Live Update Bugs 06/19/2019

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  1. Moranis Augur

    Druid spell "Ice" is supposed to have a -FR debuff, but it does not. I can see the debuff icon, but there is no actual -FR.

    Druid spell "Frost" has the same language as Ice and is supposed to have a -FR debuff, but this one doesn't have any debuff icon nor does it actually lower FR.

    The debuff effect on the spell "Fire", however, seems to work as intended as it will reduce my CR by 50 and shows the debuff icon.
  2. XevBard99 Lorekeeper

  3. Snah New Member

    - NPCs spawned by old-style quests are now loot locked.

    there seem to be a lot of npc spawned that this is not the case still, a couple off the top of my head that aren't (that should be): Renux Herkanor in steamfont for rogue 1.0, General V`ghera in Kith for rogue 1.0, Zordak Ragefire (Skyfire), Zordakalicus Ragefire (skyfire), a spirit of flame (after turn in to Shmendrik Lavawalker for cleric 1.0 ), A plasmatic priest (in temple of solusek ro for cleric 1.0) Warlord Skargus (frontier mountains, off angry goblin turnin). i've heard the final fight for shaman epic is not loot locked as well, but i haven't seen it myself

    Some that are that I have seen: Ixiblat Fer (burning woods), An Enraged Golem (Fear, wiz epic), Stanos Herkanor in highpass, i've heard Lhranc in City of Mist is as well, but haven't seen it myself.

    I'm sure this list is no where near being complete, just one's that i personally have seen.

    As far as i know the loot lockout only applies to loot dropped if they die, if a turn in mob is spawned someone else can still turn in their quest items even if they did not spawn the mob themselves (tested on Stanos Herkanor in highpass, which isn't too big of a deal for stanos since you can spawn him with a phrase, but for something like Natasha in Timorous Deep or Lake Rathe slightly more of a deal)

    All of this was seen/tested on the Mangler TLP server, not sure if this is the case on all servers, i haven't tested that yet, but i'll probably test something like the 10th ring questline in velious and see how much of that is loot locked etc on a live server.

    Not sure how exactly these mobs were or were not chosen to be loot locked but there seems to be some obvious ones that were missed. I hope something can be done about it, kinda defeats the purpose of the change if it doesn't work on most of these mobs. I hope something can be done about the turn-in stuff as well as that seems to be a large issue.
  4. RPoo Augur

    When a group member dies, their merc can now be attacked and killed by other players.
    Reproduction #1: I let a NPC kill me, Kzerk then killed my merc.
    Reproduction #2: Kzerk killed himself, I then killed his merc.

    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:32 2019] Kzerk has been slain by Kzerk!
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:33 2019] Your Irae Faycite Shard: Mindslash feels alive with power.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:33 2019] Your Deviating Thoughts feels alive with power.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:33 2019] You hit Karhupa for 70991 points of chromatic damage by Mindslash Rk. III.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:33 2019] Karhupa's mind is sliced by a blade of pure thought.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:33 2019] You hit Karhupa for 14398 points of magic damage by Spike of Magic V. (Critical)
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:33 2019] Karhupa is struck by magic.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:33 2019] You hit Karhupa for 42975 points of fire damage by Blaze of Fire VIII. (Critical)
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:33 2019] Karhupa is struck by flames.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:33 2019] You hit Karhupa for 7959 points of fire damage by Blaze of Fire VIII. (Twincast)
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:33 2019] Karhupa is struck by flames.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:33 2019] You hit Karhupa for 6005 points of cold damage by Burst of Ice X. (Lucky Critical Twincast)
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:33 2019] Karhupa is struck by ice.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:33 2019] You hit Karhupa for 1759 points of corruption damage by Spike of Corruption II. (Twincast)
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:33 2019] Karhupa is struck by corruption.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:33 2019] You are invigorated by Brell's invigorating Relief.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:33 2019] You are invigorated by Brell's Chromatic Strike.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:33 2019] Your magic resonates with Beguiler's Synergy.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:35 2019] Karhupa begins casting Reviviscence.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:37 2019] You begin casting Mindsunder Rk. III.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:39 2019] Your Irae Faycite Shard: Mindsunder feels alive with power.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:39 2019] Your Deviating Thoughts feels alive with power.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:39 2019] You hit Karhupa for 59987 points of chromatic damage by Mindsunder Rk. III.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:39 2019] Karhupa's mind is sliced by a blade of pure thought.
    [Tue Jun 25 17:28:39 2019] You have slain Karhupa!
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  5. Jhenna_BB Augur

    RA had Mechagnomic Whirlrender reset health tonight. Fwiw, any time we have experienced this, it's been when a set of adds snuck in between catapulting him from the air. Tonight we burned him down to 59% on the initial catapulting. I don't know if any of that helps, this issue seems like it might be complicated.
  6. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    After clearing Somnium Raids on Phinigel it’s clear that over the past few years of disuse a few aspects have broken.

    Taking the Tower (Somnium 1):

    Everything proceeded as expected until Lawman Rurk. We wiped to him once, let the event reset and came back and did it again. However on our second go round he just magically keeled over and died when at 65-70%. It may be a coincidence but our first run at him he had around 35-30% when we wiped. It’s possible that it remembered the amount of damage dealt to him and autokilled him when the total between the two attempts hit 100%? Is this bugged based on the recent Epic quest loot locked kill credit changes perhaps?

