Live Update Bugs 07/13/16

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. Fnyanea Augur

    Also have toons appearing as lv 100.... Bertox, if that matters
  2. Naugrin Augur

    2 client crashes on zoning today. Very uncharacteristic for me.
  3. kalrie New Member

    Also requires line of sight to cast. Doesn't seem to be flagged as a beneficial spell.
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  4. ThisCharmingCJ New Member

    Mobs are fleeing at 50% hp and with other mobs of the same faction aggroed on you. For example, had 3 gnolls aggroed on me in blackburrow. Got first to 50% and he immediately ran off causing my death. Not sure if this is happening everywhere but if it is, leveling low characters is gonna be rough
  5. kalrie New Member

    Just occurred to me to check - Same problems with Nature's Renewal.
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  6. Deillusional Augur

    AB has started misbehaving again, i have been informed it has crashed already this morning.
  7. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    On Quarm, in PoK the jewelcraft that is in the small bank was always there. It was not one of the TS merchants added to the area and should not have been removed.
  8. Qbert Augur

    No it has not always been there. I'm not sure if you are referring to the vendor or the container. If the vendor, he was added about three years ago with the other new merchants. If the container, this type (jewelcraft) of world container did not even exist in the OoW era.
  9. Versifier Elder

    This seems like a bug...
    The Rogue AA "Anatomy" available at level 60 is locked to the DODH expansion for some reason. Anatomy unlocks the Assassinate ability which rogues originally got at 60 without any AA at all. Could it be moved from DODH to PoP, or earlier?
  10. adetia Augur

    I'm not sure this feedback is particularly helpful, but here it is anyway. Something seems super out of whack. This morning, I've had four client crashes, and i can't even remember the last time i had a client crash before today -- literally i'm not sure i've ever had a client crash on this computer. So four in one day is really something. I'm also having significant problems with "ghosted" items this morning. i.e. if i pick up an item it poofs, eventually after a bunch of zoning it magically appears on my cursor, same with handing items into the npc, my worn gear, all kinds of problems.
  11. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    What you're seeing isn't a bug but is a discrepancy between how EQ displays spell AC and the AC in your inventory.

    Prismatic Ward XIV has an AC value of 1330. In EQ, when we calculate the AC gained from buffs we divide by 4 for non INT casters and divide by 3 for INT casters. After that, all our AC from buffs and items etc is calculated and then ... multiplied by 1000, and divided by (350 + 497) -
    Prismatic Ward XIV spell AC = 1330

    Displayed AC from buffs = [1000 * (spell AC / 4) ] / (350 + 497)
    = 1000 * (1330 / 4) / 847
    = 391 AC

    Depending on your total AC gained from buffs, this number can be skewed a bit since when you divide you lose the remainder - why you get 392 AC.

    For the ATK on Aura of Rage I assume it's a similar issue but not sure, I am not familiar with ATK
  12. xukil of luclin Journeyman

    I went to zone and just wound up at desktop...This same thing happens on each of my three computers I play EQ on...The particular one has 32 gig of ram and is set to least memory mode...It seems I can't be in game and most likely in the same zone for more then an hour until this happens.

    [Thu Jul 14 15:34:33 2016]00384:D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx() failed to create texture for particle system.

    [Thu Jul 14 15:48:35 2016]01831:Uploader Error: ERROR: HttpHandler::OnTerminated, disconnectReason="DisconnectReasonConnectError" 10, WSAGetLastError=6
    [Thu Jul 14 15:48:35 2016]01832:Uploader Error: ERROR: FunctionObjectT::Connect, failed for url=""
    [Thu Jul 14 15:48:35 2016]01833:Uploader Error: ERROR: FunctionObjectT::FireEvent, trackingId=3, err="UploaderErrBadConnection", sslConnectionFilterErr="cErrFail"
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:49 2016]01834:Networking: Connection Closed [0] with 0 pending bytes.
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:49 2016]01835:Stopping world display.
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01836:Attempt to send message 4283 on a void connection.
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01837:Beginning EnterZone block.

    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01838:Calling WorldAuthenticate. Countdown is 4

    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01839:Networking: using port [65417].
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01840:Networking: Connection Established [1]
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01841:WorldAuthenticate: Initiating Login.
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01842:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x404a (16458).
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01843:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0xaea (2794).
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01844:WorldRPServer message: server name luclin

    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01845:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x4e7b (20091).
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01846:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x433e (17214).
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01847:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x3ae3 (15075).
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01848:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x1cee (7406).
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01849:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x6c5e (27742).
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01850:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x49f3 (18931).
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01851:WorldAuthenticate. Access granted.

    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01852:Exception in RunGame GameLoop Code = c0000005 ADDR=0x00f0c835
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01853:EAX=00b15000 EBX=00b15000 ECX=4a300018 EDX=000ce218
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01854:ESI=0000000c EDI=00000000 EBP=003ed99c ESP=003ed99c
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01855:process was trying to WRITE invalid data.
    [Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 2016]01856:Invalid access occurred at virtual address 0x00000000.
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  13. Goodkitty Augur

    possible bug..

    Beastlord pet procs on Quarm are acting as knockbacks rather than stuns.
  14. adetia Augur

    and another client crash this time doing fishing combines in pok. (up to about 10 so far today now).
  15. adetia Augur

    and again. we're (the several people in my guild who have been having same problem) noticing it seems to happen more on computers where folks tend to tab around. my last crash i went to tab out and got the little popup error.
  16. Eggolas Augur

    Last two days on Rathe server the HA bonus from the EWTK guard is not working for Dead Hills. Both SA and ItH give base experience of 16AAs at level 105.
  17. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    Is there a way to prevent EQ from automatically changing this setting after a crash? Or should we ask somebody to create a script to change it back every time we have to recover from a crash? I hate crashing, but I hate crappy graphic performance even more.
  18. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    This is one of the most useful posts I've seen from EQ staff, thank you JChan. I really hope you guys will add this to an official support article. @Fanra, I hope you can add this to your site too :)
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  19. Kobrah Augur

    Posted this somewhere else but I should post somewhere someone who matters will notice lol. The secondary claw for "The Warder" ornament, has the fire for the paladin "Dawn" ornament and vice versa. Flames on bst ornament are in the shape of a sword ... and the dawn has a small ball of flame.. pretty sure these should be reversed and its killing my need for balance on my toon lol. Thanks
  20. Paradisic_parasite Elder

    Last couple days I have been getting random disconnects. I box 3 accounts and approximately every half hour one of my accounts(appears random which) stops responding and I have to wait about 5 minutes before it ends up at server select with the character still logged in and needing to be booted.
    Needless to say this is -very- disruptive. Fix whatever you broke with last patch, ty.

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