Live Update Bugs 08/17/16

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  1. Sphynx_CT_SR Elder

    Max aa warrior logged in. Had to attempt to repurchase aa's. Finished with less aa than started with. Refunded aa did not cover the cost of the consolidated ranks.
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  2. Hekaton Augur

    shaman 18250 aa achievement disappeared from the window. New shaman max is 18399
  3. Grabatz Lorekeeper

  4. Grabatz Lorekeeper

    Can you please add a list to the Update Notes, that shows which abilities where moved to what tab in the Alternate Advancement Window?

    It nearly freaked me out, when i didn't find "Twinproc" (for instance) where i expected it and there was no mentioning of it being (re)moved (for my class) in the patch notes. :(
  5. Randragon Augur

    Vrinda wrote:

    Was this over agro in a group or raid situation? I would be curious to know.

  6. Gialana Augur

    I played a character on a new computer which didn't have autoloot filters for that character. There were multiple lines in the loot window with the same item (from multiple mobs). I assigned one to myself. In the personal loot window, I then checked Always Need. The item was successfully transferred to my inventory. When I assigned the next of the same item to myself, it showed up in my personal loot window but did not auto-loot, even though the Always Need box was still checked. I had to click the loot button or uncheck and recheck the Always Need box.
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  7. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    The refunds after the consolidation were very bugged.

    [Wed Aug 17 20:04:08 2016] You have been refunded 12 AA points for the alternate ability Fury of Magic.
    [Wed Aug 17 20:04:08 2016] You have been refunded 67 AA points for the alternate ability Critical Affliction.
    [Wed Aug 17 20:04:08 2016] You have been refunded 18 AA points for the alternate ability Fundament: First Spire of Nature.
    [Wed Aug 17 20:04:08 2016] You have been refunded 3 AA points for the alternate ability Foraging.

    I got these as my only AAs refunded. Yet all 4 of these AA lines were maxed (for my level) when I checked.

    However, the Planar Wisdom, Stamina, and Agility AA lines which I had maxed, I got no refunds from. And my Planar Power AA stayed at Rank 20/60.

    I should've gotten the individual stat cap increasing AAs refunded. It ends up being around 40 ranks * 5 AA per rank * 3 AA lines = 600 AAs that didn't get refunded and 100 AAs that did get refunded which I shouldn't have received. Roughly 500 AA loss in the patch.

    I'm fine with not having maxed out stats due to the consolidation of Planar Power lines. But I'd rather not have to refarm 500ish AAs again. For no reason.
  8. Karhar Dream Crusher

    Had 105 aa saved, got 69 back, cost 105 to buy innate eminence... I mean its not like the 105 aa was gonna go to anything but a glyph, but i had other guildies get refunded 300+ aa and only spend 105 of them.
  9. Derd Augur

    Any chance these are autogrant to a certain level?
  10. Klang Lorekeeper

    - - Coinciding with this change, the damage that non-pet NPCs deal with riposte attacks has been globally reduced.

    I was doing some xp in Kael on Phinigel - and the Cleric hammer pets seem to be getting riposted to death fairly quickly. This seemed to happen on even on sub-50 mobs. I was using this pet a week ago in there and it was not having this problem. Did this fix/tweak undo something that was in there to protect these pets from an early death?
  11. JongleurDongler New Member

    Server: Phinigel.
    Lute of the Howler didn't get changed with other bard instruments and is still Primary only. Is this intentional? Due to a typo in Dev notes explaining this change so I'm not sure what is going on.
    "- Changed all items marked as Bard instruments so that they can be equipped in either the primary or secondary hand. Note that it intended that you are still only able to equip one instrument at a time."
    To replicate:
    attempt to equip in secondary slot, read description and witness that it still only says primary.
  12. Vrinda Augur

    I don't raid on the monk cause he's a baby still. This was in a group situation, and it was very consistent. If I started with over 50% aggro compared to the level 105 tank, it was enough to spike me to 100% and (temporarily) take aggro. Between that and riposte damage, the merc healer was spending way more mana than usual until I dumped banestrike. Not sure what it'll do on a raid, of course.

    Since there's been no response from a dev, I'm guessing this is intentional and was accidentally left out of the patch notes. It's just sad to no longer be able to get that extra dps without screwing up aggro for the group.
  13. Xinny Journeyman

    There appears to be some unintentional nerfs to mage pets. It could be all pets in general, but I could not comment for other classes. Also I'm not sure if this is a result of the riposte changes or if it has to do with consolidating the AAs for pet classes. One or the other is effecting it though.