    Elements of a Dream (Somnium 5):

    During Phase 2 we bailed out of an attempt and everyone zoned out. After the zone being empty for 5-10 minutes the event never reset forcing us to drop the instance and get a new one. When there are trash mobs from the event up they will zonewide check to see if anyone is in zone autoaggro them and then deaggro immediately after which could keep the event active for awhile if you have people Evac img to the entrance but even with the zone empty it never reset.

    During Phase 3 of the puzzles, the lights out puzzle, there are supposed to be 16 Orbs in a 4 x 4 grid formation that spawn in the center of the room. We never saw them spawn anywhere. It is still possible to solve the puzzle another way but these were meant to be there to guide you on how to solve the puzzle. To anyone who has done this in the past they will likely be looking for these orbs to solve the puzzle like I was until I realized they were broken and we had to figure out another way to solve the puzzle.

    Cages of Dreams (Somnium 6):

    The final boss, Fabricata should power up and eventually one round people if you take too long. It appears he can also break during this script and end up hitting for almost nothing shortly after. Not sure if this was actually part of the script or not as this event is very weird and extremely annoying. But he sort of just sat unaggroed for a minute or two after powering up and killing people and when re engaged he sat there and didn’t do much for the very little HP he had left.
  7. halagren Journeyman

    mage fire pet Child of Ro level 63 spell still bugged. new patch notes were supposed to make it nuke for more when focused. base nuke is fire elemental bolt III doing 765 damage. focused with summoner's boon it changes to fire elemental bolt III rk II and only does 295 damage. further focuses for this pet are also doing inferior damage.
  8. Duder Augur

    Is there a reason why there needs to be a tether mechanic at all to GMM3?
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  9. Duder Augur

    Heal over Times are broken in the same manner as DoT spells, they detatch upon death if you do not zone if you die, no focus, etc
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  10. Tour Augur

    Empowered banners appear to work fine when initially placed. However when zoning in via the banner you don’t always see the buff active in the short duration buff window. Unsure if related to if you died / have corpse in zone (or maybe event related). Problem self corrects sometimes when you enter the zone again. Doesn’t occur every time you zone, but both nights we used the new banner multiple people noticed it throughout the evening.
  11. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Thank you for the report.
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  12. Ankarv Augur

    In regards to loot locking, the end fight for the necro epic with A bone golem, then a failed apprentice , then a tortured soul. The a bone golem had the loot lock * next to its name but a failed apprentice and a tortured soul did not have loot locks.

    The a tortured soul drops the epic item, the other two I believe can just drop some items.
  13. Strumph Journeyman

    Actually it's not just that the messages aren't being logged, but they don't even show on screen either!
  14. Snah New Member

    As a follow up to my previous post about non loot locked mobs i went and tested the 10th ring questline.

    2nd ring: Rabid Tundra Kodiak is not locked (turn in "Dull Bladed Axe" to Boridain Glacierbane)
    4th ring: Ghrek Squatnot is not locked (turn in "Note to Tain" to Tain Hammerfrost)
    5th ring: Scarbrow Ga`Hruk is not locked (turn in "Rygorr Invasion Plans" to a coldain lookout)
    8th ring: Chief Ry`Gorr is not locked (turn in "Marching Orders" to Gloradin Coldheart)
    9th ring: Only Councilor Juliah Lockheart is loot locked, and the first spawned version of Peffin Ambersnow, though she depops and respawns at the fire pit at the giant encampment and is not loot locked.
    10th ring war: nothing is loot locked.

    Not sure how much of this is a problem after the 10th ring questline changes that were made in the February patch. but for the most part from previous tlps the 8th ring turnin to Gloradin was the main problem along with the ring war (if you did it in open world). The changes to the ring quest in february state that "Only someone who has handed in the Adamantium Coldain Insignia Ring to Garadain Glacierbane can loot Chief Ry`Gorr's Head." I haven't tested it myself (will at a later time), but I assume that if two people are at the marching orders turn in person A can turn in and person B can kill chief and loot the head, if this was loot locked it could prevent some of the griefing that was done on previous tlps. It would be nice if Narandi was loot locked as well, but at the very least I hope to see Chief Ry`Gorr loot locked to whoever did the marching order turn in.
  15. Silias McKendrick Augur

    What was the purpose of gate charming being blocked if people can still coth them?
  16. Duder Augur

    Asking again, would really like an answer, as im sure every guild would.
  17. Password1234 Augur

    Strange bug just now, I died without leaving a corpse somehow.
    I was in Evantil fighting a sapling when we killed each other at the same time. He might have died to my damage shield with the hit that killed me. I had the normal "return to bind point" window open, but I also had the advloot window showing its drops. When I returned to my bind point, I had a corpse summoner in the guild lobby summon my body, but nothing came. I ran back to Evantil to find my corpse and I didn't have one. I don't think I lost experience, but I wasn't paying attention to where I was exactly into my level.

    Also I crashed going into the Guild Hall again.
  18. Strumph Journeyman

    Did some testing and the issue of spells wearing off not showing on screen or in logs was caused by getting rezzed in zone or hovering. Zoning fixes this.Guessing it may be the same for raid AT's not going off.
  19. strongbus Augur

    had this happen last night on raids. died got rezzed right back in without zoning form then till I zoned. no dot damage was even showing on my screen as i did it.
  20. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    We did d
    In the end we did decide to remove it from the BOSS (adds still have a tether)
    the "Reason" we had a tether is players continue to do things we don't anticipate and manage to move bosses to positions where they can take no (or at least less than we intend) damage.
    In this particular case, moving the boss will be very difficult AND may make the event more challenging rather than less, So we decided to remove it. I have no ETA to give you.
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