Live Update Bugs 10/18/17

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  1. Metanis Bad Company

    Extended Target window bug? Or just an unusual consequence of "working as designed"?

    Set a slot on Xtarget to "My Pet's Target" and once the pet has it targeted that mob will no longer appear on any of the Auto Hater slots.

    Disconcerting as I set the very last slot of my Xtarget window to My Pet's Target so that I can have an in-game macro button target me so I can Voice of Thule myself and then I use the macro command /xtar 13 to target the mob my pet is on so that I keep swinging on the presumed last mob that I was swinging at.

    But since I was had slid the Xtarget window partly below the bottom of my UI I could no longer see a mob which I knew was still aggro on the group! I guess the Extended Target window logic doesn't allow the same mob to appear twice.

    But then on thinking this through, I changed the logic of my social to use Xtarget slot 1 so that I'll always be able to "grab" the next mob my pet has on target.
  2. Lily Augur

    I'm not sure if this is a new bug, but during the mission Saving Jacyll, the zone crashed when the general and lieutenants spawned, and all party members were sent to character select.
    We logged back in, got a new instance, and it crashed again same time.
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  3. Zinth Augur

    hmm yet another loot window bug...

    I have 3 chars in grp, my main and 2 boxes... box 1 flutterrez is in the drop down if I want to give something directly... fluttertank is NOT... reforming grp doesn't help, changing lootmaster doesn't help and have been the same issue for 2 days now... 3 ppl in grp, only 2 in the drop down menu... also with more ppl in grp 1 is missing
  4. Rorce Augur

    I'm having this exact same problem. Just happened 2 times in a row for me. This mission appears to be uncompletable in it's current state.
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  5. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    It has Tiger Claw. Items can only have one skill.

    It seems I was incorrect about this, and it is working as intended. These mounts have a min speed (65), but the max speed is based on another bit you have that is based on your class (shadow knight and paladin) or perhaps a raid bit you may have achieved that makes for the "75" you are looking for.
  6. Moege Augur

    Group with a person
    Click disband
    Group with another person
    Click disband
    Group with yet another person
    Now there should only be you and newest person in drop down list when you assign loot
    Seeing 4 names in there

    Nowhere during this grouping did I zone, had this happen twice now and will be checking when it happens again, usually just let autoroll take care of the loot.
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  7. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Queen raid event in Chardok, Warcasters twice in a row, thought this was changed to never happen?
  8. Thunderkiks Augur

    This is absolutely a new bug. I did this mission on Saturday before the patch and had no issues. We tried it again for some more alts that needed the achievements and had the same problem you did.
    Those 4 Bixie spawned and we started fighting them and when LD on all 4 computers. We also dropped it and got a new instance and had the same problem.

    Should be easily repeatable and hopefully fixed soon. We also did a /bug report.
  9. Warrior007 Augur

    Flash of Anger no longer gives any sort of message when cast.

    Removed 'Cast on you' message: A flash of anger takes over your weapons.
    Removed 'Cast on other' message: 's body is consumed in a flash of anger.
    Removed 'Wears off' message: The flash of anger fades.
  10. Snowman Augur

    Hugs Warrior007 !!
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  11. Tutankamen Augur

    I lost Triple attack skill from 125 points. When these kinds of changes are made it should not be breaking your character or causing you to lose skills or AAs. I think I lost 200 AAs as well.

    Consolidating these skills is not needed. It's creating situations like this which are inconveniences.

    What are we supposed to do now, our characters are much weaker and are losing skill points after this patch?
  12. Garmr Augur

    Greater hold seems a bit "wonky" after patch. Sometimes it works, other times it just doesn't and you have to /pet ghold again, sometimes twice to make it work. No way to tell if it's working until you engage some mobs.

    Example, friend logged in last night in a long while and hasn't been on since patch and asked me why his pet hold didn't seem to be working. I mentioned the pet AA consolidation and to check that his AA were spent and I told him to make sure to /pet ghold. Now, when I told him that, I forgot to put a period or something in front of /pet ghold so my warder says "no longer greater holding". I say oops, /pet ghold again and get "now greater holding". Next mob is a caster, nukes me from a distance and my warder goes blasting after it. /pet back, /pet ghold x2 and problem fixed.

    It's just acting weird with no real way to tell if its set until you start fighting. I'd say 90% of the time it seems fine, 10% of the time its "surprise!" and my warder just bolts off after something when he should be holding.
  13. EQ Dev Developer

    This is a reminder that this is not a discussion thread. Please only post new (un-reported) bugs here and how we can reproduce them if possible.

  14. Rendz New Member

    Since patch been having a lot of trouble with instanced zones ... like guild hall ... try to enter, will kick you back to guild lobby, and Dead Hills HA try for 5 minutes to get in, drop and re-request, try for 5 minutes to get in, drop and re-request, finally get in. Complete. Get new mission. Try for 5 minutes, give up.
  15. Zinth Augur


    You "fixed" the loot window, but you made another bug... 2 similarly named people in the group, one only shows up in the drop down menu, so depending on who joins first, means the next one can't be handed loot directly... I got a screenshot to show this but apparently this forum doesn't support uploads...

    It is a consistant and HIGHLY annoying bug... you fixed the issue with people showing multiple times in the list but a couple chars in grp with the first 6 letters the same in their name, whoever joins second won't show up... anyone else joining grp with different name shows up just fine...
  16. Esmefamily New Member

    I have 4 toons starting with "esme" only ML shows up, so its 4 letters. Testet it with 3 letters and toon showed up.
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  17. niente Developer

    Thanks for the report, this is fixed on beta and will be updated with the next patch.
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  18. Aurastrider Augur

    advloot is still bugged as it does not display everyone in the group to give items to. Currently with a 5 man group it only has the option to give items to the master looter and two other toons leaving two other people off the list. Only work arounds to giving items to the toons left off the list is to leave items on corpse and manually loot or change master looter to one of the toons left off the list but in doing this it removes the old master looter off the list and the other toon that was never on the list.
  19. doah Augur

    Lifeless staff of the serpent is Giant size but doesn't fit in any bags.
  20. Mortium Elder

    Trying to inspect Prize: Roaldyle's Mask causes a CTD.

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