    I realize mages received a nerf to pets several times over the course of the last year to bring them in line with intended game play. I have adjusted and been able to live with that. Recently mage pets have been suffering from the stat consolidation and how it effects the gear they are summoned with. In addition to that this new patch has made it nearly impossible to kill a named mob with your merc healing.

    As an example, with the all the previous changes before the patch, The Frantic Smith in Degmar could be killed by a mage with a merc healing. This was by no means easy and required a use of all your skills to do this. This means once every 15 minutes you could "possibly" achieve this and I'm sure it is much harder for a player that is not fully raid geared. Here is a list of the required skills in order for this to be done:

    Fortify companion, Host in the Shell, Companions Blessing, Virulent Talon, Frenzied Burnout, AA Rune (multiple refreshes), Heart of Flames, First Spire of Elements, Improved Twincast, Focus of Arcanum, Silent Casting, Mend Companion, Servant of Ro, Host of the Elements. Combined with MAXIMUM AAs, support spell Chaotic Benefaction, and of course a merc healing.

    The above skill set would yield a win against a tough named and was still a hard battle even with a fully geared and fully AA mage prior to the latest patch. Now using this entire skill set + some spot healing its a complete gamble to make it out alive. The named mobs are cutting through the mage pets like a hot knife through butter. Fortify companion is down after a few rounds and every other spell is dedicated to pet healing with the merc which could still result in death without the use of Armor of experience or Harm shield etc.

    Was there an intention to further nerf pet classes and make the pets useless for taking any hits? I thought the last nerfs made it tough enough and the gameplay was actually fun, but now its just a bit ridiculous.


  14. Gaol Journeyman

    The AA refunds do seem to have been bugged. On my shaman I now have to re-purchase planar power at 35 AAs a rank yet on my bard I don't. Both were maxxed before the patch.

    The shaman got AA refunds for fury of magic, critical affliction, foraging and the first spire - yet now appears not to be max planar power any more.

    The bard was given refunds for natural durability, physical enhancement, fury of magic, run speed and first spire but remains maxxed on planar power.

    It would be great to get some kind of confirmation about this.
  15. Redrum_Redrum Augur

    Clicking up from Arx Mentis portal on the base floor top of the temple click up to the tower floors now gives fall damage of around 10%. Tested this on 3 characters was able to nock myself down to 10% health by clicking several times.
  16. Imak Augur

    Seems that characters who were refunded Forage AAs also lost whatever skill levels those AAs enabled. One of my chars that was at 250 skill is now back down to 200 skill due to the refund. While I can certainly re-buy the new ranks, I obviously cannot re-buy the 50 skill levels lost.
  17. Raytan Elder

    Yes, my forager also lost all his skill above 200, has to purchase the aa's again, and relearn the foraging. Thanks.
  18. Qbert Gallifreyan

    Per the patch: "Paladin, Shadowknight - The various Summon Mount abilities have been moved from the class category to the Special category of the AA ability window."

    That looks mostly successful. One problem, though:

    • "Holy Warhorse" did not get moved. This was the special mount paladins received for buying the box edition of the Prophecy of Ro expansion. I think there was a shadowknight counterpart as well, but I don't play one so I don't know for certain. Everyone that bought the box got a generic warhorse that could be turned in with various mounts to receive a different version. For paladins, when this was done, we got the new mount as an aa ability.
    Since I'm on this topic, this mount ("Holy Warhorse") also does not have the "Free Storage" flag for the mount keyring. In fact, neither does "Hallowed Steed," yet knights were supposed to have their aa mounts flagged as such when the keyring went into the game.
  19. Aeular Journeyman

    Mana still gets charged on cleric AA "Blessing of Resurrection" even if the rez failed, such as (but not limited to) person was zoning, person was hovering on a different corpse then you tried to rez, person was offline, person already had a rez box.

    This is a great way to blow lots of mana mid fight for absolutely nothing, and often with near 0 control, especially with the multi year long bug of not being able to easily target corpses via raid window or /target, forcing falling back to cycling neared corpse
  20. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    Paladins and Shadow Knights using the Weapon Stance AA are triggering the Warrior's version of the Proficiency buffs, the Knight version was never put in the game.
    Wednesday's AA consolidation moved the 20% proc bonus from Warrior's AA Improved Shield Specialist (a thing Knights didn't have) into the Defensive Proficiency. Check a Knight using Defensive Proficiency, they also now have a 20% proc bonus.
    The Proficiency buffs are triggered by a different AA number with an identical name to what Warriors use (Weapon Stances), but the spell data is exactly the same, not even a duplicate spell.