Live Update Bugs 07/13/16

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. Durew Journeyman

    The raid achievement All Must Fall is still broken, and has been since the start of the xpac. Some guilds are able to get it, while others cannot... fix this garbage already
  2. Nagalog New Member

    I have the same issue on all three of my PCs. So it does not seem to be a hardware issue.
    It seems that my characters sometimes loose connection to the server while zoning, so get booted to server select after a few minutes of trying to reach the server.

    A possibly related bug is that since last patch, sometimes when I log in, I get a message at server select mentioning an "unknown error". I will get this message for a few minutes, or until I close and restart EQ.

    I'm having both problems only since last patch (in fact, it was ok for two days after the patch!). So they might be related.

    Yet, it seems that in my guild I am the only one having this problem.
    @Paradisic_parasite: Are you EU-based?
  3. Gidono Augur

    A look at spell parser shows all the new heals that were added are marked with a value of 2 in the beneficial field instead of 1. I'm not sure what the value 2 stands for as I'm still learning the values of data fields but all other heals I see are with a value of 1. That would be why the spells won't work out of line of sight and why they aren't being focused because the focus on the items is for beneficial spells only.
  4. Paradisic_parasite Elder

    Yes I am.
  5. Dega Elder

    The last couple of days I have experienced the same as Nagalog above and my issues started 2-3 days after patch as well. It takes place when I zone, either i freeze and get disconnected, or it takes a minute or 2 and I zone but I have such bad lag with a delay from 30 40 sec to well over 2 minutes, resulting in me warping back on my path, I have had to con something now just to make sure I am not lagging. Chat seems ok tho from what i noticed. This isn´t happening all the time tho and last it happened I did a hard reboot and everything was working again. First I thought it might be a router somewhere along the way, but I have more or less scratched that idea.

    Can´t but help wondering if this:

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Added a general world performance improvement when loading characters. In rare cases, when first entering character select your characters may take up to a few minutes to load. They will automatically appear when they're ready to enter the world.

    messed something up.....

    Edit: btw EU based just in case....
  6. Rylok New Member

    Rogue poisons on quarm are way out of era. The crafted equivalents for all classes (Spider's bite) can't be made due to expansion restrictions.
  7. Garanle Elder

    As of the last patch Lord Feshlak seems bugged. We pull his guards then he de-pops and we get the lock out for him. He seems to depop with in 5 minutes of pulling the guards, not sure why. We see him in his cubby up and waiting after killing the guards he is gone.

    Happened two weeks in a row now. Never happened before the patch. When we kill Vul he doesn't come to assist (He must have despawned).
  8. Deadguy New Member

    Lockjaw Server
    10th Ring War event

    Guild completed the 10th Ring war event Saturday evening. All dwarf captains, scout and seneschal lived. The marching orders were not needed or used during the event to ensure that each of them would live at the end for the additional turn ins. I turned in the head and 9th ring, to Seneshal Aldikar, received the 10th ring and the Shorn Head of Narandi. I attempted to give the head to each of the dwarves to receive the additional rewards, but the head was given back to me without any new items, no exp and no faction. I tried hiding and handing the shorn head as well, same result. They call conned Indifferent, which by everything I read they are supposed to. I am Ally with Coldain and I believe Dubious or better with Dain, although I have read that it is not supposed to matter. Roughly 10 minutes of trying to figure it out with my guild over guild chat and Ventrillo, the event depopped and the dwarves disappeared.

    I submitted a normal petition but was told that customer service would not be able to assist me and instructed me to submit a request on Daybreak's Community Issue Tracking page. Did that, EQ-1010. Still have faith that a bug is found and the items are rewarded.

    Thank you in advance,
  9. Nagalog New Member

    My disconnection-while-zoning problem is gone. Since all of us who reported this problem are EU based, it might have been some temporary router problem.

