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  1. Agrippa Augur

    @Hludwolf: Thank you for the quick reply. I do have Auto Ask Roll selected on almost every old and prechecked item that came up in the window tonight. The bard on another account that I was grouped with tonight is using the Advanced Loot tool with the same settings, but I don't have any filters checked with her and I only pass her items with the tool manually. Should the window still be popping up in the master looter's window if party members haven't checked their selection yet? If the answer is Yes, please, please disregard this. If the answer is No, though, the window is still popping up in the master looter's window with all of the above checked, including Auto Ask Roll (the dice).
  2. Hludwolf Developer

    Additionally, it will also show if there is anything in your personal loot list at all.

    It does not matter if the group members have made a selection, only that you (master looter) have all items marked one of an/ag/nvr/nd/gd/no and auto ask roll (dice)
  3. Xinny Journeyman

    Can't tell if the Darkened Trakanon's Tooth was updated or not. It is still useless garbage for a caster. Heroic stats are that of group level items making it a downgrade to use in any scenario when compared to the following options:

    1) Use Nightfear's Halo for a damage proc. Better proc than Trak Tooth, and better overall heroic stats.
    2) Use Tooth (from gore) with Invested Tome of Obulous. Obvious mana return setup with lesser damage procs, but much higher overall heroic stats.

    Above, option 1 is obviously for increased DPS fights, and option 2 is for long duration mana saving fights. So where does the Darkened Trakanon Tooth fit in for casters? I thought it would be a nice go between item to swap out your Tooth (gore) for the new Darkened Trakanon's tooth if one were to decided to do slightly less proc damage than the Nightfear's Halo, in return for getting slightly less mana return. That would make sense if it wasn't that the Darkended Trakanon's Tooth provides worse stats than either of the above 2 options making it worthless to switch out as a comprise between procs / mana return...

    Either it needs to have the proc increased to 8000 (slightly less than Nightfear's Halo) similar to Hornscale Blade, or it needs to have the Heroic Stats of Stam/Int/Wis/Dex increased to appeal to all classes. Doing both would obviously make it a preferable upgrade and a weapon that casters could considering switching to depending on the situation.

    In short, is this lack of real update to the Darkended Trakanon's Tooth a bug or is this operating as intended? If this is what's intended, then I suppose... Thank you for the nice wall trophy?


    (The oldest surviving magician in EQ)
  4. Paladin Augur

    Planes of Power -> Raids -> Conqueror of The Prison of the Forsaken (Plane of TIme as most people know it).

    Every target in every Phase is checked -- and so is "Complete Phase 6. However, Phase 1 thru 5 are NOT checked, despite all the targets in them being checked off.
  5. Agrippa Augur

    @Hludwolf: Thank you again for the quick reply.

    Sorry if I'm being a pain here, but the quote above confused me. When you say anything in my personal loot list at all will show, do you mean that the window should continue popping open for every item that the master looter has selected Always Need or Always Greed on even if the Auto Ask Roll box is selected?

    I'm logged out for the evening and I'll try to pay more attention to it in game tomorrow, but I just didn't see that the patch did anything with what I have checked as the master looter. I have Always Greed selected on most trade skill mats, gems, ornaments, and such, but I also had the Auto Ask Roll box selected. The window was still popping open for me with every gem, trade skill mat, and ornament that dropped tonight with what I have checked in the tool and with Always Greed and Auto Ask Roll selected. Again, please, disregard if this intended behavior, but I was imagining that the window would be popping open considerably less, even for the master looter, than it was prior to the patch.

    Edit: Would having Auto Show Window *and* Show on new items only both checked be conflicting with each other? (And it's a very small issue, but all of the settings with the exception of "Show on new items" have the starting letter in every word capitalized.)
  6. kizant Augur

    It has 305 more HP from what I can tell.

    Also, switching between staff and trak tooth/invested tome I see a pretty small mana loss, a big hp gain, and hagi is 1 less. The big different is the 10k proc with 2 aug slots and 7200 worth of procs and 2 aug slots. So, agreed it would be nice if they increased the damage on the tooth's proc. Making it 6k would even things out. But then you should account for the agro reduction and healing of the book's proc. I don't know. Maybe it's fine as is.
  7. Silinius Augur

    Are we expecting another patch during prime time tonight to fix chat channels, Necromancer pets and anchor issues? Asking so I can actually give a heads up to my guild as to if we are raiding or not tonight.
  8. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    Extra patches/downtime should be a given on any patch day. But yeah, the issues you have described would seem to warrant more concern than usual.
  9. Silinius Augur

    Necro pets and anchors I'd assume are something requiring a patch. Chat channels I'd assume would be a server side fix. Just inquiring so I don't screw up planning for the remainder of the week :p
  10. Orbital101 Augur

    Calebgrothiel and 'a phoenix Searedwing dint update Hunter of Eryslai, Lossennmachar did.
  11. Siny Augur

    Dont know if this actually affects anything but just noticed Rubicite Ore and Iridium Ore now has recommended and required levels (54 and 50 for the 1st, 39 and 30 for the latter). Hunting atm so I cant check others
  12. Paladin Augur

    Planes of Power -> Raids -> Conqueror of The Reef of Coirnav

    I just did the Fishlord Lezom summoning event. A majority of the "named" from each of the 4 phases appeared and were killed. The Fishlord also survived.

    ZERO updates!
  13. klanderso Developer

    Chat channels should be working again! Unfortunately we had to revert the change (to spin up new channels automatically) in the process.
  14. Paladin Augur

    I just repeated the process with Fishlord Craiyk. Same results.
  15. Catashe Augur

    and another fail attempt at fixing those chat channels... Nice try though! =)
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  16. Orbital101 Augur

    Kinda slow to update but finally did update so never mind that.
  17. Orbital101 Augur

    Achievement updated for me with Fishlord Craiyk
  18. EQ Dev Developer

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  19. Gremin Augur

    So some of the tinkering items marked as tradeskill items are not stacking such as gauze press, crab crackers etc?
  20. eqzekisdead Augur

    Attempting to log into characters that are in spirit shrouds makes the game crash every time.

    Before the patch I had some characters in shrouds and now I cannot log them in without the game crashing. I am able to log into other characters on the account, just not the shrouded ones.

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