, my wife has had the issue the above poster had about her account loading characters when you first arrive at character select. It seems to take a couple minutes at times for all the characters to load. This has happened frequently for her since the last patch.
  15. Waldagar Augur

    Spiritual Empowerment RK II now blocks RK times on Tunare.
  16. Merdur Victum New Member

    ok thought more info might help , paying player - gold status
    returned and ALL charicters wer bugged in someway - auto grat AA's did nothing when zoning ect.
    had to level to fix (all lower level AA's wer grey and couldn't buy em even though had hundreds of AA's

    add to that cant suspend a pet (on any pet class) or unsuspend pet when no pet

    so I leveled my shammy it fixed the greyed out unbuyable AA's problem (that every character has) , but suspend/unsuspend pet , persists

    I believe I need someone (one of u log into my account so u can confirm what ive said here - only Mangl and Destoi have been leveled)

    if the pet problem persists I likely will unsubscribe , they are my most played charicters when ungrouped , and it kinda shoots em in the foot

    --------------------------moved here from another players thread in support section as is persisting thru leveling(that I thought might fix it)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. Stephen51 Augur

    I checked a few other servers, and none of them had lag like I experienced on Xegony, so it may not be related to the patch.

    However I noticed my girlfriend's character's pets still on-line after her character had logged offline.

    Currently her Beastlord has 2 pets in the Guild Lobby - 1 at the magus and 1 at the POK zone line, and one in the guild hall fighting a combat dummy, and she didn't even set the pet on it!

    Was wondering if anyone else has encountered this on Xegony or any other servers?
  18. Torin New Member

    The pet issue that you mention above is the same for my wife on Phinigel. She gets the same loading characters delay at character select and her mage spawns extra pets every single time she zones. She has well over 20 pets across all zones already.
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  19. McDougal Augur

    I have a rogue pet too LOL. It's in the GL and harmless but it's pretty weird. Wonder what is going on with this?
  20. keepleftgang New Member

    Please fix Heart of Flames or repost your aware of this issue for magicains. Doesn't not increase any damage.

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