Live Update Bugs 10/18/17

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. TenkenTurtle Elder

    Yes this is due to the click through Pet option being enabled. Might want to think of a way to fix that though.
  2. daranged Lorekeeper

    Same had 290 aa`s not spent on my war patch came got whatever was from consolidation (was fully maxed) and now need re-max again ? huh?
  3. niente Developer

    I noticed some general issues with transitioning between solo, group, and raid with the advanced loot window. Hopefully soon we can get them fixed. There is now a ticket in the queue for this.

    Will look into these, thanks for the report.
  4. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    This is what our raid loot window looked like today. Every name appeared 6 times in the list of names to assign.

  5. Fanra

    Note the double names when I go to award the item to the player:


    This is after today's downtime.
  6. Fanra

    The description does not say what buying the next level of Gate does. I have level 1 of 3, so what does level 2 and 3 do?
  7. Jaylin Augur

    They use an odd system, you can see what the next rank does but not the current rank. What you see if rank 2, the 1.75 casting time is rank 2, rank 3 is 1.5 casting time. The rank you have is i believe 2 second casting.
    I would like the descriptions to show what the current rank does, and below the next rank, not just the next rank
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  8. Kohnn Elder

    Ferrott, The Dream hunter isn't updating... Terror Unleashed, Enraged Gorilla Patriarch, Festerback... killed all with no update.
  9. Zinth Augur

    Everytime we get one of those "lag spikes" which is like every 20min or so, then the loot stays in the loot window, doesn't roll, just looks like rolls has finished but nothing happens, can't ask it to reroll, only thing that works is to manually give it to someone or else it just goes red eventually and rots
  10. Zinth Augur

    just noticed a BUG in the AA achievements too:

    Text in achievement: "Spend 1250 Alternate Advancement points"
    I did have 1286 spent but still no achi... when I "Assigned" 1250 I got the achievement, so either it should COUNT the spent when it tells you to spend to get there OR it should say "Assign 1250 Alternate Advancement points" so it fits with what it actually does. Guess it goes for ALL ranks and is very misleading.
  11. Kinadorm Augur

    Former gold accounts that are now FTP accounts that had 0 AA stored and then had abilities refunded are not be able to repurchase those refunded abilities because 3*level AA are now unable to be spent.

    Also, AA auto-grant is disabled while you are over the AA cap. This means that you are forced to buy AA that would normally be auto-granted until you get below the cap. That seems wrong.
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  12. Gialana Augur

    This is a line in the patch notes:
    "- - Fixed an issue that prevented abilities like Spell Casting Subtlety and Bold Attacks from improving the aggro of your first spell against a target."

    Before the patch, I could cast "Crush of the Darkened Seas" on an incoming NPC and take the aggro off the puller or healer (if the merc had healed the puller first), and that was plenty hate to focus the NPC's attention on me. Since the patch, when I cast this spell, it often doesn't take the NPC's attention off the healer or the merc. Instead, I must first get on the aggro list, e.g., by auto attacking. Then I can cast the spell and drop the healer merc to 1% on the aggro meter and the drop the puller far down on the aggro meter.
  13. smash Augur

    Darkened Wild Lord's Tunic

    It should have had kick after patch, seems it is missing it.
  14. Yorag Journeyman

    You now have to retrain Triple Attack from 450 to 565 apparently. Shouldn't have to do that due to a consolidation of AA's.
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  15. Fanra

    It should take you about an hour or less of fighting. One mob got me 4 points.
  16. svann Augur

    About 2.5 hours it took me from low 300's (bard).
  17. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Even though it doesn't take long to max it again, you are right.
    You shouldn't have to do it all over again.
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  18. Briano Journeyman

    Will the "*insert class* Severed Hand" mounts get the same increase? They are listed as "very fast" in the description too. I bought one on Phinny for this reason and was a little bummed that it was not 75 velocity.

    Thank you!
  19. Catty Lorekeeper

    I am in same boat. We cannot regain those AAs without paying for a subscription. I have lost /pet attack and other basics.

    I find it hard to believe this was an intentional, cheap money grab, which means it was a miss and can still be corrected.
  20. Lily Augur

    If it was intended, I plan to level up a new mage rather than pay for another subscription.

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