Live Update Bugs 06/19/2019

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  1. Duder Augur

    Thank you for the reply and information Ngreth
  2. Skuz Augur

    Rank III Temple Chop - this is currently not working in combat & gives me an error message that the ability cannot be used in combat, the rank II Temple Chop was working in combat just fine as have all prior ranks of the Berserker Stun ability.
  3. Froglok Elder

    This isn't a new bug, but it's been around for a long time now.

    A load of the illusions that offer some buff boost, describe the boost seemingly backwards?

    For example Illusion Benefit Beza says, "Grants a 32 to 0 damage shield."

    Shouldn't it say from 0 to 32?

    And under what conditions? Such as from 0 (Level 1) to 32 (Level 85)?

    Perhaps they should just say "up to 32" -- and leave it at that, if that makes it easier to fix.
  4. Yinla Augur

    EQ seems to be getting stuck in a loop after char select
    DBG file

    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:44 2019]00192:LIT data has 0 vertices, expeect it to have 25 vertices, so LIT data is being ignored!
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:44 2019]00655:Loading poknowledge
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00656:Loading objects
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00657:Loading lights
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00658:Initializing cameras.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00659:Initializing lights.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00660:Initializing visual effects.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00661:Initializing target indicator.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00662:Initializing player path.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00663:performing post-load operations.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00664:Initializing precipitation system.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00665:World initialized: poknowledge
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00666:Resetting cameras.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00667:Resetting overlays.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00668:Zone initialized.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00669:Creating INI files.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00670:Requesting AA data.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00671:Requesting Skill rank data.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00672:parsing INI file .\Yinnie_antonius.ini
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00673:INI file .\Yinnie_antonius.ini loaded.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00674:Loading UI.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00675:Deactivating previous UI.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00676:Unloading previous textures.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00677:Resetting UI.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00678:Resetting character select UI.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00679:Resetting game UI.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00680:UI Reset.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00681:Initializing UI.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00682:Initializing UI manager.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00683:Initializing fonts.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00684:parsing UI XML.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00685:parsing INI file .\UI_Yinnie_antonius.ini
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:45 2019]00686:INI file .\UI_Yinnie_antonius.ini loaded.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:46 2019]00687:Loading default UI resources.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:46 2019]00688:Initializing game UI.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:56 2019]00689:Initializing keypress handler.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:22:57 2019]00690:Loading Icons.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:23:01 2019]00691:Resetting viewport.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:23:01 2019]00692:Game UI Initialized.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:23:01 2019]00693:Loading UI Complete.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:23:01 2019]00694:Memory: Load: 33, Total Phys: 12279, Avail Phys: 8213, Total Page: 24556, Avail Page: 19190, Total Virtual: 4095, Avail Virtual: 2973, FreeBlocks: 2046,537,75,73,44,33,26,21,15,9
    [Tue Jul 02 16:23:01 2019]00695:pools: Temp: 0(0). Persistent: 45527704(45455445). OnDemand: 0(0). Zone: 20126784(19996531)
    [Tue Jul 02 16:23:01 2019]00696:MaxTextures: 22336k, CurrentTextures: 22336k, HighQualityTextures: 22336k
    [Tue Jul 02 16:23:01 2019]00697:Entering main loop.
    [Tue Jul 02 16:23:01 2019]00698:DoMainLoop - Just after packet processing()

    Terminated manually at 16:27 - task manager said Everquest was not responding
  5. XavierSelos New Member

    Game CTDs each time I hit the Get Matches button in the Groups Looking for Players tab of the LFG window.
  6. aozs Journeyman

    Had the mission "Relic Raider" get stuck at step "Steal the duende female mold". I looted the mold within a couple seconds of the final mob dying and it didn't update properly.

    Tried dropping the mold on the ground and picking it back up, but it wasn't able to be picked up, so the mission just ended up in a stuck state.
  7. Hadesborne Augur

    an ancient Jarsath is not flagged as a rare mob when you con it. This mob not being flagged as rare isn't helping it spawn more often during this summer increased rare spawn event
  8. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Mobs can now knock me off the carpets, but don't seem to knock me off the animal mounts now. I noticed it when tanking GMM mobs in live zones. I often still have the buff spell but not the visual carpet and I start getting moved back from the mob.
  9. Ranor Journeyman

    When you camp it takes you to your current server character select screen. However when you hit the quit button it freezes up on a black screen and times out. It won't take you to the server select screen. After it's done timing out you have to manually quit EQ. Usually by having to open task manager on the computer and hitting end task. Several people have started a forum topic for this problem in the veterans section of the forums.
  10. Absor Augur

    There's a bit more to this. We also want to know what is causing it to tether. If that's what's happening then something else is broken because it shouldn't be possible to cause him to tether. However, since we couldn't repro the bug we couldn't find out what was causing the "tether".
  11. Duder Augur

    Maybe help us understand how a tether works, what exactly is it checking, what are specific things that are coded to causes tethers, are there other things that have been known to cause tethers? What dictates the location parameter of a tether? Is it a field, a planar field? And XYZ (3D/Cubic) Field? Etc. Perhaps if we understood these things we may be able to describe it better when these occur anywhere. Are there tethers for if a boss and its adds are too far away from eachother? Do other raid component mechanic conditions such as the last question exist in other events? Any information would be helpful.
  12. fang99 New Member

    Randomly, charm breaks give no "spell has worn off message", and do not clear the pet window. The pet still seems to be charmed, but it's not, and is beating on me..
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  13. kizant Augur

    I have seen this as well but have been too lazy to post about it. And I haven't played my enc too much lately so I can't say when it started but it's happened a lot over the past week.
  14. Froglok Elder

    Don't know if this is new or not but...

    I was doing achievement sets for the Heroic AA's. For Lesser Challenger of the Call -- I had all the individual related achievements done.

    However "And Both Shall Fall" was not being credited under Lesser Challenger of the Call even though it was done -- so I had to go do it again and THEN got credit under Lesser Challenger of the Call.

    To be clear And Both Shall Fall was all ready done and did not re-credit when I did it the 2nd time, but some how got properly credited under Lesser Challenger.
  15. RPoo Augur

    Probably nothing new, but saw today that there are a ton of mobs under the world in the north part of the zone in The Twilight Sea, mostly animals and grol baku types. Working on hunter and what if ph are down there?
    Tracker: Hmm things keep tracking below me, are there tunnels under here? unmapped part of the zone?
    Me: Get me a target I'll look at it.
    Tracker /tar mob below
    Me: /assists tracker and casts bind sight. They're under the world. Lots of them.
  16. CatsPaws Augur

    Are you going down the hole and then thru the tunnel to that northern area and not seeing the mobs there or are you tracking from outside that hole? That's where they all hang - in that square area in far north.
  17. Tobynn Augur

    Been like this since Luclin launched. Pathing in here as been atrocious since day one.
  18. RPoo Augur

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