Live Update Bugs 06/15/16

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  1. Kunon Augur

    Any chance you guys can drastically increase the pop rates of Named in HAs to compensate for what is now a complete and total waste of time otherwise? Having to drop some HAs dozens of times to get a single named is frustrating enough, not even getting experience for what is terrible design is going to push people over the edge.
  2. Riou EQResource

    Forgotten Halls is that instance from GoD that level scaled or w/e
  3. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    This change was only to Forgotten Halls, not other HAs.
  4. Kunon Augur

    It's happening in all the HA's. CotF, TDS, TBM, etc.
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  5. Prathun Developer

    Unable to verify. Heroic adventures on Live servers are working as expected and intended.
  6. Rondor Augur

    The Asylum/Citadel of Anguish flag item "Seal: Mastery of All" now auto-destroys itself when you either loot it or take it out of your bank. This means it can no longer be kept in a "Bag of Flag Trophies" in the bank if you take it out of your bank and had it since before this patch, since the moment you take it out of your bank it poofs. Trying to loot a new one from a COA Boss Mob after that also results in it poofing roughly 1 second after it's on your cursor or lands in your bags.
  7. Rondor Augur

    Yesterday in COA/AOA on a live server in a mini-raid of 3 players:

    When Overlord Mata Muram banished the raid to Ture's room, a zoning operation is done - it is not just a translocation/call-of-the-hero style move. I don't remember if this banishing to Ture's room was always a zone operation or just an in-zone translocation without zoning, but just mentioning it.

    The issue encountered is that after finishing zoning then running from Ture's room all the way back with no mobs up along the way, and then re-engaging him ASAP, he'd begin regenning insanely quickly back to 100% and kept up his mega-regen mode. I had to memblur him and try again, letting the event reset. This kept happening roughly 6-7 times. Finally on the 7th try or so I managed to get him to between 0% and 1% before the banish to Ture's room, and mega-burned him down after running back. That did the trick.

    I don't remember this kind of insane-regen-after-running-back that would not stop the regen after he returned to 100%. Is this intended/normal/etc?

  8. Rondor Augur

    For the newly introduced Class achievement "An Epic Retelling" added with this patch:

    For the Druid version:

    Once you complete the achievement, Lady Carolline of Thex mentions a special artifact reward; for Druids it's apparently called "The Unkempt". However the quest reward popup window I got after completing this new achievement just granted the standard 2.0 ornament instead of "The Unkempt".

    In addition if I then re-say "Gift" to Lady Carolline of Thex, I got a 5-reward popup window:

    1 = Epic 1.0 ornament
    2 = Epic 1.5 ornament
    3 = Epic 2.0 ornament
    4 = Claim no reward (with some Player Flags)
    5 = Epic 2.0 ornament (again)

    My gut feeling is the 5th reward option was supposed to be the new "The Unkempt" reward, because my character received the achievement for "An Epic Retelling" the moment I accepted the initial reward (2.0 ornament) from the popup window when completing "An Epic Retelling". So I guess the 5th reward for the [gift] text should be that too. I suspect that the epic 2.0 ornament is not the intended reward for this new achievement.
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  9. Bamkan Augur

    To the Brave go the Spoils!
    Deliver 3 thickened liquid to Pavel Raglan
    Deliver 3 Caustic Elixir to Pavel Raglan
    Deliver 3 Extract of Mort to Pavel Raglan

    Problem ?
    The doors would not open. I've done other instances of this (with different objectives) and the doors worked fine.

    This also happened in a raid instance of Sul also once, but we illusioned through and set up a banner at Enslaver for those that could not get through. (so it might just be a random bug).
  10. Dzarn Developer

    Thank you for the report, this will be corrected in the July patch.
  11. bard007 Augur

    This also happened to me, I gave up after 2 tries, but thought the same thing, Ill go back and just burn...

    Note, on banishment from omm you are now ported with actual zone time. when you have zoned, omm is no longer on target. This has changed.

    Only thing I could say is I ran a group not a raid, tonight ill try a raid.
  12. Riou EQResource

    Idk if you re-looked over all the classes, but the Monk one seems to be broken like this too
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  13. Sindaiann Augur

    I have also noticed issues since the patch with the Front Doors on the main building in Demi Life and Decay while you are in a task instance there. The Front Doors used to ask if you wanted to leave the task when you clicked them, now sporadically they just will not open.

    You can however use a side door to get by this. I know this is not what you are speaking of, but thought I would share as well.
  14. Catashe Augur

    Well... Apparently whatever you guys did to the Great Divide instance didn't work.. From what I'm hearing from guild members, the GD instance went from mobs spawning on instance load but despawning if you do the ring war to, now as of today 6/18, when you load the instance.. NOTHING is in the instance to begin with besides the AoC... =\
  15. Angahran Augur

    Old bug:
    It seems only the visible target ring was increased in size. Still need to basically be standing inside the mobs rib cage in order to have a chance to hit it with melee and still get 'you are too far away/you cannot see your target' at least 50% of the time.

    There does not appear to be any message for the 'Aura of Terror Strike' spell from the totems, it is not even listed in the spell data file.
  16. Dzarn Developer

    We've been able to identify a bug with the system that is intended to allow us to define better melee ranges for specific NPC races and have a fix that should correct the issue for the July patch.
  17. Prathun Developer

    This is actually intended. The version of Great Divide that the Agent of Change launches is the Ring War dataset. Hail the Agent of Change from inside the instance and he'll explain how to start the war.

    Sorry for the confusion!
  18. Prathun Developer

    Flagging for Anguish has always been handled via bits (character flags) behind the scenes, while the pie piece items given out for completing the raid trials and the Seal of Mastery pie given upon completion of the raid trials or Anguish raid backflags were merely a visual indication of the character's progress.
    As of the June update, Omens progression is now handled in the achievement system. Look under Omens of War -> Progression for details. This does make it difficult / impossible to save progression items as mementos, but we believe this is a cleaner implementation that is easier to understand, saves on clutter, and removes unnecessary complexity.
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  19. Kearstin Elder

    while you were messing around with anguish access to make it "easier to understand" did you fix the most confusing aspect of anguish access for your customers not on prog, quarm or fv?

    - Required Level 68 -
    Theater of Blood

    - Required Level 69 -
    {Riftseeker's Sanctum} (The reason why so many argued that Anguish should be 69 not 68)
  20. Catashe Augur

    Apparently something needs to be done for the open world version of the ring war... Apparently its either still bugged or your changes to make the ring war work in the instance version has really F'ed up open world.. All mobs in the open world are currently despawned and also cause of the bug you can't gate to GD if you bound there..