    @Dega, @Paradisic_Parasite: Is the problem solved for you as well? In that case, I suggest the mods to move our posts to the technical questions forum, as our problem appears to be unrelated to the 07-13-16 live update.
  10. Dega Elder

    It seems to have worked itself out :)
  11. XeroVash New Member

    on Quarm

    You guys still have old VP mobs when it should be new VP (quest items are available and the era VP got re vamped in was Gates of Discord) I gathered all the quest items only to find out when I zoned into VP its old VP and the dragons are not giving out the quests. Please change VP on Quarm to re vamped VP.
  12. Aditya New Member

    Doing 'In Defense of Health' HA with my 77 chanter and 77 cleric. The ballistas I was supposed to destroy didn't seem to scale down to my level. Pets took 5 minutes to bring health down 2% and melee'ing with the cleric resulted in the ballista hitting me for 13k+, which was a bit much for the poor cleric to take.
  13. Vdidar Augur

    is there any intent to add spacing on the item stat page so the heroics that are over 100 show clearly instead of running into the next lines?
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  14. Ryak Augur

    I completed the Quarm group objective and did not receive the appropriate /claim rewards.
    Steps to reproduce.
    All of this happened while still in the MPG group trial zone:
    (1) Complete the 6th mpg group trial
    (2) The achievement reward appeared in one of my bags
    (3) I looked at the preview for the achievement item
    (4) I left clicked the achievement item and it disappeared
    (5) I checked my /claim and did not see the rewards
    After zoning/camping:
    (6) I tried zoning and camping out and still did not see the rewards on /claim
    Expected: Quarm group rewards appear in my /claim list
    Actual: no quarm rewards appear

  15. Lawyer Elder

    Bug with Live EQ and Steam In-Home Streaming. Just started recently (last couple of days). Probably due to a recent Steam update.

    This may entirely be a Steam issue. It is some sort of interaction with the launchpad and Steam's launcher.

    Basically, Steam gets confused as to whether EQ is running or not, and it ends the in-home streaming. Can't even get all the way to the server select screen before Steam boots you.

    For those of us streaming EQ to a Mac via Steam, it's a pain.
  16. Prathun Developer

    We have been unable to reproduce this issue. However, we did verify that your character has the bits for completing the group Trials of Mata Muram while your account does not have the claim rewards.
    We've given the character Ztabus the Silver Seal of Quarm Event I item.
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  17. Ryak Augur

    Thanks, i was able to successfully claim now.

    As for reproducing it, the only things I can think of that i did that might have reproduced it were the fact that i clicked it before zoning out of the MPG group trial zone which gives you the AA for completing the trial. If you guys were checking that the player had 6/6 MPG AAs, maybe that's the issue?

    Also it appeared in a bag and disappeared immediately when i left clicked it. I would have expected that i had to right click the item in order to do the claim. So maybe its a right click vs left click issue?

    If neither of these ideas are any help, that's probably all i can come up with from an outsider perspective. Just hoping to help you fix the issue for other people if i can, now :)
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  18. Ducreux Augur

    This is affecting multiple people, .

    Also can you weigh in on as to whether or not completing multiple of the objectives that give tokens(IE: Group trials AND Killing OMM) will allow us to claim multiple rewards or is it a "highest tier wins" sort of deal?
  19. Ryak Augur

    So far, only you and me have posted on that thread, Durcreau. So it appears to be relatively rare, although i wouldn't be surprised if more people fall victim to the bug over time.

    Durcreau, can you confirm which if any of the details in either of my two posts also applied to you to see if we can narrow down how to reproduce it?

    Hopefully they will also look into restoring your reward item if they can confirm the same details as they could for me.

    I thought of some more details that might be relevant:

    (1) I did the Subversion trial last. In fact i did the trials in this order. Ingenuity, Efficiency, Destruction, Fear, Weaponry, Subversion

    (2) I died during the boss and was ressed after the boss died. (I did not release so i was floating over my corpse when the boss died)
  20. Lawyer Elder

    Fixed w/latest Steam update.

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