Live Update Bugs 08/16/17

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. klanderso Developer

    Still working on those chat issues. I've spent the better part of my day talking to myself to make sure it's fixed properly :)
  2. High Voltage Augur

    Saying /send to Secalna Galnor (Tutorials) she no longer ports you to Gloomingdeep. Tried with two low levels on different accounts. Antonius Bayle server.
  3. Luxferre New Member

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but the level 50 spell Kragg's Salve is not scaling with level on the TLP server Agnarr. I thought it was supposed to, otherwise its just a higher mana cost version of superior healing...
  4. CatsPaws Augur

    Same here, on Tunare. Only says enjoy! but does not send. Tried clicking on the "send" in conversation, tried say with "send" and "send me".
  5. mackal Augur

    It "does" but at level 50 it already hits it's max value.
  6. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    Sounds like it's been that way since release:
  7. klanderso Developer

    Alrighty, I've updated and restarted the chat server, it *should* be less wonky now.
  8. Brickhaus New Member

    Eron's Jewelry Not Updating The Artisan's Prize Achievement Correctly

    So...I'm frozen out of the best aug in the game...

    I have completed the three pre-items for acquiring the Artisan's Prize quest from Lebounde ab Dolmen (actually completed all of them well before the achievement). Earring of Solstice and Signet of the Arcane have check marks, but Eron's Jewelry does not even though it is on my character.

    I have:
    -moved item to real estate house (with and without logged to desktop)
    -moved item to bank (with and without logged to desktop)
    -tried giving to NPC
    -tried giving to another player
    -tried giving to Lebounde ab Dolmen

    ...but the achievement does not update. Eron himself will not start a new quest line for me so I can't even just redo it.

    Petitioning brought the "this is a bug that has to be fixed at a global level so I won't do anything for you" answer. I have /bug reported this issue, but I'm going to post here cause I really have no alternative.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I'm willing to try...
  9. Ofearl Augur

    Not sure if bug, broken or I'm doing it wrong.

    EoK progression: Concerned Citizen

    I take me team of misfits, 2/3 of them Full TDS mind you; 3rd is up to Degmar, to Lceniam. We go to a harried page, say the phrase "recommendation", he tells us to go to Katta Deluge to talk to Oastides. Get there, say "recommend", he gives us all the text about allies and here is my recommendation, yet we do not actually receive the note to turn in.

    Asked in general chat, no luck, had a few friends try it and same results.

    So is it "working as intended", or am I not doing something right?
  10. Ofearl Augur

  11. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    It is working as intended. You have to do at least one quest in Katta for him to confirm that you actually helped the Combine.
  12. Ofearl Augur

    So even tho i have done all partisans and merc tasks from tempest to arx mentis I still have to do something else?
  13. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Monk's Stunning Kick line has been replaced with two abilities which are 100% useless, Sweeping Kick and Stunning Round Kick, and none of this was mentioned in the Patch notes or discussed at all with the Monk class.
    While this might have caught all of the Recourse spells, it did not catch the spells which no longer drop/exist, such as the Cleric only version of Heroic Bond ( ) or spells which have been changed to not include certain classes, such as Mammoth's Force with regard to Shaman. In the case of the latter, the actual Spell Mammoth's Force ( ) says that it is useable by level 86 Shaman still, but the scroll only lists Druids ( )
  14. Greyvvolf Lorekeeper

    What used to be listed as Sionachie's Crescendo (Bard > Class AA) is now showing as "Unknown DB String 1018-1" in both the AA Window and on my alt's hotbar. Took me a minute to figure out what it used it be.

  15. Phrovo1 Augur

    Stunning Round Kick's old name was Master's Hastened Combination (which decreased the cooldown on the 3 spammable AA skills by 5 seconds per rank). It looks like the old effects are still in the game, there are just new names/descriptions for what I assume are what they are intending to change them to. Stunning Kick was changed to Resonance Kick, Eye Gouge was changed to Resonant Strikes, and the Sweeping Kick you are seeing is what was Crippling Strike.
  16. Xorsazis Elder

    Chat channels are mostly fixed, however it will not let anyone invited into a password protected channel join without the password like it used to. So unless we start giving out all the channel passwords, no one can join it.
  17. Cindane New Member

    I had the same issue at first when I did it for my three toons at once. The task that "counted" for me in Katta Deluge was "The Pellarus Satum." It's given by the Head Mage Antius that greets you when you zone in from the GH portal to Katta. Once I had that task done, Oastides responded to me properly and gave me the note. The simple kill tasks in Katta Deluge (like kill shissars, or kill elementals) did not count I found.
  18. klanderso Developer

    Dangit. Can you PM me your name, server, and the channel name? I'll dig in and see about getting it fixed.
  19. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    You missed the entire point of what I said. It was unnecessary, unwanted, and has now made things worse not better. There was no reason to change any of the existing AA lines; much less to change them so radically without any input at all from the Class directly affected by the changes. These changes only lead to bad things for Monks.
  20. svann Augur

    Im not seeing that on mine. You may want to do a full file check. On the launch window in the bottom left it says Version: Live. Click the Live and you get a menu popup. Choose Validate Game Assets.
  21. Azazel New Member

    Servant of Marr water pets summoned with Minion of Discord on Phinigel server, even with no other focus effects worn, are casting water strike at the wrong level. Currently casting level 3, when it should be level 4, like all the other same tier pets that cast their spell at level 4.

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