Live Update Bugs 10/24/2018

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. EQ Dev Developer

    Please post about any new bugs found in the update. This thread is not for discussions about anything other than bugs and how we can reproduce (and therefore fix) them.
  2. Qbert Augur

    Login server is bugged, again, as in the same as after every one of the last half-dozen patches or so.
  3. Zinth Augur

    didn't get exp/loot on mobs (white+ cons) in FM while in raid and NOT in groups, reformed raid, made groups and got EXP, but again, not in grp = no exp/loot but do get faction.
  4. msbn96 New Member

    When will you fix the one that I reported in the previous thread?

    Two Sides of the Stone mission in Resplendent Temple, specifically the time trial achievement to kill in 30 minutes or less. I've beaten this mission twice, both times in under 30 minutes but I am not receiving achievement. (On all 3 of my toons, Suex, Aruzzo, and Ozzura)
  5. Absor Augur

    We are aware of the issue and are working on it.
  6. Orcen Journeyman

    Scent of Terris has been renamed Scent of Thule and the ability line has been changed to trigger Death's Malaise, your Scent of Terris spell, and the highest rank of your Scent of Gloom line of spells on your target.

    This has to be a bug huh?

    Necros have lost ability to lower fire resists on mobs with this change. AA used to reduce fire resist by 145, now we only get lower resists by 35.. So level 14/14 of the AA at levewl 110, has the effect of the old level 52 spell. Necros even have type 3 aaugs that help fire spells, big dots are fire based, AA's to help fire damage, even nuke is firebased. Can't get the Burn Bones nuke to effectively land on mobs now. This really kills a lot of the effectiveness on being a necro.

    Level 14/14 of this AA needs to have the missing resists added back in to the old 145 limits so that the necro's fire damage lines arent useless.. This is crazy that necro's fire based nuke wont land now. This has turned the necro 14/14 Ability into a level 52 spell. Why?

    I am sure the reduction in all the other resists... corruption, disease, etc are a mess too, but have had time to see how bad they are messed up.. Warriors out DPS necro's now, so why this handicap to necros.
    This is terrible!
    Thank you.
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  7. Zipe Elder

    Looks like Raid tool window is desyncing after some time or some commands sent.
    It suddenly doesn't do anything and you need to zone for commands issued to appear into the window (ie, invite someone, someone took invite, but you won't see him in raid till you zone. Or Lock raid, it won't show as locked till you zone. Or move people into group, they won't show in the group till you zone)
    Need to disband raid and reform to fix.

    If that's consistent and not a consequence of any kind of lag or postpatch stuff... It'll be a total fuckup, specially because when it buggs you can't loot items because some connected issue with adv loot window for raid loot.
  8. Iribabh New Member

    It's really disheartening to see that Druids "Remote" spell line was not fixed this patch. It's been broken since the last patch and multiple people have reported it. Druid remote spells are supposed to damage the target and heal the target target. The healing of target's target is not happening. I've reported this multiple times, Kianara has reported this again multiple times, and others as well.

    There are hundreds of AA points spent to max the focus for this to lower the cast time and this is a major part of a Druid's kit. Patching was delayed extra weeks and I continued to bump the issue in the bug thread so the dev's would see it. It would have been nice if it would have at least been acknowledged as a bug. I'm not trying to bash the dev's here, but come on put these threads up for us to report bugs and then ignore us for weeks. That's not good customer service.
  9. Kianara Journeyman

    Iri beat me to it, I was omw here to post about Remote spells not being fixed, or even acknowledged that they're broken atm.
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  10. Orcen Journeyman

    Follow up to the Scent of Terris > Scent of Thule = BUGGED
    On level 109 to level 110 mobs, Scent of Terris part of the Thule AA is now being resisted 35% of the time. (probably because its a level 52 spell now huh instead of the 14/14 Scent of Terris AA).
    One mob level 110, resisted Scent of Terris three times in a row, when finally landed, mob still resisted necro nuke BurnBones, 6 times in a row on same mob..never could get it to land on this one.. of course without BurnBones landing the Helix part of Scent of Thule wont land either, so no slows.
    Even after Scent of Terris lands (level 52 spell now) and Burnt Bones nuke lands, mobs are resisting the Helix portion now from Scent of Thule.. Again because the debuff is level 52 now not the AA level of Scent of Terris we had before.
    Mob resisting way too much now,, healers going low mana ,, Necro's wasting way too much mana now.
    This change to Scent of Thule (using the old level 52 spell) is just killing necros playability.
    Highest level of spell Scent of Terris supposed to be included in the new scent of thule.. problem is that the highest level was cast from an AA. the Spell was never upgraded from 52, only in the form of an aa.
    The old AA values should be what is cast not the level 52 spell..
    Using the highest rank of a spell when there is only one and its 15 years old at that is surely a bug. I think the problem is that the spell line never grew because it was added and grew as an AA. Now we have lost all the AA values because it reverted to the old spell. This is Terrible!
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  11. Prathun Developer

    This thread is for new bugs that are specific to the October update. Please create a new thread in Vet's Lounge and/or the DBG Issue Tracker and we will look into it when time allows. Note that this time of year, 99.9% of the team's efforts are being focused on the upcoming expansion launch.
  12. Daedly Augur

    I am no spell data expert like some people on these boards. However, looking at the spell data for various target or target spells on Lucy, i am going to assume the issue is woth the druid "moon" spell line?
    If so, looking at the change log for that line, it shows that in august, castinganim was changed from 0 to 32. I also noticed that every other target of target heal i could find had a casting time of 0, while the moon version has a casting time of 1.
    I would venture a guess the problem probably has something to do with that.

    I know that even if i am right that it doesnt help you, but i am bored and figured there might be a noticeable difference in spell data from other ToT spells that are still working.
  13. sauron3030 Lorekeeper

    Scent of Terris has been renamed Scent of Thule and the ability line has been changed to trigger Death's Malaise, your Scent of Terris spell, and the highest rank of your Scent of Gloom line of spells on your target.

    Scent is no longer debuffing magic and corruption and the fire debuff is so low now that burn bones don't land 4 out of 5 times. Please fix!
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  14. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    When casting dots, the durations are varying by huge amounts (up to 17 seconds in my testing) on any given cast. For example, my druid cast Overwhelming Sunray repeatedly and had the following results:


    Is this expected? I confirmed this behavior with my SK and also a fellow guildy. Doesn't matter which dummy I cast on, doesn't matter if I was recasting it on the same mob or on a fresh mob.
  15. Ghubuk Augur

    Was it meant for Bite of Tashani to have a cast time now? It was instant previously.
  16. keepleftgang New Member

    Mage bug... mage burns with heart of flames does not work. Its just like im only doing twincast no increase in damage.
  17. middleman850 New Member

    Theft of essence seems to be no longer landing on swarm pets
  18. mmats Augur

    Bite of Tashani now has a 2 second cast time. This version is so much worse than the original. Please revert.
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  19. Derd Augur

    Iribabh, bumping is a forum violation, just fyi.
  20. Havanap Elder

    Enveloping Helix is hitting the caster in addition to the surrounding enemies.
  21. Terces New Member

    Ranger issue with foreseen shots where called shots will not land on a mob when you are at a farther range than close to the group. Seemed like if you were out of range where you could register your hits.

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